Assassin Farmer Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Guan Yin (Bodhisattva) blesses with a child

Although she occupied someone else’s body, yet is not willing to show filial piety her parents and other family members, it’s hard to justify isn’t it?

But because of her timid nature, what if they somehow find a questionable point about her and end up being suspicious of her origins. Even worse, what if they turn to her with eyes full of horror instead? If that happens, how should she face them and how should she go on from there?

Just allow her to repeatedly deceive herself in the remote and quiet Fan Hua Town; living in the same, warm household as the man she loves, being able to give birth to a few lively and active kids— This is her only dream.

And at the same time, this had also unintentionally coincided with Lin Si Yao’s plan. Could this be called the ability of a husband and wife to share the same feelings and intentions?

“Shuilian, no matter what kind of background you may have, now you are my wife, I won’t ever let you go. Never ever…”

That night, Lin Si Yao continuously ‘pestered’ her. Acting unscrupulously, but he wanted her so gently.

She held onto his thick, warm shoulders, and in his vigorous and wild rhythm, she entered the resplendent state of heaven countless times.

His whisper-like promises, echoed in her ears….

They did this till she was very exhausted and fallen asleep while still on him, where he finally released his warmth into the deepest part of her body, smoothly implanting…


In the next few days, the two of them never mentioned anything that was related to her background. It was as if the three colleagues of A Yao that visited her that day was nothing more than just a dream.

Laughing to herself, she shook her head as she brushed off all these messy thoughts in her heart. She looked back down to her hands as she started to embroider the <Guan Yin Blesses with a Child> piece.

In the center of the picture was the fluttering immortal’s clothes of the kind and gracious expression of Guan Yin (Bodhisattva). In one hand was a thin vase with a willow stick, while with the other hand, she was carrying a baby that covered over her chest as she stood in a sea of clouds.

As she was embroidering, Su Shuilian was captivated by the happy, innocent, and cute eyes of the chubby baby.

She thought back on how she and A Yao had been married for about half a year already, but she had yet have had any signs of being pregnant.

She had also heard about this just a while back when she was talking to Auntie Lao, who asked her if she has done any preparations. If not, how did they not get pregnant when a large half of the year has already passed?

Auntie Lao must be worried about her too. In the end, she is still a woman. If she’s unable to bear a child, then in the next half of her life, even if she doesn’t incur distaste from the husband’s family, she would definitely suffer, because it can lead for a married couple to separate.

Just like how Auntie Lao who has a daughter in law who is infertile, and a short-spoken son who spends the whole day being depressed. Even if the original feelings between the husband and wife was as strong as it can be, it cannot possibly survive the the ruthless passage of time. After all, without children, it will always be a pity.

Stretching her hands to gently cover her usually flat abdomen, she couldn’t help to hope for her to quickly become pregnant. She had couldn’t visualize what would happen if she couldn’t conceive for her entire life. Would A Yao choose to divorce… or would he adopt concubines?

No, she shook her head suddenly. No, impossible, he is mine. The only person he could belong to was me.

Suddenly, she understood why her mother, who was the head madam of her previous life, would be feel so lonely and desolate.

The loss of the ability to give birth must be compensated with the loss of the exclusive relationship and intimacy between the husband and wife. This kind of broken love, no woman would willingly want to accept right?

Thinking up to here, Su Shuilian tightly pursed her lips. She looked at the peaceful and realistic-looking Guan Yin in the <Guan Yin Blesses with a Child> piece, and couldn’t help but whisper, Great Goddess, I will have kids, right?

Three days before Xi Cui was about to get married, she went to visit Su Shuilian again. She had wanted to invite her to go to Qingyu Temple with her to pray.

This time, she was willing or even very active to accompany her to go to the peak of Qing Mountain, kowtow, and light up incense.

It goes without saying that Xi Cui was wishing for a happy marriage, while she was wishing for a child.

Kneeling on the cushion that laid in front of the golden Guan Yin, she respectfully held some incense with her two hands and prayed. After three bows, she lit up the incense and kowtowed, begging for her wish to come true from the bottom of her heart.

Legend has it that praying to this Guan Yin that laid in Qing Yu temple in Fan Luo City is very effective. It’s only because of its remote location, that not many people knew of her powers. Of course, the above mentioned spiritual effectiveness, also required devout and respect of the people who were praying. Moreover, whatever that is wished for cannot violate the rules of the heaven and the earth, and also not be harmful in nature.

Lin Si Yao stood outside the gates of Qing Yu temple. To him who was soaked from head to toe in blood, entering the temple to worship, no doubt would be blasphemous in disguise.

However, to let him not protect her up the mountain into the temple, made him feel very uneasy. With no choice, he can only stand guard outside the gates of Qing Yu temple. His vision closely followed the gentle shadow of that woman.

Seeing her respectfully kowtow and reverently pray. He couldn’t help but become curious at what exactly she was praying for?

If he knew that this little woman came all the way here to wish for a child for him, he would definitely laugh out loud!

In actuality, after they married, he did not want her 15 year old frail body would be able to withstand the pain of a 10 month of pregnancy. As such, every time before and after they do “that thing”, he would stimulate her various acupuncture points, preventing her from conceiving.

However, as soon as the Si Tuo people came and left, he no longer minded if Su Shuilian got pregnant. Instead he spared no effort, working very hard, wishing that she would soon become pregnant with his child.

All along he had a faint feeling of uneasiness. And as a result of the appearance of Si Luo and the others, where he found out Su Shuilian’s possible previous background. This unease within him grew even more apparent.

And as such, he began to yearn for a child that was shared between him and her. And if he did not miscalculate, she should be (pregnant).

After returning from Qing Yu temple, Su Shuilian once again returned to her usual peacefulness and calmness in her heart.

Inside Qing Yu temple, Su Shuilian suddenly came to realization as she stared face to face with the Guan Yin: In this world, there are some things that cannot be forced. If it should belong to her, she would definitely get it. If it doesn’t belong to her, then no matter how much wishing she does, it will not come to realization. All prayers were nothing more than to comforting her anxious heart.

After thinking it through, she then managed to suppress her anxious wish for children.

There were still three more days until Xi Cui gets married. The marriage gift/accessory that she wanted to make were finished a while ago. Now she was just waiting for tomorrow to go to Lao’s house to help give her the marriage accessory.

Lin Si Yao basically spent the last few days in the field, planting full an entire acre of land. Now, he is waiting to harvest the arc of winter wheat. After collecting all of the winter wheat, he will then prepare to reuse the land to rice.

With this, he will be able to ensure one year of food for his family.

In fact, it should be said that if heaven doesn’t punish them, these two harvests would not only be enough to feed the entire family, half of the surplus can be left over for the next year as a backup.

On the 18th day of the third lunar month, it was a beautiful, cloudless day for marriage.

Early in the morning, Su Shuilian went over to Lao’s house to help out. The main reason was because Xi Cui liked her makeup work. She came over a few days ago to discuss this matter With Su Shuilian, for her to come over today and help Xi Cui put up her makeup.

Looking at Xi Cui’s expectant and slightly nervous face, she covered up her head with the bridal veil and sat on the edge of the Kang, waiting for the future husband to come and take her. Su Shuilian couldn’t help but remember herself from half a year ago. It was the same scene back then too, right?

She sighed deeply as she wondered to herself how time flies so quickly. Thinking back when she married Lin Si Yao, it had already been close to a year.

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