Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C44-46

Hey guys, it’s MissQ here. I know, you guys are super excited cause I mass released 3 chapters. But the reason for this is because it is an apology in advance because I will have to be gone for two months. My nursing classes are so much harder than I had expected and I wanna focus on that. So I will be gone for two months, but I’ll be back in December 27. I’ll be sure to post a chapter then. But for now, I’m sorry everyone.

Chapter 45 and 46 are still unedited, but it’s been gone through by my proofreaders, so it shouldn’t be that bad. There are some terminology that I did not explain cause I’m in a rush, but I’ll be sure to fix them when I get back.

Once again, thanks and sorry.

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapter 46


ED: LetheanDragon

PR: Lulu, Laighlen, XD, Zag



11 thoughts on “Assassin Farmer C44-46

  1. well it’s okay, good luck for your class!!
    i will be waiting!!
    fight!! o (¯ ヘ ¯ o *) [fist!]
    and thanks for the triple releases!! XD

  2. Thanks for the chapters and leave notice!

    Yep, nursing is quite hard so you’ll really need focus if you want decent grades. Goodluck! Don’t forget to take breaks and don’t pressure yourself too much

  3. thanks then!!!!
    for christmas send us an update on how your doing we can give lots of encouragement!! some people may not post or say anything but im sure u know lots of people read here and are grateful…since u dont get you? well i feel like you do this cause u want too and just thanks1!1!11!!!!(im too lazy for proper grammer and punctuation..)

    1. Hi, thank for your comment, I will try to make an update before christmas~ And I know a lot of people read this novel, and that’s why I don’t want to spoil anyone’s day by dropping it. And no, I don’t get paid to translate, I only do this as a pastime and also maintain my chinese XD

  4. All the best! Good luck! We understand RL takes priority.

    We, the readers shall wait faithfully for your updates

    PS. Please don’t drop the novel… I know it’s super long but I really have high hopes for this one. I got really tired of the typical transmigration novels and this slow paced, slice-of-life novel is just what I needed. I really liked the Picking Up A General To Plow The Fields too, but it’s under Qingdian now and the translator has been inactive for a while now.

    Anyway! Ganbatte! See you in your next update!

    1. Thanks very much for understanding!
      I promise I won’t drop this novel. And no matter how long it takes, I will finish it, so no worries. I just hope you don’t mind following me for another year or two for me to complete it xD
      I really do like Picking Up A General To Plow The Fields too. I also had hoped to maybe pick it up or something because I have actually read some of the raws and it’s super interesting, but since it’s under QI, I can’t anything. But once school ends, I think I may be doing more than just translating AF so look forward to that!

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