Ling Qi

Ling Qi C54

Hey guys! For those of you tuning in from the US, Spidey and I got an update for Soul Contract for this Memorial Day Weekend 🙂 For people wondering where the anime stops in the manga, I think it’s coming up soon because there’s a bunch of details that are different between the anime and the manhua.

Hope you enjoy this chapter, thank you all again for the support!

Chapter 54



Also, if you guys want an alternate Chapter 54 translation, you can find it on Spidey’s tumblr here  😉




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2 thoughts on “Ling Qi C54

  1. Thanks! I’m reading from the beginning even though I watched the anime, since it probably went too fast and left stuff out like almost all of them do. They are better-looking in the anime, though 😉

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