Little Phoenix Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: God Realm’s Plot (2)

“Yu Dan Wa, what is it?”, asked a gruff sounding voice, obscured in the darkness.

“It’s very toxic, I’m afraid it’s the legendary Shi Dan Poison.”

“This….. are you sure?”


“This girl is from the Heavenly Bird Clan, afterwards she betrayed the Heavenly Realm and followed the Devil God for a while. Now she has been captured by the Immortal Realm, and will naturally be sent back to the Heavenly Realm to be punished, as a demonstration of friendship between the two realms. Why else would Guan Heyue Wei secretly deal with her?”


The sound of conversation grew louder, Tian Zhen slowly came into consciousness. She was still unable to open her eyes, through her sense of touch, she discovered that she was lying on a hardwood divan. The surrounding was warm but made people feel uncomfortable, a malicious intent seemed to pass over her.

This isn’t the Immortal Realm, where is this?

She had yet to guess, before she heard a voice speak up.

“It’s not easy to plunder the Immortal Emperor’s back palace.” It was a man’s voice, gentle with a seductive tone, it was also a bit familiar, “Since this girl is one of the Demon Emperor’s people, I’m only afraid it might have been disastrous to bring her back.”

The man from before swore at him, “Idiot! You fell for the Immortal Emperor’s trick!”

“May the Emperor spare me!”, there was a sound of someone kneeling.

Tian Zhen tried hard to identify the voice, and when she finally recalled who it belonged to, she couldn’t help but curse her luck. She never expected that the Immortal Realm’s Imperial harem also had a mole and that she would end up being caught and brought here.

After a while, that gentle voice spoke up again, “Whatever, things are already at this point, it’s no use blaming him.”

“How is the Emperor planning to handle this?”

“The Demon Emperor will soon be visiting.”

“As according to Guan Heyue Wei’s plan! The foundation of this poison is hard to understand, the matter will be very troublesome if he sees, why not…..”

The surroundings fell silent, and only the sound of anxious pacing could be heard. Tian Zhen was so nervous that her breathing wasn’t very smooth. What is the best way to handle the present situation? It is best to destroy the body as soon as possible, without anybody knowing. If the Devil God can’t find evidence then there will be no trouble.

That person seemed to ponder before saying, “I have seen this maidservant before, a few days ago the Demon Emperor personally went to QiYue Heavenly Palace, but he didn’t hurt anyone. Recently, his whereabouts have been unknown. How long will it be before he finds her here?”

“Emperor’s meaning is……”

“Take the leaves of the evil Orchid and keep her alive.”

“The Demon Emperor treated the Emperor without respect at that time. Why must Your Majesty treat his subordinate with such politeness, even giving her the leaves of the sacred Orchid. In this Official’s opinion, it’s better to kill her and relieve anger.”

“If killing a maidservant is enough to relieve my anger, then I, Fu Qianqiu will be looked down on.” That person lightly laughed, “Just how powerful is the Demon Emperor, he is even capable of bringing the dead back to life, it makes people curious. Since Guan Heyue Wei wants to borrow my hand to send her back to the Demon Realm, why should I not do it? Only when he pays the price, will I be able to let go of my hate.”

Tian Zhen finally understood.

After being poisoned in the Immortal Realm, there was no guarantee that the Devil God’s anger wouldn’t be incited being sent back like this. So Guan Heyue Wei intentionally let the people of the Spirit Realm capture her, shoving the problem over to the Spirit Realm. What kind of a person was the Spirit Realm’s Emperor, Fu Qianqiu?  Even without past grievances, the Demon Realm’s power has made him fearful. Weakening the strength of the Devil God will be in accordance with his goals. Guan Heyue Wei must have already known earlier on, he wouldn’t kill her, rather he would choose to add fuel to the fire.

If she was correct, then this definitely is the Luo Zhongling Imperial Palace of the Spirit Realm.

While Tian Zhen was thinking, someone pried open her mouth.

A harsh and bitter juice was fed to her. She felt her stomach warming up, it then spread. The stiffness of her body suddenly seemed to have alleviated by a great amount, only a small part under her calves remained without sensation.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.

“Emperor!”, called out the person in panic, before saying with a trembling voice, “The Demon Emperor……. has come!”

The Spirit Emperor smiled, “That was fast, but this also simplifies matters.”

“What do we do?”

“Greetings to the Demon Emperor.”

Everyone echoed in unison. Immediately after, Tian Zhen felt herself taken up by someone and carried out.

The air outside Luo Zhongling was dreary, and in the middle of a formation was a person with a familiar oppressive feeling. She could feel the presence of many soldiers, but no one dared to speak, and there was a complete silence. 

Tian Zhen was held up by a pair of hands. Even though her eyes couldn’t see, she knew that the Devil God was in front of her and couldn’t help but get excited. Previously, she was forced to leave him, but now she really doesn’t want to return to him. For him to find her so quickly in the Spirit Realm is, without a doubt, a scheme in which information was intentionally given out as a rumour to lead him to her. After all, the Shi Dan poison won’t last long, if she really died then she won’t be of any use to their plans.

The Spirit Emperor spoke first, “I was unaware of your arrival, excuse my impropriety.”

He didn’t speak for a long time, and then from opposite to her arose a familiar voice, dignified and impolite, “I heard a rumour.”

Tian Zhen could imagine this God’s usual posture with his tilted to one side, she couldn’t help but be happy. He really was searching for her, but knowing the manner of this God, it was unsure whether or not it was because of the damage to his face caused by her leaving. Thus, he wanted to take her back and make her admit her guilt…..

The Spirit Emperor sternly replied, “Rumours are not always correct, does the Demon Emperor not know this truth? Suddenly visiting people is rather impolite.”


A wind carrying Godly power swept over them, and the multitude of spirits retreated in a rush, with several letting out screams.

When the Spirit Emperor put on air, Tian Zhen had already suspected that this would happen. This was only a lesson, given out very lightly. This God has always been extremely conceited, and in absolute power. If he visits your abode, it’s better to be sensible, and keep yourself out of his way. If you admit defeat, then he will reason things out. If you confront him with aggression, you’ll quickly burst your own head. The “commonplace, little spirit” stood in front of him and put on airs, thus he must accept the consequences.

In the face of the surprise attack, the person holding her did not retreat, and the terrifying power was suddenly withdrawn.

Tian Zhen bitterly smiled to herself.

As expected, the Spirit Emperor already understood. He smiled, “This girl is the person that the Demon Emperor was searching for.”

The Devil God’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you threatening me?”  

“Demon Emperor has misunderstood, Demons and Spirits have the same vessels, is there any reason to threaten you?”, the Spirit Emperor put on a friendly facade as he gently explained, “A few days ago a stupid subordinate found her in the Immortal Realm. He saw that she had an odd poison in her, and was on the verge of death, so he brought her here and treated her. Unfortunately this poison is rare among the six realms, so even the miraculous drugs were useless. Nowadays, I can only persevere in maintaining her life with the help of a few leaves from the Evil Orchid.”

The Spirit Emperor spoke with half truths and half lies, but this God was also not muddled. Thinking about what was going to happen, Tian Zhen felt it was better to die.

The Devil God, sure enough said, “I want to leave with her.”

“It is an appropriate time”, said the Spirit Emperor.

After that, Tian Zhen knew that she was passed from one person’s hands to the next. After perceiving that it was not the Devil God, she was slightly disappointed.

The Devil God said, “I will remember your favour,”

Towards this polite sentence, even the Spirit Emperor did not dare flaunt his status, paying him respect, with his hands placed in front of his chest, he said, “I will not send you away.”

There was no movement in the surroundings, only the sound of the wind could be heard. Tian Zhen felt the evil yin energy fading away, and thought that they had already left Luo Zhongling.

“Your Majesty is going to let the Spirit Realm off just like this?”, the indignant voice had a sense of the fox borrowing the tiger’s fierceness.

Tian Zhen realised the person who was carrying her was Jiu SiCang. 

“I don’t think the Spirit Realm has enough courage yet to hurt my subordinate”, the Devil God muttered, “It’s hard to say who poisoned her, investigate this later. First, return to the Demon Realm.”

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