Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love C2

So I realised that Dong Fang Ling was not staying at a hospital in Dong Fang Provenance/House, but his own manor, Purple Dawn Manor (At first I changed it to Amethystine Manor, but I changed my mind because the name was hard for me to remember haha, sorry).. I changed it as soon as I realised, aha, this is the only con when using google translate… but yeah, sorry ’bout that…

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the female lead’s name always ends with a “-er”… It’s not part of her real name, it’s hard to explain. The “-er” is not limited to just females, young males and children also sometimes get called with the “-er” attached to their names as well, I believe it’s a sign of closeness, also used when an elder calls a younger person. I mean firstly just “Bing” sounds awkward on its own… so it’s “Bing’er”. I’m sorry, I’m a horrible explainer, this is why I’m not studying to become a teacher…if someone wants to evaluate on my explanation in the comments, please do.

Anyhow, enjoy~


Forbidden Love Chapter 2


Proofreader: Kuro
Editor: YangYang


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