Wanna Help?

Hi guys! We are looking for editors, translators, cleaners and redrawers! If you are interested please send us a message!

(Please make sure to tell us which series you would want to help)

Just in case you guys are unsure of the difference between a PR and a ED:
“Proofreading focuses on correcting superficial errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting.
On the other hand, editing takes a deeper look at how information and ideas are presented. While editing includes all steps involved in proofreading, the focus is on making changes that make an article easier to understand and better organized (changes in syntax).”

Roles needed:

Assassin Farmer: Translator
Ling Qi: -closed-
SMGT: Translator and Editor 
Future Projects: Translators and Editors

Please be aware that Translators and Editors will need to take a test if they want to join for any ongoing series that is currently picked up by FPT.



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