Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love C10 (Part 2)


Hi guys sorry for the late release! Here is the final part and chapter of Forbidden Love!

Oh wow, it was a long journey and I wanna thank everyone was with me.

Oh and for people who noticed, yeah I moved sites!

(This was supposed to be Chapter 10 part 4, but after moving sites, I just combined the previous parts to full chapters… sorry for any confusion!)

Previously I was on weebly, but now I’m on wordpress, which most translators use.

Anyways, enjoy!

The next time I post a chapter, it will be for Assassin Farmer, so stay tuned!


ED: Yangyang
PF: Kuro


4 thoughts on “Forbidden Love C10 (Part 2)

  1. Ahhhhhh *internally screaming in glee*
    I haven’t commented on every chapter, but omfg yissssss thank you so much for this translation! <3
    Ahhhh The cuteness
    She's totally pregnant~ hohohoho
    10/10 best rainy day read

  2. I found Real Fake Fiance which lead me to this wonderful translation!!!!
    I am so in love with the older brother can wait for the story of the rest of the brothers but I am so team Don Fang Ling!!! ❤
    Thank you for your hard work!!

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