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Assassin Farmer C32

Hi Guys! MissQ here! I have two things to say before we get to the chapter!

Firstly, I made a mistake on one of the character’s names. You remember Liu Shi? She was the Madam of the Hua House who decided to back out last minute on selling their house to Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao. Well, her name is not Liu Shi, but Liu-shi; the ‘-shi’ is actually not part of her name. Actually the ‘-shi’ is not part of her or any other wives’ names… It’s just a title, similar to the japanese titles: -sama, -chan, -kun.

XX-shi(氏) =====> XX refers to maiden name

You will see it more common later on when most of the wives and madams have a ‘-shi’ attached to their name. Most woman in china do not change their last names once they get married, so they will still have their maiden names even after marriage. And the author of Assassin Farmer likes to use that fact to alternate their names/titles around from XX-shi to Madam of XYZ House or Aunt XYZ. 

I’m sorry about the confusion and my mistake, if you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!


Secondly, I recently found out that Assassin Farmer is being hosted on another site without my permission. Although there is credit given, I do not want it to be shared anywhere. Please understand that. I have messaged that person, but he/she has yet to reply… This really bums me out because I spent soooo much time on these translations to have it copied and pasted in a matter of seconds onto another site, and that is just not fair. >.< Please don’t do it.


But yeah, anyways, enjoy Chapter 32!


PR: Zag, XD
E: Piotr


9 thoughts on “Assassin Farmer C32

  1. If you mean the red whatever site… i heard that it is a site that auto grab… a few translators were pissed off and just quit their novel. Some translators tried using tricks like scan, pdfs or put password. Which pissed me off coz i rather like a few of them.

    1. Hmm I’m not sure which site you’re referring to, but I was talking about the watt-something website. But either way, If I do find another person copying my translations, I will have to start doing something about it. I definitely do not want to stop translating this novel, but I will think of some preventive measures.

      1. I know that one.
        They credited the translation to FleetingPhoenix.
        I guess they didnt contact you first.
        Wow.. bummer.

  2. On the 1st point, it’s fine since youlve clarified it now.

    On your 2nd point, you did the right thing. I would suggest to maybe add your website’s link in between the paragraphs that can’t be removed when copying and pasting, just like the other TLs did when someone else was reposting their works. just an idea

    Lastly, good job finishing your business trip and thank you for making the time to TL and share he nocel with us.

    1. Thanks! That’s a good idea!
      Though I’m not sure what business trip you are referring to, but thanks very much for your support!

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