Announcement: Launching Patreon!!

Hey guys this is MissQ! Due to some private reasons, I decided to take my next semester off so I now have more time for translating. And because of that, I thought it may be a good idea to make a patreon since there have been some requests from you guys to do so. Though I am not in desperate need of money, it’s good to have just in case for emergencies right? Plus I can use this money to thank the members of my group!

For now, it’s only for chapters of Assassin Farmer, but I may add more later. Since this is my first time using patreon, if you guys have any suggestions or questions please do comment below! Thanks!


Here’s the link to my patreon:


For the different tiers:

$1 – You get announcements and also occasional teasers to the next chapter.

$5 – You get early access. So if when I promise weekly post, you will get to read it on Monday instead of waiting until the middle of the week (And when I promise monthly posts, I will post within the first 3 days of the month). You also get teasers to the next chapters!

You will get one advance chapter and also a teaser to the following chapter!

$9- You get to have all of the above and also an extra chapter every month! Just be sure not to spoil it to the others on this site!

You will get two advance chapters and also a teaser!


There are also goals that to be reached that can increase the number of advance chapters so also be sure to check those out!


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      1. Thanks, I’ve been looking all over the internet for them, I did find one place where all of them were translated but they were impossible to read. Sorry to bug on this matter.

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