Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C42

Yey! Suprise! It’s a sponsor chapter! Thank you Ella, Lisa, and Arvin for your donations! Sorry I posted  so late, I was out when I received the notification this morning, and it took a bit to go through the suggestions from my proofreaders and editor. There are two terms that have been linked.

It’s a bit rushed, so if you see any mistakes, please do comment and I will fix it asap.

This month’s chapter will be posted a little later, because I’m still busy trying to balance my time with my new school schedule and my family’s business. I think it’ll be in a week or so.

Oh and Happy Labor Day! Enjoy!

PR: Laighlen, XD, Lulu
ED: Cha Mei

Also Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! Join to chat with other readers and even translators!


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