Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love C3

Hey guys, because of the large amounts of characters that popped out last chapter, there is some confusion. So I’ll make a brief description about some of them below:

Fang Yi -> He is the young master of the Fang Household. He was suppose to be Dong Fang Ling’s brother-in-law, but because of disappearance of Dong Fang Ling’s fiance, Chu Chu, he’s not.

Fang Chu Chu -> A.k.a Lady Fang from the Fang Household. She is Fang Yi’s sister, it’s not clear in the novel. She’s been missing for 16 years. Dong Fang Ling’s Fiance.

Lian Fang Yi -> A.k.a Lady Lian from the Lian Household. Well known for her talents and beauty in the City. Likes Dong Fang Ling. Nothing else revealed ’bout her.

Remember Dong Fang Ling is from the Dong Fang Household. Their names are very similar, I know, it’s very confusing ahha.

​If there’s still something you’re confused about, just comment below, I’ll try to clear it up.


Anyways, Enjoy!


Forbidden Love Chapter 3


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