Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C48

Hi guys, hopefully you enjoyed your new years and here’s the weekly chapter! Chapter 48!

I really wanna thank everyone for supporting my translations, although I don’t reply to many comments, I do read through them all. Some of them make me laugh, what I’m also very thankful for is that you guys still help click the ads on this site! Although it’s not as much as when it was first put up, it is still enough for continue this site. Thanks so much everyone!

Ah I almost forgot, but I am so grateful to Tiffany T for being the first to pledge my patreon! And because I got a pledge so early, I decided to change the pledge amount for the “The Devoted” rank on my patreon. Instead of $12, it’s just $9 to read the next chapter extra early, teasers, and also an extra chapter every month. And I’ll be posting Chapter 49 for “The Devoted” on patreon (with chapter 50 teaser) in about an hour once I’m done going through the edits. Also for the extra chapters, I’ll post them at the end of the month.


Oh and this chapter is unedited, but my proofreaders have gone through it, so thanks Iya, XD, and Lulu!
I also wanna give a special thanks to Rozen (from Volare) for helping me on this chapter!


Also Fleeting Phoenix Translations now has a public discord channel! Join to chat with other readers and even translators!


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