Assassin Farmer Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Fan Luo City

Taking advantage of the fact that the sun had yet to rise, Lin Si Yao quickly leaped ahead with Su Shuilian in his arms. Fortunately, the farmers had already packed and left for home, because they would have freaked out if they had seen this scene. This was not a human walking. It was more like a ghost drifting ah! They were even followed by two white, four-legged monsters.

These two were helpless. Dressed in black and carrying a bizarrely dressed Su Shuilian, Lin Si Yao was not at fault. At the same time, it was also not the fault of the two wolves. They were only carrying the white-bagged luggages on their back, which had looked like grotesque ghosts from afar.

Fine, the fault lies in Miss Su, in her dereliction of duty. She should not have cut Lin Si Yao’s clothes when attempting to clean his wounds. She should not have cut her other outer clothing because she only had one change of innerwear. She should not have longed for the sweet and sour wild fruits, the soft tiger fur, and her weaved-vinenet that she had took so much effort on, with no choice, but could only rely on the just recently matured young wolves.

“How about… I’ll just go by myself,” Su Shuilian glanced at the sweat dripping down Lin Si Yao’s face. She felt ashamed at herself in having him carry her bags for an entire summer day.     

Lin Si Yao glanced down at Su Shuilian. If he had let her walk on her own, catching up to his speed would be impossible. However, to continue carrying her like this wasn’t a realistic idea either. They were getting closer to the town, and if the villagers saw her being embraced by him, then it’ll damage her reputation in the future.

Faced with a difficult decision, Lin Si Yao frowned. At the same time, sounds of a chariot came from the outside, he immediately halted in the mid of his leap and spun Su Shuilian around before putting her down.

After being spun several times by Lin Si Yao, Su Shuilian felt dizzy as she staggered. As if she was about to fall, Lin Si Yao exerted force and gracefully pulled her into his bosom.

“Be careful.” His low voice was heard from the top of her head.

Su Shuilian was ashamed and angry at the same time. You didn’t have to make such movements to put me down! Didn’t you know that such actions can cause dizziness? And what “Be careful”!? It’s as if you are saying it for my own good. With my whole body in your embrace, how do I ‘be careful’?!

But because of her gentle and smooth temperament, Su Shuilian did not dare not speak her thoughts out loud. Moreover, he did not do anything wrong; it was just because she was too helpless. With just two spins, she was already unable to tell east from west.

Lin Si Yao, however, did not pay attention to her look of anger, he was carefully listening to the sound of the horse carriage that was closing in.

“Yu-” the coachman halted his carriage when he saw the silhouettes of people on the side of the road. He was certain that these people would hitch a ride on his carriage. This happens countless of times,he had already lost count on how many times this happens each day. Not to mention, the sun has almost set, many people are trying to rush into a safe location. In these recent years of peace and comfort, the lazy soldiers who guarded the door no longer locked the gates due to the lack of thieves. But even so, the town does not exceed more than five inns, and by nighttime, they would be filled up. Looking at the strangely dressed young man and woman in front of him, he was sure that they were not locals.

With this thought, the driver mentally decided in his mind. Hardening his heart, he shouted at Su Shuilian, “Do the two of you need a ride ah? Just thirty bronze and this old man will help you today.”

Lin Si Yao’s eyes flashed with a glint, he was just about to step forward to kick the man off and take his carriage when he was interrupted by Su Shuilian’s delighted words, “Yes, thirty copper, is it? We have! Good, good! Let’s go up, Xiao Chun Xiao Xue, too.”

The driver blinked, what? There were more than just these two? Immediately, two flashes of white appeared in front of him, looking closer, it was a pair of snow white dogs, each carrying something. Even more surprising, they had already actively got onto the carriage.

Su Shuilian tugged Lin Si Yao as she happily made her way onto the carriage. Untying the bag on Lin Si Yao, she took out the smallest piece of silver in her purse and gave it to the coachman.

“Uncle, is this enough? “

The coachman took a look. It had turned out to be a piece of silver, worth more than a hundred pieces of copper. Immediately, he smiled and said: “Very much enough, you guys sit tight, this old man is setting off now.”

The air around Lin Si Yao became more chilly. It was not, however, due to Su Shuilian’s initiative to give the driver money, but because of his habitual nature to do harm.

Lowering his eyes to his hands that had bathed in the blood of others, it was hard to say if he could ever wash his sins away. Himself, compared to Su Shuilian, was like the difference between the mud and the clouds. With this thought, Lin Si Yao’s whole body again started to extrude a cold chill. This had scared the two wolf cubs who were previously horsing around to become well-behaved. They quietly sat next to him and no longer dared to spoil themselves in Su Shuilian’s lap.

“You… Are you alright?” Su Shuilian looked worriedly at the quiet Lin Si Yao. She had thought he was exhausted from carrying her for so long. After all, this is his first time after recovering to have done such strenuous labor. Fearing that he reopened his wound or caught a fever, without a thought, Su Shuilian reach out to feel his forehead.

Lin Si Yao was shocked by her action and spaced out for a bit. Looking into her eyes full of worry, he softly replied: “I’m all right.” as he gently took down her hand. When his fingertips touched the tenderness of her hand, Lin Si Yao subconsciously retracted his murderous aura, afraid that it would scare her.

If the two wolves could read his mind, they would have loudly refuted: Boss, you are only intimidating to us, the owner is immune to your killing intent, ok?

After traveling for about three hours, Su Shuilian felt the speed of the carriage slow down. Opening the carriage curtains, she curiously stuck her head out.

“Wahhhh, How beautiful!” Su Shuilian shouted her inner thoughts. Compared to her embroidery work, [The Tranquil River], this scenery here was so much more lovely.

Hearing her, Lin Si Yao secretly frowned, this was but a remote town, it was not worthy of her sincere praise. Her original family’s geographical location and scenery could not be compared this- this measly town, right?

Su Shuilian sights were stuck looking at all of the bright lanterns in front of all the buildings in this town.

Although this was not as lively and as busy compared to the festivals in her previous life, there was a unique atmosphere, or it was more accurate to say that this seemed more natural. Yes, it is because her past life (Republic of China era) was more modern. Although some people may view this regression of lifestyle as unacceptable, for her, on the contrary, after three months of forest life, Su Shuilian was very much excited at the lively atmosphere.

Afraid others may find her strange, Su Shulian secretly laughed.

“This is the most lively street of Luo Town, and because today is the Seventh of the Seventh Month, the streets are more lively. Later they will even be setting lotus floats and beginning the Fairy’s Night. Would you like to stop here, or would you like to be dropped off at an inn?” said the coachman as he slowly halted his horse. He had turned and lifted the hanging curtain, and enthusiastically asked them; to have received so much compensation, he would naturally attend to them.

Su Shuilian turned to look at Lin Si Yao. She was unfamiliar with the place, so naturally, it was difficult for her to decide.

Lin Si Yao felt her silent plea for help, so to the driver, he said in a decisive voice: “Straight to the inn.”

“Ok, la!” When the driver got the order, he immediately replied. “Jia!” as he motioned at the horse. The carriage slowly started moving again as it made its way down the main street of Fan Luo City.

Su Shuilian looked out the window as she enjoy looking at the items that every stall was selling. After thinking about the driver’s words, she turned back to ask Lin Si Yao who was resting with his eyes closed: “What is the Seventh of the Seventh Month, the lotus floats, and what is the Fairy’s Night?”

Lin Si Yao opened his eyes, unexpectedly meeting gazes with Su Shuilian’s glittering, crystal eyes. He quickly averted his eyes. His cheeks rose with a not-so-obvious heat.

“The Double Seven Meeting*.” Lin Si Yao explained.

(Chinese Valentine’s Day, when Cowherd and Weaving Maid (牛郎织女) were allowed their annual meeting)

Looking into her eyes full of interest, Lin Si Yao blurted: “Do you want to go?”

“Yeah!” Su Shuilian nodded. Blinking, she looked at Lin Si Yao and softly asked: “Can we?”

Lin Si Yao involuntarily nodded his head, only to later realise he seemed to be unable to refuse her pleas.

“That’s great!” Su Shuilian happily exclaimed as she let out a radiant smile. She unconsciously tugged at Lin Si Yao’s clothes and said, “Thank you…”

Watching her tug at the hem of his clothes, Lin Si Yao once again blanked out.

“Prepare two rooms, a pack of incense, hot water (bathing), warm meals, and two sets of men’s and women’s clothes.” Walking into the inn with Su Shuilian, Lin Si Yao let out a series of orders toward the smiling innkeeper.

“Ok, not a problem! Your command will be immediately followed! A’Feng, bring these two upstairs to their designated rooms.” The innkeeper happily took the silver ingot deposits that Lin Si Yao had thrown at him. For these two people to have ordered hot water, hot food, but also clothes, and a pack of incense. He had earned a lot today!

Lin Si Yao no longer bothered with the innkeeper as he pulled Su Shuilian upstairs.

“Um, guests… Pets like cats and dogs are prohibited from entering the inn, how about this little one help bring them to the back yard?” Wanting to greet the other incoming customers, the innkeeper turned around to see a pair of snow white dog carrying a basket of fruit. Although it was truly an unusual sight, the rules of the shop would not be broken. He could only shout at the two people making their way up the stairs and nod at them apologetically.

Su Shuilian moved her lips; she knew it would be difficult to have the wolves stay with her in the room, she did not know what to do.

“I’ll leave that up to you.” Lin Si Yao said to the innkeeper, as he continued to pull Su Shuilian up the stairs with him. Before turning, he swept a glance at the two wolves; the two wolves immediately followed the man to the backyard. Wu wu wu, owner, do you see how poorly he treats us? Oh, we wanted to sleep with you owner, but that man is too fierce. We can not beat him ah. Wu wu wu…

(The “wu wu wu” are crying/whining sounds)

“How is it that I hear Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue calling out?” Su Shuilian stopped to listen more carefully before turning to Lin Si Yao, asking, “Do you hear it?”

“No.” Lin Si Yao said without hesitation, “You misheard.” as he continued to walk up the stairs.

This time, no one bothered them as they both made their way upstairs to their rooms.

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