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Hey guys it’s MissQ with another announcement to make.

So I was talking to the other translators about the commission/sponsor chapters and they told me that my price is way too low.

I mean it’s true because $20 dollars for 3 hours+ of work is really not great.

They said to upp it to $40/$50, which is the standard amount.

But that’s a lot, and I wouldn’t even pay that much, and since I already change this amount several times…. I’m moving the price up the $30. Which is a reasonable amount.


Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience, but I did make the last sponsor chapter for $20.

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5 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. I’m sure your readers are aware (or should be!) of how difficult and time-costly translating is, and they definitely shouldn’t begrudge whatever amount you choose to set for sponsored chapters, especially as every reader is also free to choose whether they can/want to donate or not, and what amount. In my opinion, 30$ for a sponsored chapter of this length (i.e., for “Assassin Farmer”) is more than fair.
    Also, to be fair, on dedicated translation sites like volarenovels where $40/$50 is indeed the standard amount for a sponsored chapter of a given novel, this is combined with a release schedule of at least 2 (but more often up to 5-7) regular (i.e. non-sponsored) chapters per week for that specific novel.

    All that aside, if you’re posting an extra chapter for every $30, it’s always good to clarify what exactly constitutes an “extra” chapter. That is, it’s good to specify what your regular release schedule is, apart from the additional, sponsored chapters. It doesn’t matter if your schedule fluctuates depending on how busy you are; it doesn’t matter if, right not for example, you can only commit to, say, one chapter every 2 or 3 or 4 weeks. It’s still best to specify this, so that nobody gets confused in the process.

    Anyway, sorry for writing such a long message. Thank you for your hard work and your wonderful translations, and I hope that your readers will keep showing how much they appreciate all your effort.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m happy no one complained (as of yet) about all the adjustments I made ahaha. I actually do not have a schedule because school really affects my time… but I did say on one of my other posts that I will try to maintain a chapter-a month quota. But like I wrote on the side-bar, whenever the $30 is reached, I will post an extra chapter, usually this is within 24 hours. So far, all of these ‘extra’ chapters have been put out within an average of about 6 hours. Which to me, is a great accomplishment considering I don’t stock up chapters.

      And as for sponsor chapters, well, I really don’t have a sponsor button, so it’s just the Donation box….

      And no, it’s fine that you posted such a long message… to me, the longer it is, the more care I can see! Anyhows, thanks again for your comment! I’m glad there are so many readers for Assassin Farmer!

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