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Assassin Farmer C35

HI EVERYONE! This is a super early release because I have to make a few important announcements.

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone for your continuous support!!! Assassin Farmer is rated 4.6/5 stars on Novel Updates now and it’s all thanks to ya’ll!!!!!

Secondly Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! You can now join us and chat with other readers and even other translators!
Here’s the invite link: 

Last, but not least, I’m giving a shout out to the translator Grace and her novel [The Eunuch is Pregnant]!! You guys should read it, it’s a cute and funny story, and like Assassin Farmer, it is about an ordinary girl who had transmigrated into a body of unknown origins.


-Yep, so yeah. Here’s chapter 35 of Assassin Farmer. Enjoy! And I’m excited to talk to you guys on discord owo)b

PR: Zag, Lulu, Kuro, XD, Yangarina


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