Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C55

Hi Guys! Sorry for the late chapter, I lost track of time again, tehe. So like usual, I did a few more adjustments on my patreon. The The Devoted tier now gets four advance chapters for $9. I’m thinking of adding one more advance chapter, without upping the price of course. It took me a while to realise how little 2 chapters were before, so sorry XD. Anyways, here’s chapter 55. Enjoy!

Oh also, on another note, if the directory links don’t work please do tell me! I was reading a lot of novels from NU this week and some links from other sites didn’t work and it really irritated me because it took awhile for me to find the next chapter, so please! I don’t want that to happen on my site! So feel free to tell me if something is wrong!

Edit: OHOH I FORGOT! I made a new page for the new novel I am translating…. Here it is! The all the chapters are available only on my patreon, but only at the cost of $1 a month! I’m slowly doing a chapter a week, sometimes more if I feel like.. haha yeah.

Credit: This chapter was proofread by Kuro and edited by XD. Thanks!


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