Little Phoenix Chapter 44

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Chapter 43: Divine Python’s Master (2)

“You are jealous!”

“What reason do I have to be jealous?”

“If you don’t want to admit, then forget it,” Lu Xiao Can paced a bit before continuing, “Originally, I planned to help you when I heard about the relationship between Fuhuang and her.”

Tian Zhen grasped him and in a low voice, said, “What relationship?”

Lu Xiao Can smiled, “I don’t know, Fuhuang drove me out.”

They were meeting for a talk reminiscing about the old days, but wouldn’t let the child hear? Tian Zhen frowned.

Lu Xiao Can pulled her, “Hey, do you dare to go in?”  

“How could I dare not to,” Tian Zhen held his collar and pulled him along towards the entrance of the Royal Palace, “Let’s go, come with mother to meet that beautiful snake lady.”    

It was silent inside Qin Hall, there was no sound of movement..

There was no one? Tian Zhen restrained the curiosity in her heart and waited outside the door for a long time before she finally heard a familiar voice, from inside the room.    

“Heavenly Lady Huan.”

“Your Highness Xi”, A woman’s voice came through, exceedingly pleasing to hear, it carried a faint weeping tone.

“Requesting me to forgive you?”

“I have wronged Your Highnessy Xi, I dare not beg for forgiveness,” Heavenly Lady Huan murmured, “If I can just see Your Highness again, I will be content, I…. I am a traitor. Your Majesty should not have saved me that day.”

Tian Zhen clenched her fist.

See, a delicate young lady’s tears are normally the best weapon to subjugate the God, especially the God with immense strength and a desire to protect. Was she trying to move his heart by crying? Did she love him?

As expected, the Devil God replied, “I don’t blame you.”

“Your Highness Xi…”

“It was the useless father and brother of mine who gambled with your life and led me into the killing formation. They even sealed you after using you!”

“Calm down Your Highness, the ones who sealed me were not His Majesty and the prince.”

“En?” the Devil God did not expect this.

Heavenly Lady Huan said in a low voice, “That same year when Your Highness Xi was trapped in the Tai Shang mirror, I sealed myself at the bottom of Mount YouPo. If your majesty could not have escaped, I….. would have never come out.”    

The Devil God realised it then, “I disturbed you when I took care of the multi-coloured snake.”

Heavenly Lady Huan joyfully said, “Yes, it is a small snake brought up by me, does Your Highness still remember him?”

“Looks familiar.”

I was under YouPo Mountain for many years till the day before yesterday, when the Tai Shang mirror killing formation was disturbed again. It changed the earth’s energy in YouPo Mountain, Xiao Cai first came out and ran into Your Highness, that was when I knew Your Highness had escaped.”

The Devil God uttered an “en” in acknowledgment, he then turned his face towards the door, “Eavesdropping Phoenix.”

Tian Zhen, engrossed in listening, was startled by these words. She quickly recovered from the shock, knowing that she had already been discovered. She dragged Xiao Can and went in, having no other alternative. At the same time, she was quickly trying to find her target.

That Heavenly Lady Huan was originally kneeling in front of the Devil God, but quickly stood up upon the arrival of other people. Even though her movement was quick, it was very natural, without looking rushed.

Tian Zhen slowed down her pace, and while treading, she appraised her. The snake lady really deserved to be called Goddess, her whole body, from top to bottom, was brimming with a deity like aura.

The thin and slender eyebrows over the slanted phoenix eyes, appeared very beautiful. Above all, the clothes on her body were frivolous and soft, it seemed to be made of muslin, but yet not muslin. Her top had alternating streaks of purple and blue going from deep to lighter shades, it seemed to have a lightly discernible feeling similar to the peaceful night sky. She was three points more noble and beautiful compared to the De Yin dragon girl.

Tian Zhen had a unperturbed expression.

En, this Goddess’s attire and that multi colored snake were matching….

Looking at her only concerned with the other person, the Devil God turned to Lu Xiao Can, “Give (me an) explanation.”

Lu Xiao Can replied, “It’s her who pulled me along.”

Tian Zhen came back from her deliberations, she had already come up with an excuse, “There is a big serpent causing disturbance outside. I came to ask for instructions from Your Majesty. Unexpectedly Your Majesty was receiving a guest, I didn’t know who the honoured guest is, and dreading a breach of etiquette, I thought it wouldn’t do to rashly enter, so I waited outside in the hall.”

The Devil God introduced them by simply saying, “The daughter of Heavenly Sea King.”

Earlier the Heavenly Lady Huan had already wiped away her tears. She stood dignified, with an appropriate expression, all of which clearly portrayed her exceptional status.

Seeing Tian Zhen’s inquiring look, the Devil God looked at her. After a while he said, “Phoenix, she is my subordinate.”

“You look like the descendant of the clan of birds,” Heavenly Lady Huan looked at Tian Zhen with a mild smile, and implicitly hinted, “I’ve known His Highness Xi from childhood, I was gifted to His Highness as a maid by His Majesty (his father). I’m definitely not a guest, you needn’t be too courteous.”

Tian Zhen wanted to facepalm.

It seemed that not all the ancient Gods were about boasting about themselves. Look at this now, she’s clearly emphasising her status, and claiming herself to be on par with the leader. Since when did I say I want to be courteous to you?

Acquainted since childhood, like childhood sweethearts. This God was also trapped because of her….. Maid? Attending to what? It can’t be serving in the bedroom right?

“You reassure them, although Xiao Cai is naughty and unruly, it won’t randomly hurt anyone”, said Heavenly Lady Huan consoled. Then she again turned back to the Devil God, and emotionally said, “Even though I was trapped under YouPo Mountain these years,  I always remembered those days of living with Your Highness and Yan Wu in Death Pardon Hall. Now after coming out, everything has changed, and the Immortal World…..”

The Devil God stated, “Gods also have misfortune, Heaven’s will, you need not to grieve.”

So we will be treated like air now? Tian Zhen felt depressed.

Fortunately, the Devil God remembered this mass of air, “The serpent won’t injure anyone, you don’t need to fear.”

“Oh”, Tian Zhen replied, but did not move. 

The Devil God inquired, “Phoenix?”

Tian Zhen placed both her hands on Lu Xiao Can’s shoulders, with a gentle smile on her face said, “Yesterday night I had a very strange dream, I planned to come here to tell it to Your Majesty and Xiao Can.”

There was an almost indiscernible sense of intimacy in the words, it left the two people in front dumbfounded.

Heavenly Lady Huan quickly recovered from her shock, and calmly looked at her with a measuring gaze.

The Devil God asked, “What was strange?”    

Tian Zhen purposely made things difficult saying, “This….”

Heavenly Lady Huan looked at the Devil God with a smile, “I waited upon His Highness Xi for many years, I am not an outsider. You don’t have to worry.”

Not an outsider? Tian Zhen also looked at the Devil God.

According to past experience, it was very hard to predict what earth shaking words this woman would say. The Devil God thought for a bit, and decided that a dream shouldn’t cause a big disturbance, raising his hand, he permitted, “Speak.”

“Then…. I’ll say it?”, Tian Zhen pretended to recollect and then slowly stated, “I dreamed that it rained heavily yesterday night, I went out and didn’t come back. His Majesty personally went out to search for me. He brought me back to the Demon Palace, and even personally sent me back to my room. This morning, when I woke up, and thought back to it, this dream felt like reality.”

Heavenly Lady Huan was dumbfounded.  

Lu Xiao Can let out an “yi” in surprise and said, “Really is strange, how did you have such an odd dream!”

“I also don’t know”, said Tian Zhen with an innocent expression.

Under the scrutiny of the different pairs of eyes, the Devil God slightly turned his body. His face was obstructed by the strands of hair hanging over his forehead and his expression could not be clearly seen. Without any change in his tone he said, “Muddle-headed phoenix, you didn’t dream.”

“Then it was real?”, she asked surprised.

“It was me.”

Simply acknowledging it as the truth, Tian Zhen’s countenance brightened with happiness, “I thought it was a dream.”

Even the most obtuse person would have understood the special position of this subordinate from the present conversation. Heavenly Lady Huan slowly lost her look of surprise and smiled, “Your Highness is still so amiable.”

Tian Zhen smiled but said nothing.

Dear Lord Devil God, it is very hard to come across people who praise you as being easy-going. Heavenly Lady, we understand your position. But let me clarify to you my own position… Whether or not you have any intention towards this God, it will be made known soon.

Heavenly Lady Huan’s gaze moved away from her and onto Lu Xiao Can, “Is this the Little Heavenly King?”

The Devil God nodded his head, “My child.”

“Your Highness finally found the spring of life,” Heavenly lady Huan attentively measured up Lu Xiao Can and shook her head, “It’s a pity, he is flawed.”

The Devil Lord said, “It was my mistake.”   

“Perhaps, I can make him better.”

“I forgot, you are proficient in these matters.”

Heavenly lady Huan smiled saying, “Your Highness still recalls it… Speaking of which, back then, Your Highness also lost to me.s.”

Hearing these two great gods talking about the techniques of creating people, Lu Xiao Can gradually started feeling uneasy. Losing the mischievous glint in his eyes he raised his face, and looked at Tian Zhen, quietly pulling at her sleeves.

Tian Zhen grasped his small hands, hinting at him to be at ease, “Who is flawless, I think Xiao Can is already pretty good as he is.”

Heavenly lady Huan replied, “Understandable, however, presently the Demon World is targeted by everyone. His Highness needs better support.”

Tian Zhen refuted, “I believe in His Majesty’s strength. The Demon World has His Majesty and big Heavenly King, even if all six realms come together, what is there to fear?”

The Devil God lifted up his face, he was extremely pleased by her flattery.

Heavenly lady Huan was undaunted, “Your Majesty, please consider carefully.”

Those who love hearing flattery may not necessarily be unwise, the Devil God said, “Although I am not afraid, what Heavenly lady Huan said is reasonable. The Demon World needs more strong and capable people.”

Heavenly Lady Huan smiled, “Your Highness, let me handle this matter.”

Lu Xiao Can quickly cried out, “Fuhuang.”  

The Devil God reprimanded him, “How can my child cry so easily.”

Lu Xiao Can hung his head and stopped talking. 

Good goddess, first of all no one brought up this argument… What do you mean by doing this? Tian Zhen sneered, she pulled the child behind her, “Xiao Can is my child, I would hate to part with him. Please, Your Majesty, don’t let him go.”

Heavenly Lady Huan looked at the Devil God in a mild manner.

Seeing the woman openly and forcibly claiming his son as her own, the Devil God frowned, “Phoenix, this is important for the future of the Demon World.”

“Your Majesty, my child is also important”, Tian Zhen exclaimed.

The Devil God hesitated.

Just at this juncture, they heard footsteps outside the hall. Soon after, Lu BingHe entered, wearing a purple qipao gown.

“This is the Heavenly Lady’s first visit to the Demon World, there are no suitable places to stay. It will be neglectful of us to let you live outside. It would be better to stay in Fuhuang’s Palace for the time being and wait. I will command people to build a good palace, and then let you move in. What do you think, Fuhuang?”

“Heavenly King need not be troubled over this”, Heavenly Lady Huan stopped him, and said, “I originally used to wait on His Highness Xi, but now I have nowhere else to go. I plead Your Highness, let me be beside you and continue serving you.”

Tian Zhen was filled with anger.

So if the Heavenly Lady stayed outside, it’s our fault for being neglectful? Heavenly King Lu Bing He, do you lack motherly love so much so that you are anxious to get your Father married and live together with her?

The Devil God said “en”, and didn’t say anything else.

“I almost forgot, I can’t enter the Qin Hall”, Tian Zhen pulled Lu Xiao Can along, “Let’s go. We will go out and play, farther from here.”

Seeing the two people leaving the hall, Heavenly Lady Huan said, “Small Heavenly King’s matter…..”

The Devil God interrupted her, “Discuss it later.”

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