Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C106

I’m kinda back! Though school starts in 4 days again….

I’ve been dead for so long, things happened privately. But hopefully I can get back to posting regularly. Thank you all for your patience~

All of the chapters have been roughly translated, I just need to translate check them (which take a lil bit as I’m still handling my private matters).

While I was on hiatus, I did see this novel had been picked up by another translator, no they did not ask me for permission, and I am sure it is MTLed (Machine Translated). It’s easy to tell,  I was checking them out, thinking maybe they were nice people trying to update faster since I was gone so unexpectedly….. but their quality wasn’t really up to my expectations. Plus many people have been commenting on my post as well as dm-ing me to arise from the dead, so here I am. lmao.

So ye, thank you Kuro and Iya for proofing this chapter!

P.S. if you guys want to read the roughly translated chapters to the rest of the novel, you can read them if you are subscribe to my patreon as a ‘The Devoted’.



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14 thoughts on “Assassin Farmer C106

  1. OMG YOUR SEMI-BACK!! Yup, i also went to the other site to check it out but NOPE, i prefer your work! You did a trully GREAT JOB! Good luck on whatever is happening in your life! Love you and THANKS FOR CHAPTER.

  2. The other “translator” was so bad I felt like my eyes were bleeding. I barely understood what was going on in a chapter. I can tell a straight MTL (no editing) when the pronouns switch constantly. (Which they did, to the point that I didn’t know who was talking.)

    All I could think was: I’d rather this series get dropped than see it turned into jibberish.

    Thank you for returning, even if the updates are slow.

    1. ahahaa, yeah, I feel the same. I tried reading the other novels they picked up as well, it’s the same for everything. So, thank you for your support!!

  3. Hooray for the update! I tried the other translator and feared I’d have to drop this story if you didn’t come back. Thank you so much for continuing it.

    1. Hooray, ye I back! xD I’ll never drop this novel, even if it means slowly translating over the next few years. Thank you for all your support.

  4. Yay you’re back!! Happy new year! Hope everything works out for you. Your absence was certainly felt. Sending hugs of support! Please take your time translating and take care of yourself!

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