SMGT Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The Three Great Martial Arts


A tremendous raging river flowed endlessly, on either sides of the river laid a mountain range which stretched into the distance. Within the mountain range, one could often hear the bellows of demonic beasts. These sounds resounded throughout the mountains as though it were surging thunder.

Standing erect by the vast plains beside the river banks lay a mighty city.

This city was located on the edge of the Ji Province of the Grand Zou Empire; it was named, Heavenly Ancestor City. Due to the fact that the city’s position was near the border, it resulted in wars, continuously ravaging the city over the past years. During the last few years, the area had been slightly calmer due to the increase in the Grand Zou Empire’s strength.


Heavenly Ancestor City, Heavenly Star Academy

At noon, the vicious sun’s rays could be reflected off the face of the present crowd, sounds of cheering could be heard from a vacant field within the Heavenly Star Academy. A group of students were sitting on the ground cross-legged with their eyes fixed to the front.

In front of the students was young male teacher who was currently demonstrating martial skills; the muscles on his entire body were bulky, similar to those of an ancient colossal beast. His incomparably thick and sturdy arms were covered in dark scales that gave off a deep metallic luster under the sun.

“Martial arts are broad and profound, from the ancient times until present, martial arts have experienced numerous of evolutions. In the end, it left us with three of the strongest kinds of martial arts: Flame, Dragon and Star martial arts.” The young teacher demonstrated the martial skills whilst simultaneously introducing martial arts. “I’m a Dragon martial artist.”

“A Dragon martial artist should have dragon blood inherited within their body. The cultivators of the Dragon martial art can activate the dragon blood within their body to strengthen their mortal body, possessing an incomparably powerful strength, just like this!” The young teacher tightly clenched his right fist, causing the muscles in his arm to bulge, it gave the students a violent and powerful pressure. He threw the fist toward the massive rock next to him that weighs several hundred Jin.

From within the muscles, a burst of explosions sounded forth, wantonly showing off its strength.


The stone fragments scattered throughout the field.

A spiral-shaped punch mark, the size of a millstone, remained on the massive rock, it was as though someone had drilled through it with an iron auger.

It would be hard to imagine the consequences if a person were to receive a punch of this strength.

The crowd of students gazed over in awe, what kind of terrifying strength was this? The Dragon martial artists amongst the students were overwhelmed with emotions and were unable to calm themselves for a long period of time. Apparently, Dragon martial artists were capable of possessing this kind of formidable strength.

Amongst the students was a youth earnestly sitting upright, his gaze was completely fixed on the teacher. He seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years old; his clothes were quite plain and simple, and due to exposure of the vicious sun rays, his skin had turned slightly dark. His body was covered in beads of sweat, but even so, his appearance was still exceptionally delicate and handsome.

This youth’s name was Ye Xinghe, he originated in Blue Carp Town of Heavenly Ancestor City. Ye Xinghe was the only person in the entire Blue Carp Town who had relied on his own efforts and talent to enter the Heavenly Star Academy. Therefore, it was only natural that he treasured opportunities like this.

Presently, the young teacher was tirelessly continuing his lecture, “The Dragon martial artists have the greatest in numbers, however, they are not the strongest. The strongest martial artists are the Flame martial artists; if a Flame martial artist were to engage with a Dragon martial artist in close combat, then it would not necessarily be the stronger of the two. However, a Flame martial artist’s powers come from the power of the flames, hence, they are able to use powerful seal arts to directly defeat several Dragon martial artists of the same rank.

“What about Star martial artists?” A melodious voice rang out from a young girl.

“Star martial artists cultivate the power of the stars, with each martial artist possessing a different unique cultivation method. The power of the stars also have numerous unique abilities, such as healing, and can use various types of movement skills, etc. In the ancient era, Star martial arts had once produced many formidable experts, some were even capable of moving stars and moons! They were simply going against the will of the heavens! However, many of these cultivation techniques were not passed down, so amongst the current Star martial artists, the number of martial artists capable of reaching the ninth Heavenly Layer realm are very few!” The young teacher sighed as he explained.

Ye Xinghe subtly clenched his fist. During the admittance, Ye Xinghe, along with the other students, had partaken in a test. The results had stated he could only become a Star martial artist.

“Haha! It seems like Star martial artists are useless!” A youth wantonly laughed, he was deemed to possess a Flame martial physique, thus, his heart was filled with pride.

Ye Xinghe’s face burned with shame, his class had approximately 30 students and among them, there were only six Star martial artists. Among the six of these Star martial artists, five of them were female, therefore, Ye Xinghe had become a target for ridicule. A male becoming a Star martial artist was simply too shameful!

“That’s wrong. These three great martial arts have been passed down for several generations, every one of them are broad and profound. Any martial art cultivated to a higher layered realm are capable of unleashing an extremely formidable power!” The young teacher’s complexion turned exceedingly serious followed by a deep voice, “If you ridicule the Star martial artists, then you’re also ridiculing the entire Star martial inheritance!”

The youth who had ridiculed the Star martial artists immediately shut his mouth and lowered his head, not daring to talk. Although he thought that it was inconceivable in his heart, he also understood the meaning behind the teacher’s words; It was better p not to carelessly and presumptuously talk in that manner.

The young teacher continued, “There was once a powerful Star martial artist who had reversed the stars, and with the power of the stars, he set up six Star Pillars whose height shot through the heaven. Following this, he had used only a single palm to annihilate an entire empire. The reason as to why the Star martial artists had decreased was not because of their inheritance being weak, but there was simply no qualified successors!”

Using a palm to annihilate an empire!

“Heavens! What a terrifying power!” The students were shocked, they were not able to hide the astonishment on their face.

Ye Xinghe couldn’t stop himself from displaying a fascinated expression, what kind of extraordinary existence was this?

“After the admittance until present, you have already undergone a physique determination test. In two hours, you will undergo a test for innate talent. You can start preparing for now, I will go and check the arrangement for the innate talent test.” instructed the young teacher, hinting the students to remain seated. He then turned around and walked toward into the distance.

The students sat down in their former seats, they seemed to be more relaxed.

They had begun to observe each other as they would become classmates from now on.

Amongst the students was a youth in a white gown, his cold gaze swept over the students. He spoke in a commanding tone, “Today is the first day of our admittance, from here on, we will be classmates. Some of you were from a noble family, and some of you are underlings of a territory. I don’t care where you are from, but you ought to understand one thing. From now on, everything related to this class will be decided by me, do you understand?”

After hearing the youth’s commanding words, a series of protests immediately erupted from the students.

“Who is this arrogant youth?” A student asked in a low voice.

“You don’t know who he is? His name is Liangyu, he’s the son of Heavenly Ancestor City’s Dark Moon family. The Dark Moon family is only second to the City Lord Mansion’s eminent noble family! The Heavenly Ancestor City has six towns in its vicinity, and all of them belonged to the Dark Moon family. The individuals beside him are the sons of Heavenly Ancestor City’s noble families!” Another student said quietly.

Listening these students gossiping in a low voice, Ye Xinghe’s gaze contained a trace of raging fire. It seemed like the people in front of him belonged to the Dark Moon family!

Although his heart was filled with resentment, his head was still lowered in silence.

Blue Carp Town was Dark Moon family’s territory, and Ye Xinghe’s Azure Feather family was under the jurisdiction of the Dark Moon family. Within these territories, the Dark Moon family had an authority beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Ye Xinghe remembered an event from when he was six years old, Ye Xinghe’s aunt had come of age and her beauty was extremely well-known within Blue Carp Town, she was also very nice to Ye Xinghe. However, she was taken away by the people of Dark Moon family for half a month, and after she returned home, she had hung herself from the house beam.

Ye Xinghe also remembered that the Azure Feather family had to pay a large amount of taxes to the Dark Moon family every year. There was a year where the harvest had not been good, and after paying taxes to the Dark Moon family, the provisions supplied were simply not enough for the clansmen to use. In the end, twenty clansmen starved themselves to death in order to save some provision for the family.

Even after these events, there were still many more; the blood debt was deeply engraved within his heart, hence, forgetting about it was simply impossible.

Ever since he was a young, Ye Xinghe decided to change the fate of his clansmen, therefore he incessantly and diligently cultivated. Additionally, his innate talent was good, thus, the entire Azure Feather family spared no effort to raise him to enter the Heavenly Star Academy.

His arrival at the Heavenly Star Academy was not only for his own dreams, but it was also for the wishes of his clansmen!

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