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Hi guys, so before you get to reading… here’s a small update. So most of ya’ll know I have a patreon for this novel, well, I received an email last month about my patreon being reviewed and deemed as adults only content only. I think it’s cause of all the night time activities that the main couples have  been and will be doing xD. But yeah, not that I add anything NSFW into my patreon, it just became like this because of Lin Si Yao and Su Shuilian xD.

Anyway’s here’s this weeks chapter!



Thank you Kuro for proofing and Iya for editing this chapter!


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3 thoughts on “Assassin Farmer C84

  1. Hahhaha That was unexpected, isn’t it? I mean, there’s just a small portion of it per chapter so it should be fine to be R15 or something.

    1. Yeah, but patreon thinks otherwise, so whatever xD.

      Plus they kinda get more into detail *blush* in the later chapters so look forward to that!

  2. They’re kidding right? Have they read actual pornographic novels? There’s a lot of those in actual R-rated novels, which this novel definitely do not. The occurrences of their sexual activity is not even detailed and it’s not a lot. How the heck do these people reach at that conclusion? That’s just sad. But I say: bring on the smut! Nyahahahhhahahahhha!

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