Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C51

So before you guys click on the next chapter, I gotta tell you two things. First this chapter is NSFW! So be careful where you are reading, don’t want anyone peeking behind your shoulders hehe.

Secondly, I found again there was an individual who decided to take my work with NO CREDIT and no notice. It’s on the same site again for the same purpose of “offline reading”. I didn’t contact the person because I’m just too tired of all this BS. I already have enough to deal with with those aggressor sites so please! PLEASE! Please, if you want to read it offline, then put it in your dropbox, not on a huge public site for ORIGINAL novels.

Anyhows, here’s chapter 51~ Enjoy~

Chapter 53 and chapter 54’s teaser had already been posted on patreon yesterday.

PR: PR: Kuro, XD
ED: Iya, Mochi

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