Assassin Farmer Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Let’s Spend The Future Mid-Autumn Festivals* Together

(Mid-Autumn Festival: the traditional moon-viewing festival on the 15th of the 8th lunar month)

“You accepted Dabao as a disciple?” Su Shuilian smiled and asked. She helped Lin Si Yao dry his hands from washing some vegetables at the river. She had finally completed the paired phoenixes piece after three days and she felt much lighter because of it. Although she did not clearly hear everything that had happened earlier this afternoon, she trusted that he would handle the situation so she did not rush out. But in the end, curiosity aroused in Xicui as she peeked out the window and was able to witness the outcome. It seemed that he had accepted Dabao’s request.   

“Nm.” Lin Si Yao nodded his head, flashed a smile at her, rolled up his sleeves, and started to cook.

The food was brought over by Aunt Lao. He was still cleaning the fur then and did not reject her offer. Just when Xicui went back home, he had given her a musk deer to bring home.

Although they had hunted many games, with two foxes, three musk deer, one badger, and three hares, the wolves were very possessive with their rations. They would lay next to it and stare at it. However, they could not beat Lin Si Yao’s powerful aura: every time he would give away a game, their hearts would feel pain.

They watched their owner and Xicui walk out of the house, the latter looked happy as she took a fat musk deer out of the gates. They finally put down their high vigilance, and acted coyly, asking Su Shuilian for meat. They wanted barbecued meat, they don’t want that tasteless raw meat like yesterday.  

Su Shuilian arranged the plates on the table. When she turned and saw Lin Si Yao’s fluid movements of sauteing garlic and garland chrysanthemum leaves, Su Shuilian became confused. Didn’t he say that he was unfamiliar with cooking and farming? How come it looks like he is very proficient at it?

Su Shuilian became ashamed, it seems that it was actually only her who was ignorant.

“Blanking out again?” Lin Si Yao placed the sauteed garland chrysanthemum leaves onto the table before he patted her head, laughed, and asked.

“Ah.” Su Shuilian quickly came back from her daze and tried to fix the strayed hair on her Lingyun bun hairstyle. She shyly glanced at Lin Si Yao who had moved back to the stove to cook. She inched closer to him, “A Yao…”

“What is it?” Lin Si Yao stirred the spices into the rabbit meat before closing the lid to let it simmer for half an hour. He then turned around and helped Su Shuilian sit down on the table before he sat in the opposite seat. He peeled a clove of garlic, intending to use it to marinate tomorrow.

Su Shuilian had wanted to take some garlic and help him peel, but was stopped by Lin Si Yao, “I can just do it myself.” He did not want her soft silky hands to be sullied by such pungent odor.

“A Yao…” She felt wronged when he did not let her even do such a simple thing, could it be in his eyes, she was that useless? “The house chores, I should also have to do some.” There was a bit of anger in her voice.

When Lin Si Yao heard this, he looked up to see her slightly red eyes. It was then he realized that she had misunderstood his words.

He put down the garlic in his hands and wiped his hands before he squatted in front of Su Shuilian, “Shuilian, I don’t mean anything else. These, they smell bad, if you don’t believe me, here smell it…” He placed his hands near her nose and laughed when he saw her frown. He hugged her and let her sit on his lap. He buried his head into her shoulder, and softly explain, “I don’t want your hands to be dirtied by these pungent things. Plus, I can just endure it myself, and I enjoy doing so.”

“Really… enjoy?” Su Shuilian turned her head and clashed with his deep eyes as she blurted out.

“As long as I am by your side, I can enjoy doing anything.” This was the first time Lin Si Yao had solemnly voiced out his inner thoughts. She will always be the only thing that will never leave his mind: the ignorance and joy prior to marriage, the persistence and dedication after marriage. He had already been caught in her net made of tenderness and commitment, he could not break free nor did he want to break free from it.

“Let’s go to the city together today, think about anything we need.” After a night of lingering comfort and a good night’s sleep, Lin Si Yao hugged Su Shuilian who was about to get up. He whispered as she was on top of his body as he brushed her silky black hair.

“Ok, it’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival, let’s go buy some filling and sugar to make some mooncakes, okay?” Su Shuilian played with an ink colored jade piece necklace on Lin Si Yao as she excitedly suggested.

“Mooncakes? You can (make)?” Lin Si Yao put his hands behind his head as he watched Su Shuilian take great interest in studying the insignificant jade he was wearing as he laughed and asked.

Su Shuilian blanked out for a bit before honestly replying, “I can’t, but we can learn.”

“I can’t either… Mid-Autumn Festival eh… I have never really celebrated it.” Lin Si Yao silently looked at the curtains from the bed. To killers like him, there was only one holiday they celebrated: New Years. Only on that day, they were able to put down their guards and enjoy a New Year’s Eve Gathering dinner. Yes, it was just a New Year’s Eve Gathering dinner. Because most of them were orphans, there was no family dinner for New Year’s Eve. A quiet, comfortable home such as this was supposed to be only a dream for him.

“A Yao…” Su Shuilian heard the gloom in his words. She laid her head on his chest as she listened to his calm, strong heartbeat. In a soft, comforting voice, she said, “In the future, we will spend every Mid-Autumn Festival together.”

“Okay.” Lin Si Yao softly replied as he took back his gaze. He raises his hands to her cheeks, compared to her flawless skin, his hands full of calluses were a foil in contrast.

“These past few days, you’ve worked hard.” Su Shuilian took his large hand and place/rubbed/caressed it on her face as she softly said.

“I said before, for you, I will gladly endure any hardship.” While saying this, Lin Si Yao’s whole body turned and pressed Su Shuilian below him. He could not suppress the throbbing and once again devoured her.

Fan Luo City was very busy these days. The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month (Mid-Autumn Festival) was only three days away. The vendors of various items filled up every corner of the streets.

It was noon when Lin Si Yao and Su Shuilian made it to the city. On their way there, Su Shuilian’s ears burned red. Just too crazy. She and him, even after the break of dawn they were still busy in bed and later, she even had difficulties getting out of bed.

“Tired? Want to find a tea shop to rest at?” Lin Si Yao asked as he stopped about one li (500 meters) from the gates of the city. When he saw her flushed and acting weirdly, Lin Si Yao thought it was because she was getting motion sickness.

“I’m okay. Let’s go buy the things first. If it runs out, then we would have wasted our trip.” Su Shuilian patted her two red cheeks, looked at Lin Si Yao, and softly said.

Lin Si Yao took her small hands that were continuously patting her face and held them within his palms. He resumed their trip and had deliberately slowed down.


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