Assassin Farmer Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Two Plans

**Everything that is in bold was written in english in the raws. **

 “Ahhh…” A cry sounded from the West wing bedroom that was being used as the delivery room. The sharp, ear-piercing scream almost caused Lin Si Yao, who was forced to wait outside with great anxiety, to push the door open and storm into the room.

However, no matter how much he wanted enter, he still had to wait outside with an ashen face. Liang-momo had strictly prevented him from getting in, saying that if the man saw the blood of the woman in her labor, both of them would encounter bad fortune. 

Bad fortune? If it were a previous situation, he would never mind those words. His hands had been soaked with a lot of blood, hadn’t they? 

But now, he wasn’t alone. He had the woman who was currently screaming due to labor pain. For her to safely deliver the twins, he had to restrain himself. 

 “Uncle…” Situ Yun, who was sent to the imperial city to pick up the imperial doctor, had finally arrived. Greeted by the teary eyes of the maids, servents, and guards, Situ Yun rushed into the house, and said to Lin Si Yao. “Uncle, the imperial doctor… the doctor’s here. His apprentice’s here too. It’s Miss Xi Yue, who is famed for never making an error in delivering children.” 

 “Where are they?” Lin Si Yao gazed at him. This stinky kid, if he dared to come a little later when Shuilian gave birth or… he didn’t come in time, what would they do then? Lin Si Yao didn’t dare to think anymore. 

“Um… There’s something unexpected… Uncle, I will explain later. But now, ahem… can we let Miss Xi Yue come in first?” Situ Yun scratched his head and didn’t know how to explain. 

 “Why don’t you hurry up! Standing there and talking nonsense! Where is she?” Lin Si Yao hissed. He hated that he couldn’t just grab the girl and shove her into the room. He was always a bold and fearless man, but now, hearing the screams from the delivery room, he felt powerless. 

 “Ah, right. Doctor Ouyang… Miss Xi Yue…” Situ Yun turned back to the two persons, one old and one young, strolling in the courtyard. The old man was white-headed but he looked vigorous. The young girl was clutching her abdomen, staggering. 

 “Miss Xi Yue, are you… alright?” Situ Yun asked Xi Yue, his gaze was filled with both pity and laughter.

Long Xi Yue, who was rumored to be ever excellent in assisting the pregnant women in their labor and had never let anything heart-aching happen, actually got motion sickness. They had to slow down the carriage and it had doubled the time on the road. However, she was so sick she vomited unceasingly. She puked out everything she ate.  

 “No… I’m okay… ugh…” The girl talked then crouched, clutching her belly to vomit again. 

 “Sigh, I told you to take some pellets before we departed. You didn’t listen to me. See, you’re suffering now.” The old man shook his head then asked his assistant to take the Refreshing Pellet from his medicine box. 

 “No need…” Long Xi Yue waved her hand continually. Who was she kidding, she had tried to suppress her sickness along the bumpy way. She didn’t want to swallow those disgusting Refreshing Pellets as she had arrived already. 

“Are you sure you can assist the labor case with this condition of yours?” Ouyang Xun looked at his little apprentice who could be deemed a genius in medicinal practice, shaking his head helplessly. Since her childhood, she got used to horrible, bloody scenes. She feared almost nothing. But somehow, she has terrible traveling sickness!

This time, although Prince Jing had just recovered and required more rest, had entered the imperial palace to request for this little apprentice of his. He had requested her to be bought with him to take care of his long-lost daughter, who was having twins. Thus, they came to this remote, poor Fan Hua Town, which was thousands of miles away from the imperial city. Otherwise, with his apprentice’s temper and hate for horse-drawn carriages, she would never leave the imperial city. 

 “Ahhh…!” The pitiful, painful screaming arose again from the delivery room.

“What are you doing over there!? Didn’t you hear she’s about to deliver?” Lin Si Yao’s face was icy cold. He was livid as he glared at the one standing and one crouching pair. They said that these two were famous in the imperial city, one was the imperial doctor and the other was the famous midwife. But what kind of situation was this!? Having an idle conversation?

If they continued, he wasn’t so sure he got the patience to stand here and listen to Shuilian’s scream. If he couldn’t see Shuilian safe and healthy, he couldn’t stand still. 

“Alright, alright. I’m going in now. Although she sounds to be in lots of pain, it doesn’t seem the babies have come out yet. You’re worried too much!” Long Xi Xue didn’t mind Lin Si Yao’s furious face. She waved her hand, clutching her dizzy head. She got up, trying to press down her nauseating urge, walking toward the delivery room. She would have never wanted to come here if not for the rare encounter of twins, no matter if it were the Elder Wangye or the Emperor’s order. That damn carriage almost sent her to the underworld!  

“You better. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind raising my hand on a woman lacking professionalism.” Lin Si Yao coldly looked away, refocusing his attention towards the delivery room. 

 “Professionalism? Please, because of this professionalism, I’ve been puking for the whole five days.” Long Xi Xue pouted her lips, looking at Lin Si Yao, who was turning his back to her. She mumbled before getting a hold of herself. She made her way into the delivery room, leaving Ouyang Xun behind. “You, right, you. Bring me a basin of warm water. I need to at least wash my face. I’m reeking with the puke’s smell.” Long Xi Xue pointed at a maid standing outside the delivery room, ordering. 

That maid looked at Lin Si Yao. Seeing their Guye not oppose, she nodded and went to the kitchen to get the water. That girl though, bossy and still so young looking, was she really that great? Could she be the person to save Young Lady and her little Young Masters?

 “You are almost there, already six fingers wide!…Ma’am, just push a little further. A little more and the babies can come out…” Inside the room, the two midwives screamed excitedly. Everyone outside in the waiting room, other than Long Xi Xue, felt relieved. She was washing her face and hands, “Six fingers? Geeze, there’s still a long way to go…” Should I cut it? She watched the rippling water in the basin, as the thought flashed through her mind. Sigh, a caesarean needs to be carefully considered. She knew those people in ancient times were really conservative. If she told them about a C-section, perhaps they would think she was a madman. 

However… she frowned again. Twins and even one-month premature. Would they be strong enough to get out of their mother’s tummy? Moreover, would the woman have the stamina to deliver them? 

Whatever, let’s just see the situation then determine. 

Long Xi Xue threw the towel she had used to the maid, walking into the room. 

“Instruct the kitchen to prepare a lot of hot water for me. And, prepare some fire too. Qing Lan, bring my tools in the bag I brought.” After ordering the maids, she didn’t mind them anymore, turning to ask Qing Lan, who was running towards them while clutching a big bag. Then, she turned around, entering the delivery room. 

“Yes,” Qing Lan followed Long Xi Xue to the delivery room. And, the maid holding the basin of water got herself together, rushing toward the kitchen to tell the maids there to boil water and prepare the brazier. Brazier? Why they needed a brazier during the labor?  

 “How do you feel?” Long Xi Xue didn’t mind the odd, blaming looks from the two midwives, walking straight to Su Shuilian, asking to confirm her situation. 

 “I… hurt… It’s too hurt I don’t have much strength… The babies… Haven’t come out yet.” Su Shuilian’s sweat soaked her hair. She tried to open her eyes, talking. She thought that she could deliver the babies after enduring the pain for a while. However, she was too optimistic. She had endured the pain for about two hours, and the midwife said that she had opened just six fingers. It meant she had to endure this pain for two more hours to get the babies out. She was exhausted. She was afraid she couldn’t stand the extreme pain for two more hours.

 “At the least, it would take one more hour. Can you do that?” Long Xi Xue checked her birth canal, asking. 

“Can, but I…” 

 “Good then. Now, before the pain gets intensive, you should rest and save your strength. You, go prepare some food for your Madam. Don’t doubt it. It’s important to keep her strong.” Long Xi Xue asked Chun Lan, who was staying by Su Shuilian this whole time. Then, she turned and talked to Su Shuilian. “The babies long to get out, but if you lack the strength, you should know the end results…” 

Su Shuilian looked at Long Xi Xue, who was just seventeen or eighteen years old, but she could unknowingly comfort people, before giving a nod. She asked Chun Lan. “She’s right. Chun Lan, I think I should eat something. That pain has deprived my strength.”

“Yes, Chun Lan will ask them to bring some of your favorite food.” Chun Lan gave Long Xi Xue a grateful look, curtsied, then left. 

 “Don’t worry, it’s okay! I ensure you it will be okay.” Long Xi Xue calmly promised Su Shuilian. This was the first woman with twins she had ever met since she had come to this world. Although she was so deep in her pain, her beauty was still magnificent. How could she let death take away a beautiful person! Moreover, the woman was bearing innocent and lucky twins. 

Long Xi Xue curled her lips, her face excited. “As long as you trust me, just let me decide everything. Then, I promise you, you and your babies will be safe and healthy.” She guided patiently. 

 “Okay,” Su Shuilian didn’t think much. As long as she could give birth to her two babies safely, no matter what this bright, smart, refreshing girl wanted or wanted to do, she wouldn’t interfere. In fact, she didn’t have the strength to interfere. 

“Okay, with your words, I will be everything. If I can’t fulfill my promise, I will re-write my name.” Long Xi Xue smiled, talking straightforward. First, she expelled the two midwives, the two interferences in the room. Then she shooed Liang-momo and Chun Lan out of the room as well. She just let Qing Lan, her assistant, in this room. 

After clearing the protesting females out of the delivery room, Long Xi Xue opened her tool bag and took out her surgical instrument kits that she kept very carefully. 

Hi my precious, it has been a while since you’ve been put to use, itchy for action aren’t you? Haha, don’t rush. Today, you’ll get a chance. Don’t make me lose my face! No matter what, it’s the first time I use the western method to assist a pregnant woman in her labor. If I fail, not only will all of you disappear, but also me, your owner, will die altogether. For my sake that I haven’t had any lovers during my both lives, you guys should perform well, okay?” Long Xi Xue squatted in front of her shining surgical instruments, mumbling to herself. After Su Shuilian finished her meal, the second wave of pain attacked her, another time of pain enduring and scream suppressing. Long Xi Xue stood up, walking toward Su Shuilian. She checked the woman’s birth canal and reminded Qing Lan to prepare the anesthesia drug. Then, she heated up her surgical knife on the brazier. 

There was knocking on the door. It was the maid carrying hot water. Qing Lan received the bucket of hot water then closed the door to stop the maid from peeking in. She poured the hot water into two basins, placing them by the bed.


“Damn it!” Lin Si Yao heard screaming one more time after a period of silence. He clenched his fists. Would it be alright to trust the girl who kicked the two midwives and even the maids out of the room? 

“Senior sister, the birth canal has completely opened.” Qing Lan was introduced to modern terms by Long Xi Xue. After checking the birth canal, she reported the newest situation to Long Xi Xue, who was prepared to assist the pregnant woman. 

“Yeah, it’s considerably fast. Ma’am, hold your strength and push on three, okay?” Long Xi Xue asked Su Shuilian. If the woman could give birth naturally, of course, she wouldn’t use her surgical method. She should prepare two plans to avoid mistakes. 

Long Xi Xue signaled Qing Lan to spread Su Shuilian’s legs. Looking at the open birth canal, she focused and counted. “One… Two… Three…” On three, Su Shuilian used all of her strength to push. Finally, they saw the kid’s head. Good! 

“Keep doing it!” Long Xi Xue let her recover for a while to gather her strength for the second push.

“We can see the kid’s head. Ma’am, I’m sure you want to hear them cry, right? Then, you must try harder. On three, push with all your strength.” Long Xi Xue nodded to Su Shuilian, comforting. 

Su Shuilian was soaking in sweat. Her hands clutched on the bed sheet underneath, she nodded. She relaxed her mind, focusing on Long Xi Xue’s counting one more time. 

With Long Xi Xue’s encouraging words on how much the baby had gotten out and their cooperation, Su Shuilian had temporarily forgotten her pain. She didn’t notice her pain anymore. 

“Waaaa…” Long Xi Xue flipped a baby covered in blood, patting his butt. The kid cried loudly, which startled the people waiting outside the room. It also cheered up the mother, who was almost exhausted. 

“Don’t close your eyes! Still one more to go.” Qing Lan bathed the first baby, covering it in a soft cloth then handed it to the group of worried people outside. Long Xi Xue looked at Su Shuilian who was about to close her eyes, shouting. It was the most dangerous moment. She didn’t want to deliver one baby naturally and the other one by operation. 

Hearing her, Su Shuilian quickly opened her tired eyes. “Just like what I’ve just done?” Cooperating with Long Xi Xue’s counting and pushing with all her strength? 

Long Xi Xue nodded, complimenting her inwardly. This woman looked thin and petite but she was strongly persistent. Perhaps the honored motherhood was enough to make the women accomplish what they couldn’t do in normal cases. 

Continued to push on three, Su Shuilian felt her lower body become painful as if it was tearing with heat. It seemed something had just slipped out of her body. She felt the things that had occupied the room in her belly were gone. Shortly after, she felt much more comfortable. Right after that, she heard a loud and echoing scream just like the previous one. Then, with an assured mind, she closed her eyes. 

She knew both the babies were delivered safely, and she wasn’t bleeding profusely like the doctor had predicted. Except for that, she was so sleepy. She just wanted to sleep comfortably. Before she slept enough, no one should disturb her…


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