Ling Qi

Ling Qi C62?

Hello Everyone, this is EvilTurtle, EvilSpider, EvilYun, and EvilLeslie here with EVILFLEETINGPHOENIX Translations for Soul Contract. Our demands are simple! KEEP OUR CREDIT PAGE IN THE CHAPTERS!

Chapter 62?

(Okay but actually though, as we’ve said before we’ve been noticing that our translations get uploaded elsewhere which is fine and dandy but whoever is doing so is removing our credit page. Spidey, Yun, and Leslie do a wonderful job getting these updates to you guys, and it would be a shame to not at least acknowledge their work. We’re happy to see Soul Contract get all the love and attention, but we’d also love to keep our motivation and energy high. Normal translations will resume next week. Thank you all out there for your continued support <3 )


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One thought on “Ling Qi C62?

  1. OHHHHHHHH OKAY!!! Scratch my last comment you were just messing around that is not officially chapter 62 lmao, I got so scared you guys were changing the game here I as like “nooooooooo I hate this but it’s so funny ” but I’m glad that was just a gag
    Can’t wait for the real chapter 62

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