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Announcement: SMGT

Hey guys, this is MissQ with an announcement about Tofu and his translation progress with Star Martial God Technique. Due to personal reasons, Tofu decided to drop the novel.

However, because the novel discontinued abruptly, another a translator was recruited to pick up the novel. But because she is a novice at translating, she currently does not have any schedule for posting the chapters. She will begin on chapter 34 because most people have requested to begin where the previous translators left off.

So for now the donation button closed for SMGT, but once our new translator has set her own pace, I will put it back up again. And the previous donations in the queue will be transferred over to our new translator.

10 thoughts on “Announcement: SMGT

  1. You are really going to continue from where Englate dropped it? Their quality of translation is total shit and if you really are going to continue from there then I am not able to read this amazing novel as I won’t drop myself to the level of reading so shitty translations. I hope you will continue where you have been on this site.

  2. I can’t find other translations I know this isn’t something I should be asking, please don’t skip the other chapters. I’ve been looking forever and can’t even find them let alone read them anywhere else.

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