Ling Qi

Ling Qi C55

Hey guys! Turtle and Spider here with another chapter for Ling Qi. We want to thank you all for supporting us, and a special shoutout to Simon for donating to support the Soul Contract translations! 😀 Some questions we get like how often we update, well for now we don’t have a definite schedule, as each chapter is done between me and Spidey, but I would say approximately once a week, right? Anyways here’s the next chapter, and also keep your eyes out as we’ll be working on moving our site soon.

Chapter 55 


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3 thoughts on “Ling Qi C55

  1. thanks guys for translating for us. I know its hard work. i wish i could donate, but right now its not possible for me. I do appreciate all that you do though and if/when things turn around on my end i will pass it forward. please continue this series 🙂

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