Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C50

Haha I’m on time today! Well… I could have posted the chapter yesterday but my Just Dance 2018 game finally came in the mail so I was busy playing with that for 4 hours…. my whole body hurts >.<

Well I already posted chapter 52 and chapter 53’s teaser on my patreon… actually I already had chapter 50 and 51 teaser for the $1 tier up since yesterday… blame it on my game that came in at the perfect time hehe.

Anyways, this chapter is edited, yey! Because as you guys know, my other editor disappeared again ahaha. But yeah, Mochi is actually our new editor for Tehe Wolf, but Mochi offered to edit my chapters since she was on break. Yey! Also thank you Iya and XD for proofreading this chapter~


Edit: OHOHOH I ALMOST FORGOT. THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! ASSASSIN FARMER IS NOW 4.7/5 STARS ON NU OMG :D. Thanks so much for all your support and love, it really means a lot to me…. Also thanks for the ad clicks, it already really makes a difference since it allowed me to get my Just Dance 2018 game. If you guys want, I can even post a video of my trying to follow the game later as a thanks XD.


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