Assassin Farmer

Assassin Farmer C6


Yep, that was really quick, I really did not expect it, I saw the notification 3 hours later, so I’m sorry for the delay!

Let’s thank Erik for the donation!!! Thanks so much for your support!

I don’t stockpile chapters, so I just translated it…. I’m sorry if there are any errors, if you see any, just comment below and I’ll change it!

So yeah, here’s Chapter 6 of Assassin Farmer!




Edit: It’s now edited and proofread!

Proofreader: Amanda
Editor: Iya


4 thoughts on “Assassin Farmer C6

  1. Dunno if you realize, but your website keeps crashing. Half the time I click next chapter I get the broken link media cloud or something thingy. Have to keep refreshing for a couple minutes before it comes back, only for it to happen a couple chapters later. Seems to be repeating itself. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Error 520
    Web server is returning an unknown error

    This error happens half the time i click next chapter. Have to keep refreshing for a few minutes before it works. Posted a comment like this a second ago, but when I hit send, I got that error again so I don’t know if it went through or not.

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