Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C40

Hi guys, sorry for the late chapter update. This week was really busy. My birthday was on the 17th, and there was a convention from Friday to Sunday this week, so I could not post the chapter with everything going on. However I somehow made some time now.

So this chapter talks a lot about different stitches, and because these stitches are of ancient chinese origin, it’s hard to find an accurate translation to them, so I linked pictures and videos to the terms.

Also, some of you readers seemed to be confused as to what timeline Su Shuilian had transmigrated from. Su Shuilian is not from modern times, she was originally from the Republic of China era. Su Household actually existed then too, as a embroidery family.  Here’s two links to read up about them:

Anyways, enjoy!

PR: Laighlen, Lulu, Zag, XD
ED: Cha Mei

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