Assassin Farmer Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Yearning Home 

“Good children! Do you also miss your daddy?” Su Shuilian quietly sighed as she held Lin Xiao, whose looks took after Lin Si Yao, in her arm as she pushed the cradle where Lin Long was playing with her own hands. 

 A Yao had left home for a month, but he had yet to come home. 

Every time she asked Situ Yun, she would receive the same answer: Si Luo’s wounds hadn’t recovered yet. He couldn’t move much. 

After several times, she knew that Situ Yun wanted to hide something from her. However, she also didn’t want to know the real reason. She only kept praying every day. He would be alright, she told herself. 

He hadn’t taught the kids swordsmanship and qing-gong. They hadn’t traveled around Da Hui Empire. He hadn’t known how much she loved him. How could he let something happen to him!?

“My Lady, it is bedtime for Young Lady and Young Master! this servant will take them to the West wing to feed them first. My Lady should shower then rest.” Liang-momo adjusted the lamp, making its radiate dim light. She scooped up Lin Long in the cradle and handed her to Bai He so she would take the baby and feed her first. Then, she went to adjust the bedsheet before receiving Lin Xiao from Su Shuilian. 

“I will breastfeed the kids at night. You can tell the wet-nurse to rest and come back here early in the morning.” Su Shuilian carefully instructed. She couldn’t sleep well at night anyways, it wasn’t a problem to feed the kids then. The wet-nurse would take her shift in the morning. 

“My Lady, your body will collapse, you cannot continue like this!” Liang-momo didn’t agree. She was the Fourth Lady of Prince Jing’s Mansion! To have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed her babies… If the Elder Wangfei knew that, they would be skinned alive. 

“I know my own condition. If I get tired, I will tell you.” Su Shuilian smiled. She needed something to occupy herself. That’s how she kept herself from becoming more anxious. 

Sigh, it’s good that My Lady understands. This servant is just afraid that My Lady would become exhausted.” Liang-momo sighed reluctantly. She brought Lin Xiao to the West wing to feed him and informed the wet-nurse of Su Shuilian’s orders. 

Su Shuilian washed herself and changed into her nightgown. Liang-momo and Bai He had taken the twins to the East wing to sleep. At this moment, Lin Xiao was fast asleep. Lin Long was yawning. She was sleepy. They put the kids into their cribs and moved the cribs near the bed so Su Shuilian could feed them at night. 

After Su Shuilian had moved to the bedroom in the East wing, at night time, the twins were always fed here. Before they were one-month old,  a bowl with red coal was kept in this room, and the wet-nurse slept on the soft bed outside. As soon as she heard the kids’ voice, she would get in and feed them. Afterward, she would exit the bedroom. 

And now, the twins are almost two-month old. They didn’t need to be breastfed as often during the night. Normally, before bed, they would eat till full. Then near the end of hài-shí (9-11pm) they would want to eat once more. Early in the morning, by yín-shí (3-5 am), they would need their milk again. Fortunately, the kids seem to naturally become hungry at a regular schedule. It helped Su Shuilian and the wet-nurse a lot. 

After Lin Long finally slept, Su Shuilian blew the lamp. She couldn’t sleep with the light on. However, after the light went out, through her window, with the crescent moon hanging in the sky, the yearning for her husband’s return, that she had to suppress to the bottom of her heart during the day, began to surge like a rising tide. 

Su Shuilian quietly leaned against the headboard. After an unknown amount of time, when her eyes felt drowsy, she suddenly felt the mattress next to her pressed down. A brush of cold air at night came. Su Shuilian suddenly sobered up. She was about to call Bai He, who was sleeping in the adjacent room outside. 

“It’s me.” The low, masculine, but familiar voice dismissed her fear instantly. Su Shuilian turned around, burying herself into the cold embrace, which had traveled through chilling night fog and mist. “You are home!”

“Yeah, I’m home.” Lin Si Yao took a deep breath. The aroma lingering at his nose melted his heart that had been frosted for so many days. 

“It’s good that you’re home. Did you have dinner?” Su Shuilian tried to suppress her emotions. She reached to him, rubbing his entire body as if she wanted to find something. 

“I’m not hungry. Stop searching, I’m not hurt.” Lin Si Yao smiled and stopped her from groping around. He pulled Su Shuilian’s arms and wrapped them around his waist. 

“I heard from Yun-er that Si Luo was wounded badly, which delayed your return. Is he okay now?”

“At least, he’s still alive.” It was a miracle that he alone had survived the siege of Twenty Blood Knights from Blood Cult. Of course, that spoonful of Jade Heart Immortal Marrow that had played a part as well. Otherwise, even if Si Luo had hung on his last breath, he would not have lived past six months. 

“And you? Are you really okay?” Listening to Lin Si Yao’s indifferent tone to such shocking news, Su Shuilian couldn’t help but search around his body again. She was afraid that he had concealed something from her. 

“I’m okay.” Although he got some small cuts, after one month of resting, he was alright. He did not want to see her crying because of his wounds again. He hadn’t forgotten her face with tears lingering in her eyes when she saw the scars on his body. 

“Are you really? You wouldn’t lie to me, would you? If you are injured, do not conceal it from me.” Su Shuilian anxiously checked him as she spoke. 

“Don’t worry. I’m speaking the truth.” Lin Si Yao chuckled. He stooped and kissed her gently, trying to divert her attention. 

 “Everything at home has been fine, right?” She and the kid’s safety were his priority. 

“Everything is fine. The contructioned for the private mansion has been started for half a month. The desolated area to the West of us had been fenced off. The main building of the private mansion will be built there. Moreover, to make it more convenient, the workers planned to construct roads connecting to the city, the temple, and the local village road.”

Lin Si Yao quietly listened to the petite lady in his chest talking unceasingly. His tense nerves finally relaxed. 

“You’re not leaving again, are you?” Su Shuilian finished telling him all the stories that happened during the month when he wasn’t home. Eventually, she asked him the matter she’d concerned the most. 

“I don’t think so. But your brother expressed that he needed to see me in the imperial city..” They leaned against each other’s warm embrace. Lin Si Yao quickly took off his clothes, leaving only his under pants. He got under the duvet, which was soft and warm with her presence. He embraced the soft and aromatic woman, pulling her into his chest as if he wanted to become one with her. 

“My big brother? Why?” Su Shuilian shyly touched his naked body, feeling his rough skin.

“I think it must be something related to the Blood Union’s invasion of Da Hui,” Lin Si Yao explained briefly. 

What he didn’t mention was that he had cooperated with Liang En Zai’s soldiers this time to kill twelve Blood Knights from Blood Union, the enemies that the Da Hui’s royals were always afraid of. Da Hui’s Emperor wanted to award and praise him personally. 

He didn’t want to go. However, Liang En Zai told him that if he denied the Emperor’s rewards, his family would be implicated. 

Damn! If Liang En Zai weren’t talkative and revealed him, how could Da Hui’s Emperor know about him? Obviously, he was an assassin. How could he raise the interest of the royal family?

He knew what Liang En Zai was scheming. If he didn’t shove him out to admit the merit of eliminating the sharpest weapon of Blood Union – the twelve Blood Knights, Da Hui’s Emperor would doubt Liang En Zai. 

How could a ‘mesley’ Wangye possess such military power and excellent soldiers? Then, if Liang En Zai wanted to force the emperor to abdicate, then it would be done with just a wave of his hand. How could the royal family be his equal opponent? 

And so, the Liang family, Prince Jing’s Mansion would be seen as a threat (by the royal family). In a serious case, their family’s power and army would be deprived…

Thus, Su Shuilian and her family would be in danger. Naturally, he knew such consequences. 

However, if Liang En Zai and his father got the plan to force the emperor to abdicate, Liang En Zai wouldn’t have killed the twelve Blood Knights right when they had just sneaked into Da Hui Empire. He could have used those twelve Blood Knights to threaten Da Hui’s royal family and force the emperor to listen to his order. 

Therefore, Liangs were concluded to not have any scheme to the royal family. Thus, throwing the merit of killing the twelve Blood Knights on Lin Si Yao would further reduce Da Hui’s Emperor’s doubt on the Liangs. 

But now, Lin Si Yao began to doubt Elder Wangye Jing’s purpose when they wanted to build such a big private mansion here. Anyway, he hoped everything was just his own guessing. 

Elder Wangye Jing looked frank and cordial. He wouldn’t push his only biological daughter, whom he had been parted for so many years, to the public just to save his own life, and force him to cooperate. 

As for Liang En Zai, It was hard to tell… Looking at his innocent face and peach blossom like eyes, Lin Si Yao knew deep down Liang En Zai was not as simple as he appears to be. 

Damn! Liang En Zai, it’s best if you don’t ever use Shuilian as leverage. Otherwise, I will not hesitate to sacrifice your life for the ancestors! 

“Um, then… you have to go?” Su Shuilian leaned against his chest, her eyes drowsy. 

“Talk later! It’s late, you should sleep!” Lin Si Yao stooped to kiss her forehead, signaling for her to sleep. 

Su Shuilian truly was sleepy. She adjusted to a more comfortable position in Lin Si Yao’s chest. Then, with her arms around him, she drifted into sleep. 

Lin Si Yao studied her small, exquisite face. He had taken in her features for quite a long time before returning her hug, drifting into a peaceful dreamland for the first time after his month apart. 

Near the end of zǐ-shí (11 pm-1 am), Su Shuilian was awakened by Lin Long’s crying. She hurried to get up and feed the twins. Lin Long finished quickly. Then, Su Shuilian quietly returned to her bed. 

“Ah!” As soon as she got on the bed, Lin Si Yao put her under him. 

As soon as she touched the hard, hot shaft between his legs, she felt embarrassed, lightly punching his chest. “It’s only zǐ-shí…”

“Good timing. No one would disturb us.” Lin Si Yao stooped, capturing her fragrant mouth. A deep, lingering kiss had spoken his month’s yearning. 

 “I thought you were tired.” After the deep kiss, Su Shuilian breathed heavily to catch her breath. 

“It’s true. But I’m good now. Don’t you see ‘he’ misses you a lot?” Lin Si Yao cocked his head, smiling. He gently took off every piece of her clothes. Rubbing on her soft skin, as he pressed against her. 

“Did you miss me?” He gently stroked her fair skin that foiled his tanned hand, asking tenderly. Under the moonlight creeping into the room, his eyes, the two shining black gemstones, were so bright. 

 “Yes,” Su Shuilian listened to the steady beats of his heart. Suppressing her shyness, she answered him tenderly. 

Parting for a whole month, it helped her recognize how deeply she loved him. She didn’t want to miss the chance to show him her true love for him just because she was shy. 

“Ha ha…” Lin Si Yao smiled, hugging her tightly. He began to move. As he caressed her fullness and pink buds, he replied, “Me too. I missed you… A lot…” It was the first time he fell into a deep, passionate love. He did not expect for his heart to ache from missing her so much. 

And her, right at the moment he entered her body, she heard his voice in her ears, which was full of love and yearning. He was truly home! 

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