Ling Qi

Ling Qi C58-61

Heya folks! For those of you from the US, hope you’re enjoying your Fourth of July weekend, and for those of you from Canada hope y’all had a great Canada day as well, and for everyone else tuning in, hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Because I don’t want to spam the home page of our site with the chapters, I’m here with a bulk update for the Soul Contract series, giving a HUUGEE thank you to the wonderful translation team for their hard work. New recruit Yun pumping out those chapters, and Spidey and Leslie also awesomely being there to typset/clean/proofread/edit everything!  And of course, thank you all for the support to keep us going <3

Chapter 58
Chapter 59
Chapter 60
Chapter 61

Don’t forget to check out Spidey’s tumblr here for the latest art, memes, and translation from her other works as well! You can ask her questions and bother her there too 😀

Edit: Also, we’ve been noticing that the translations recently are being uploaded to other big manga sites like mangago, mangafox, etc. without crediting us. We’ve brought this up before and tried to put the credit page on each of the chapters so people know to come here, but looks like whoever is doing the re-uploading have removed the credit page all together…..



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2 thoughts on “Ling Qi C58-61

  1. That’s weird, though. I don’t read from those sites except for series where the original scanlators don’t have the DL’s/are gone altogether, but they usually just upload as-is, with credit pages intact. Wonder is someone is trying to be extra malicious to you guys by taking it out before uploading? At any rate, adding the credit page to each chapter file would certainly help!

    Thanks for the chapters!

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