Star Martial God Technique


Hi! This is Tofu bringing you the second chapter of SMGT.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking me why I decided to pick up SMGT and why did I decide to re-translate it.

I picked up SMGT because I like the novel itself, it is easy to read and short, hence it is also a good practice for me as I’m still fairly new to translating. Other than SMGT, I am also a part of The Nine Cauldrons team.

The reason as to why I decided to retranslate it is because I didn’t like the previous chapters that was done to it, I felt like it missed out a lot of details and didn’t capture the essence of the text.

As for how many releases I’ll be doing, I’m trying to get used to this so I can give a 3 guaranteed chapter per week, and I’ll also occasionally surprise you guys with an additional chapter. But as for right now, I’ll try to translate as much as possible so I can catch up to the Manhua.

Oh and I’ll up the speed once I get better!

Thank you all for the support and I’ll hope to do my best along with my editor Mantou.


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