The Bathroom Goddess Afterstory P2

Hi Guys! MissQ here! Happy April Fools!

I decided to translate and have fun with a japanese web novel <The Bathroom Goddess>. I have always liked this novel and always looked forward to it’s releases, but it’s been more than five months since it’s last update. So I decided to translate it.

No I am not picking it up, and the original translator knows this and does plan to translate the rest of it.

Anyways enjoy the second afterstory!


TLC: Aozora, Nomad
PR: Kuro
ED: Peter

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3 thoughts on “The Bathroom Goddess Afterstory P2

    1. Hi! Sorry I don’t plan to, this was just a April Fools release, as I’m not Japanese. The original translator said he will continue on it. You may have to go ask him since he does tend to forget about the novels he had to translate. I’m glad you enjoyed Bathroom Goddess tho!

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