Tehe♪ Wolf

Tehe♪ Wolf C6

Haiya! Here’s Chapter 6~ Heads up from Ai-chan: I will be changing the way we call the months from the raws because English doesn’t work that way. Enjoy~   TL: Ai-chan PR: Kuro . . . (This site now runs on ads, please support by clicking on one, thanks!)

Announcements · Star Martial God Technique

Announcement: SMGT

Hey guys, this is MissQ with an announcement about Tofu and his translation progress with Star Martial God Technique. Due to personal reasons, Tofu decided to drop the novel. However, because the novel discontinued abruptly, another a translator was recruited to pick up the novel. But because she is a novice at translating, she currently does not have… Continue reading Announcement: SMGT