Little Phoenix Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Immortal Realm’s Emperor (1)

News was not hard to come by, Chui Tian had recently left Heaven with his soldiers to see to some matters. He was passing by the Shifang void’s Mount Qiao. Since the phoenix was of the heavenly lineage, regardless of Tian Zhen’s inferior constitution, her innate ability did not disappear. The speed of travelling a thousand miles with one wing was still out of the capacity of most Immortals. Within two days, she quickly arrived at Mount Qiao.

As far as the eyes could see, beside the cold and desolate Mount Qiao, there was no trace of the Heavenly soldiers.

Tian Zhen flew low and continued on until she heard Heavenly Lady Huan’s voice, “Phoenix, you are late.”

“It’s you”,said Tian Zhen, restraining her anger. Turning around, she asked, “(Where is) Xiao Can?”

Heavenly Lady Huan did not directly answer her, “Chui Tian is presently at Mount SaoYe, a thousand miles away.”

The battlefield was thousands of miles away. She made a special trip and came all the way to wait, it was obviously not for a simple greeting. Tian Zhen calmly asked, “What do you want? Kill me?”

“How will His Highness view me if you died?”, Heavenly Lady Huan continued, “You are very smart, you know what I want.”

“You want me to leave by myself?”

“Your existence is not beneficial to His Highness.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Do you know the origin of your Nèidān?”

Tian Zhen was dumbfounded, instead of answering she asked, “Is this the reason that you are making me leave?”

“It’s for His Highness, and also for myself”, said Heavenly Lady Huan. “I have been acquitted with His Highness since childhood, his safety is more important than my own life. He cares for me just as much.”

Tian Zhen was silent for a moment. 

She nodded, “I admit you have a position in his heart, if I leave the Demon World, can you promise that nothing will happen to Xiao Can?”

“When I arrived, the small Heavenly King was already injured. You don’t have a lot of time.”

“Ok, I agree.”

“You can start out on your promise from now on. It’s not hard to inquire news about the small Heavenly King, I’ll let you witness my trustworthiness.”

Heavenly Lady Huan beckoned over the multicoloured python, then riding on it flew into the sky, penetrating through the clouds.

She wanted to recast Xiao Can. However, in actuality, she wanted to quickly take the opportunity to get rid of her rival. Just one round and the winner had been decided, what an impressive woman. The likes of a rice bug like her, had never been a worthy opponent.

Determining that no one was watching, Tian Zhen beat the ground in sadness.

God, this is the drama about the pain of youth, more tragic than tragedy! Every man she encountered, seemed to have a high quality woman popping up and snatching him away! You two innate Big Gods can go and make more Gods, this old mother doesn’t care!

Those big hands during the tempest, the silhouette atop the mountain that night, that sentence “oversensitive phoenix”…..

Go to hell!

The entrance of the Immortals World was in the Shifang Void at the ZiZhi cross, the river flowed and the smoke permeated. Many heavenly soldiers stood guard. All individuals who entered were either checked or had a (travel) pass.

“You, state your purpose.”

“This little one is a merchant from the Spirit World, I’ve come to this country to purchase magic fungus, requesting elder brother to make things convenient.”

The immortal soldier roughly searched before waving his hands and letting him go. He continued to the next in line, “You?”

Before he could see clearly, a big ash gray bird flashed in front him, making him fall down from fright.

In a blink, that ash coloured bird had changed into a young lady, who in self-justification said, “I am a crow of the Heavenly Bird clan, I’m just passing by the country.”

The God and Immortal worlds had a good friendship, they often come into contact. The Immortal soldier did not clearly look at the crow or phoenix, he only saw that she did not have any demonic influence on her and that her original shape was also of the Heavenly Bird clan with no hint of deception. In addition, he was confused about her claim of wanting to just pass by, and could only helplessly watch as she entered.

The abode of the Immortals was very peaceful, it was full of beautiful low rolling mountains, rivers and lakes. Compared to Heaven, most people here commonly used boats as a means of travel, the speed of which, was certainly, far ahead of the capacity of regular boats. All Immortals knew transformation magic, it wasn’t rare to see Immortals change the boats they rode on into thin leaves and swagger away unburdened after placing it into their sleeves.

The day she promised Heavenly Lady Huan, she did not immediately leave, rather she loitered around Mount Qiao. After many days of inactivity,she finally gave up hop in a fit of anger. She returned to reality— Heaven had ordered her to be killed, she couldn’t return to the Demon World, Hell and the Spirit World were said to be unwelcoming, the entrance to the Mortal World couldn’t be found. So Tian Zhen finally decided to go to the Immortal World.

Outside the Shaogong Mansion, the imperial guards at the entrance did not suspect her purpose of visit. One imperial guard entered and reported it to his superior. Within a short while, an Immortal official came out and respectfully welcomed her in.

In a small hall, adorned with tasteful and refined screens, Tian Zhen was sitting in a chair slowly drinking tea. Accompanying her, was the Immortal official with a standard polite smile on his face, Tian Zhen tried to probe him, but he would always reply with one sentence, “Have to trouble Miss to wait a while”. After several tries, Tian Zhen stopped speaking.

Finally, from outside there came the sound of footsteps, which was neither hurried nor too slow. An elegant and graceful figure entered with a smile, “Official Wen, is the person here?”

That Immortal official hurriedly stood up and respectfully received him, “Replying to Your Majesty, fortunately have not failed to accomplish the task.”

It was a very familiar face, she first saw it on a gentle and frail looking little soldier, the next time was on a gentle and refined Official. Today, they are meeting each other again, and he is wearing another set of clothes. The designs on the brocade robes and jade belt spoke clearly of his exceptional status and brought about an air of nobility to his every action.

Tian Zhen slowly got up and saluted him in ceremony, “Your Majesty, Immortal Emperor.”

The Immortal Emperor motioned Official Wen and the attendants to withdraw. Then he supported Tian Zhen with one hand, “Do you blame Zhen for lying to you?”

Tian Zhen shook her head, “I already knew that Your Majesty the Immortal Emperor wasn’t a common person. I’ve also suspected that Wen Xi was an alias. It was only after I heard that the officials of the Immortal World had surnames, did I give up on my doubts.”

“Zhen’s name is Guan Heyue Wei. Wen is the surname of zhen’s mother’s clan.”

“I came here to find Official Wen, he…..”

“Since you entered the Immortal Realm, I’ve been notified”, Guan Heyue Wei smiled, “If you can really sneak in that easily, Zhen would also not have gotten far and would have had to depend on the Heavenly Realm to return.”

Realising she had been identified early on, Tian Zhen self-deprecatingly said, “Before I had eyes that could not discern, and was unaware of Your Majesty’s status. I have made a great offence.”

“Little Phoenix”, Guan Heyue Wei pulled her over to sit beside him, “I am Wen Xi, is this good?”

Tian Zhen hurriedly retracted her hands, “Your Majesty is the Immortal Emperor. Before it could be said that the ignorant are blameless, but now I know the truth. Calling you that again, isn’t it giving people the opportunity to blame me for violating the law? Since I want to seek shelter in the Immortal Realm, I should not become the subject of mockery. Hope Your Majesty understands.”

“But it is also unnecessary to be polite at this stage”, Guan Heyue Wei did not force her, standing up, he said, “It’s late now, first come with me to the palace.”

Enter the palace? Tian Zhen felt fretful, “Actually, I came to find Your Majesty because…..”

Guan Heyue Wei slightly leaned over her, “Whatever the matter is, you can come to the palace and slowly tell me. The Shaogong Mansion won’t house you. Moreover, on usual days I’m busy with public affairs, even one trip makes it harder to manage. Little Phoenix, shouldn’t you have some sympathy for me?

Tian Zhen had no choice, and thus without an alternative, followed him out and got on the boat.

The first impression of the Immortal palace was that the atmosphere was not comparable to that of the Demon Palace. Neither did it have solemn dignity of the Heavenly Palace. However, it was still extremely exquisite, many rivers flowed by, and the arrangement of the buildings seemed, at first, wilful and unordered, but in reality were arranged in a deliberate pattern. Tian Zhen had lived here for a few days already, Guan He Yue Wei was very busy in the mornings. Only during spare time would he make visits to her, in addition he assigned several maids to wait on her.

Tian Zhen felt a bit depressed about being made a member of the Imperial Harem. But she understood that Guan He Yue Wei would not have done this without a reason. All in all, her present status is still the fugitive soldier of the Demon World. If she wandered outside everyday, and it reached the ears of the Devil God, then there was no guarantee that trouble would not descend on the Immortal Realm.

Since entering the Immortal Realm, Tian Zhen has heard no news about the Demon World. This is very much like a country which has no networking of news. The common people are completely unaware of what is happening outside. She was only concerned about the safety of Lu Xiao Can and had nothing more to ask.

It was on such a day, when she was as usual bored to death, that suddenly she had an uninvited guest.

“Who is living inside, since bengong* is passing by, it should be good to have a look.”

(* used to refer to themselves by the Empress and the concubines.)

The voice was not high neither was it low, it had been gentle yet it seemed to display the status of the speaker, making it known that the speaker was a magnanimous person.

Tian Zhen hurriedly stood up, just in time to see a young married woman walk in while holding onto a maidservant. Her attire was remarkable, yet not gorgeous.  Her appearance was not the best, but her bearing had an air of dignity, which sufficiently displayed her status.

The imperial maid beside her quickly greeted her in ceremony, “Empress Xian Hou.”

“I was wondering who His Majesty was hiding, he wouldn’t even tell me”, Xian Hou smiled while giving her (Tian Zhen) a measuring look.

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