Tehe♪ Wolf Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Black Fenrir




The black fenrir that me and Russel picked up, still hasn’t woken up. It’s been asleep for 3 days. During the first two days, the fenrir seemed to suffer from recurring nightmares, continuously making a scared expression and sometimes howling randomly. However there are no signs of it waking up.


Because I couldn’t carry it to take a bath, I used the kugh attribute’s purification magic [Clean] to clean it.


When we picked up this black fenrir, Russel mentioned that a black fenrir was rare.

[Ell, are black fenrirs really rare?]


[Yeah, they are only rarely born.]


Or so Russel taught me about the black fenrirs.

The story he told me, sounded almost like an ancient legend.


Long ago, in the deepest unreachable part of a forest, lived a pack of fenrirs.  An average fenrir can live up to roughly 2000 years due to their potent magical capacity.

After a fenrir’s child is born, until it reaches it’s adulthood at 5 years old, after that, their bodies grow at a moderate pace. They’re usually raised in a pack until they reach 30 years old, afterwards, they leave the pack becoming independent. It is said that they would find their own pair (marriage partner) and give birth to children.


However, it is difficult for an old fenrir to to give birth to an offspring. In a certain pack, there was an old couple who gave birth child. When the child was born, it’s entire body is covered in a black fur, however it’s parents were both a pure blooded fenrir. Of course,  it’s parents felt disturbed because it looked different compared to the other fenrirs. Their fellow fenrirs loathed the black fenrir; to them it was a completely different being. The fenrirs refused to acknowledge the black fenrir as a same existence as their own. The fenrirs called heretic child a (Melan Volk) black wolf.

The black fenrir’s parents pleaded with the head to allow them to raise the child until it reaches adulthood. The village chief accepted, however it was only until it becomes an adult. The black fenrir’s power and ability were exactly the same as the other ones. Still, only because his color was different he was hated by the rest. Whether it lived or died after that, no one knew for sure.


It seems that before Martha and Russel formed their contract, he had met a black fenrir once. A beautiful and powerful black female fenrir.


And that’s how Russel’s story ended.


[I was told that story when I was small. I never thought it was real, I always thought it was nothing but a myth until I met that female black fenrir. It’s quite a surprise to meet one again.]


[How old are you Ell? Given that you say how weird it was meeting one]


[Hmm, how old I am huh… A thousand years is a safe bet I’d say. I haven’t really been keeping track of them though.]


So they really live for at least a thousand years.


By the way, he was a hundred years old when he met a black fenrir for the first time.

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