Assassin Farmer Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: The Shocking Truth 

“My dear… You’ve suffered a lot… sobs…” After Wangfei Jing spoke, she wanted to hug the dazed Su Shuilian who was leaning against the headboard. However, she was afraid that her daughter wouldn’t allow that, so she leaned on Wangye Jing, sobbing and wiping her tears. Since she knew Su Shuilian was the daughter she had mourned for dozens of years, she became very emotional.

Sigh, it’s to blame me for not investigating meticulously. I didn’t expect that Fang Jing had taken you away…” Wangye Jing said in a low voice. Although the daughter he hadn’t met for two years had been married and she didn’t look as arrogant or heartless as he had seen her two years ago in the mansion, it didn’t mean that she would accept the explanation from her biological parents. 

Cough… That… I…” Su Shuilian originally wanted to say that she had lost her memory so she couldn’t remember what had happened. However, she didn’t want to lie to her parents. 

Before she could continue, Feng Cai Yun, who was blaming herself, had interrupted. “My dear, I know you’ve suffered a lot. Everything is our fault. Don’t blame yourself, okay? Ah, it is your mother who is muddle headed to speak of such a subject. During your puerperium, its best if you don’t overthink and harm your body. My dear, rest well. We don’t want to force you. It’s your choice to accept us or not.” 

“Yes, Xu’er, as long as you want it, we unconditionally support you no matter what you want to do or where you want to live. It’s your choice to return to our family. As long as you welcome us at your home, everything will be as you wish…” Liang Xuan Jing nodded and added in agreement. 

In this life of his, he had many daughters. However, she was the only daughter he had with his Wangfei. Although he wanted to see Su Shuilian returning to his family, he knew the knot in her heart. Thus, on the way here, he had discussed with Feng Cai Yun. As long as their daughter forgave and accepted them, it was her choice to return and accept her family and ancestors. They would never force her. 

Su Shuilian was surprised. She and Lin Si Yao exchanged looks.  Didn’t the rumors say the Prince Jing’s mansion in the imperial city was famous for their overbearing Elder Wangye? Why was it completely different from what they had heard? 

Of course, Lin Si Yao could guess Su Shuilian’s doubt. He rose his brow, grabbing her soft hand, smiling. “Don’t think too much. It can wait after your convalescence.” 

Su Shuilian nodded, talking tenderly to the Elder Wangye and Wangfei who were looking at her, and softly said. “That… This place can’t be compared to the Prince’s mansion. If… If you need anything, please tell us. Or, do you plan to return to the imperial city soon?” She had trouble calling the two in front of her mother and father. It wasn’t that she didn’t forgive them. It was because she wasn’t the real Liang En Xu. 

“No, no, no. We planned to wait until you’ve fully recovered before we return. Moreover, the one-month ceremony of the babies, no matter what, should be a grand event. At that time, your big brother will come, too. Of course, if Xu-er wants to go back to the imperial city, after the one-month ceremony, we can go back together.” 

Liang Xuan Jing and Feng Cai Yun waved their hands when they heard their daughter‘s words. They had come here through many difficulties traveling great distances from the imperial city and did not want to leave after a brief stay. 

“Big brother?” Su Shuilian blinked. She got herself together after a moment. This big brother wasn’t her big brother. The one they had mentioned should be the only heir of the Prince’s mansion, the current Wangye: Liang En Zai. It wasn’t Su Tingyu in the Su Mansion. 

“Yes, although he’s not your blood brother, he’s the closest brother to you in this life…” What Liang Xuan Jing had just said had astonished people here, except for Feng Cai Yun who knew the truth. 

Su Shuilian was bewildered as she listened to Liang Xuan Jing’s low voice narrating a shocking past, a secret that the mansion had kept in layers of dust for a long time…

It turned out Liang En Zai wasn’t Liang Xuan Jing’s biological son. Or, to be exact, Su Shuilian’s three older brothers weren’t Liang Xuan Jing’s biological sons. They were the sons of his brother, Liang Xuan An. 

That year, Liang Xuan An didn’t listen to his father. He didn’t get married to the noble lady of the High Official’s family. He eloped with a woman from a brothel house, which had enraged father Liang so much he decided to break all ties with his oldest son. Then, the Liangs had only one son — Liang Xuan Jing — from that day onward.

No one would have expected that one year later, Liang Xuan An sent Liang En Zai who was still in his diaper and a letter to the Prince Jing’s mansion, asking them to take care of the baby. 

When father Liang had found out, he was so enraged but he had no choice. No matter what, he didn’t know his oldest son’s whereabouts, and En Zai was the golden grandchild of the Liangs.

So, even though he was furious, the grandfather tried his best to raise En Zai and had him under Liang Xuan Jing’s name. And, at that time, Liang Xuan Jing and Feng Cai Yun hadn’t gotten married yet. They had to give En Zai to Yan Qun, Liang Xuan Jing’s first-grade maid, to take care of the baby. Later on, rumors had it that En Zai was the son of Liang Xuan Jing and his maid. Fortunately Liang Xuan Jing had Liang Xuan An’s letter to disprove the rumors. Feng Cai Yun was then wed to Liang Xuan Jing. 

After a year that she had lived in the Liangs’ mansion, Feng Cai Yun got pregnant. At that time, Liang Xuan An sent them a pair of twins, Liang En De and Liang En Yi, who died young afterward. 

That was when father Liang discovered that his oldest son had hidden the fact that he had an incurable illness and didn’t have much time to live. Not only was he afraid to burden his parents and siblings, Liang Xuan En did not want his fiancee to live a widow’s life. That was why he had decided to ask Liu Tang, a courtesan, to help with his act of an unfilial son. Unexpectedly, Liu Tang and Liang Xuan En developed real feelings for each other and became husband and wife. Thus, they decided to send their three infant sons to the Prince’s mansion and requested his father to take care of the babies. He begged his father not to tell the three sons that their real father was a selfish person and had died young. They didn’t want to see people jeer at their sons. 

The short but peaceful happiness had lengthened Liang Xuan An’s life for another three years. Except, after sending the twins to the mansion, Liang Xuan An couldn’t endure through the harsh, cold winter and died shortly after. Liu Tang was so heart-broken. Not long afterward, she followed her husband. 

After the truth was revealed, father Liang had been seriously sick for a long time. When he finally recovered, he called for Liang Xuan Jing to talk with him in the study room. From that day, Liang Xuan An became the forbidden topic in the Prince’s mansion. En Zai, the oldest grandson, had become Liang Xuan Jing’s eldest son. He was the one who would rightfully inherit the Wangye title later. 

It was strange to say, Liang Xuan An had three sons continuously while Liang Xuan Jing had ten daughters. After his main line daughter En Xu’s incident, he had a big problem with his wife Feng Cai Yun. To stimulate Feng Cai Yun, Liang Xuan Jing continuously took in concubines. In total, he got ten daughters, but he wasn’t lucky enough to have a son. 

Perhaps it was their fate… First, he got the title that should belong to his brother. And then, his brother’s son got the title that his son should have inherited…

Anyway, Liang Xuan Jing didn’t mind those extrinsic things. He just hoped to reclaim his wife’s — Feng Cai Yun’s — heart. 

And now, as they had finally found their daughter that they thought to be dead fifteen years ago, still alive, he didn’t care about wealth and titles that others appreciated. Immediately, he solved En Yan who had provoked En Xu and made her runaway. And, he had also seized the chance to fake his serious sickness and relieve himself from the responsibility he had to shoulder. He forced and made Liang En Zai, who was just seventeen years old, inherit the Wangye title (albeit reluctantly). And, before the young man had reached his eighteenth birthday or even move into his own mansion, Liang En Zai was left to take care of the internal and external affairs of the Prince’s mansion. As of now, finally free of all responsibility, the elder Wangye resolved all of the problems with his wife. Together, they had crossed thousands of miles to a place, where birds didn’t even want to lay eggs, to spend time with their daughter on her convalesce month (following childbirth).


“I didn’t misunderstand things, did I?” After a long moment, the room was only left with the tired Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao who was hugging her as they were resting. 

Liang Xuan Jing and Feng Cai Yun had told Su Shuilian the secrets of the Prince’s mansion in a carefree manner. They didn’t mind if she would spread the secret and affect her big brother, Liang En Zai, as the current Wangye. 

Perhaps, they wanted her to understand that she was their real daughter, the one they had always cherished. At least, she was the result of their love when there was no other person intervening. Her three older brothers weren’t her blood brothers. They were her cousins. 

Heavens. This shocking truth was really big to her, a soul from another world coming and occupying this body. 

If she were the real Liang En Xu, with such news, she would immediately lower her emotional walls and call the yearning couple “father and mother.” However, she wasn’t. 

Sigh, how does she deal with this shocking and messy situation? 

“No,” Lin Si Yao rubbed her soft, smooth cheeks as he lowered his eyelids and said. The Prince’s mansion’s secret had nothing to do with him. He just needed this little woman in his embrace. As long as she was happy, nothing else would matter to him. Even if they told him Prince Jing’s mansion would collapse after tonight, he wouldn’t even bat an eye. 

 “A Yao, should I accept them?” After knowing so many things about her real identity as the Elder Wangye and Elder Wangfei’s only daughter, should she be able to keep the distance and think that she was just a soul that had occupied Su Shuilian’s body? 

Let alone that the former elder Wangye and elder Wangfei would be hurt badly, other people would think that she was a heartless woman who didn’t care for her parents, right? For example, Lin Si Yao, her most loved one, and what he might think about her. 

“It’s up to you. As long as you’re happy…” Lin Si Yao answered without thinking. He also placed a kiss on the corner of her mouth. 

 “A Yao…” She didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. His tolerance and protection made her feel safe. His indifference towards the secular world was both funny and embarrassing. To him, the only working principle was to keep her happy. The other social or moral rules weren’t in his eyes or burdened his mind. 

“A Yao, thank you. Until today, if I didn’t have you, I’m afraid I…” If she didn’t die in the deep mountain, she would be struggling to live. How could she had been able to live such a peaceful and calm life like what she had now? She didn’t need to care about many things. She just needed to be herself. 

“I should be saying that…” Lin Si Yao claimed her tender and soft lips. He didn’t want to let her be grateful for a long time since it would affect their intimate time. 

“Oh… A Yao…”

 “Shhh… Just feel it… Shuilian, thank you, darling, thank you for giving me two more family members besides you.” After a long time, he finally left her lips. Caressing her blushing cheeks, he mumbled to her. After she had given birth to the twins, he finally had a chance to tell her those words. 

Su Shuilian’s eyes twinkled. The corners of her mouth rose high. Until now, he didn’t show that he cared much about the kids. Especially when the doctor told him that she could encounter danger, he had even wished that she wasn’t pregnant. He had given her an impression that he didn’t want to have children. 

It turned out that he was afraid of losing her. It didn’t mean that he didn’t love his children. Just like what he said, they were the closest family members to him in his life… 

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