Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C36

Hey guys, since the last update was so early, I felt bad to wait until the middle of the week to update like I usually do, so I’ll post the new chapter today!

There’s a new character in this chapter, I find him very cute hehe.

Well like the previous chapters, there are items that I have linked an image to because it was too much to explain. If you still don’t know what they are, just comment below and I will try my best to explain xD.

Also Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! Join to chat with other readers and even translators!

Oh and next chapter will be NSFW. Just saying.



*This chapter was not edited but was proofread. Thank you Laighlen, Kuro, Zag, and XD for your hard work! Oh and I am still looking for editors for Assassin Farmer, so if you are interested in helping please contact me. There will be small test to check your proficiency, but if you pass that, you can be my editor and read the chapters as soon as I translate them!


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  1. *impatiently reads post*
    *about to click chapter when sees NSFW warning for next chappie*


    Thank you for the chapter!

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