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Assassin Farmer C28

Hi guys! So as most of you know, my semester ended, which means I have a little bit more time for translating, yey!

So there’s no more limit of sponsor chapters, yey! I will try to post a chapter every week until August, which is when my next semester begins!

One more thing though, I was checking on the word count for the future chapters of Assassin Farmer, and after chapter 29, the word count increases by 1000 and sometimes to even 2000 chinese characters! The previous chapters that I have translated average at 2500 words, so it hits almost double. For now, I will keep the sponsor price at $30. But once we get to chapter 30, I’ll be increasing the chapter price to $40. Just a heads up, and thank you for understanding.

Anyways, thanks so much for the usual support and enjoy chapter 28!



PR: Zag, Lulu, XD, Yangarina, Piotr
ED: Darkreverie


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