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Chapter 103: I Also Lived Two Lives

After Wangye Jing and his Wangfei had revealed everything to their daughter, they began to live their life leisurely in Fan Hua Town. During the day, they played with the most adorable grandson and granddaughter and occasionally chatted with their daughter. When their grandchildren and daughter napped, the couple enjoyed strolls around Fan Hua Town, taking in fresh air and the beautiful natural scenery of the area. 

In early winter, when it was a nice day in Fan Hua Town, although it wasn’t as beautiful as spring with hundreds of kinds of flowers blooming or as lively as the summer sky, it was enough to warm people’s hearts. 

The pair wore fox fur coats to keep warm, walking on the clean and quiet roads, casually watching some houses along their way. 

They would walk until they reached the center of the town where the flower bed laid. When idle, Wangye Jing would be seen sitting in front of the ancestral house, playing chess with other elderly men in town. Wangfei Jing would walk to the lake in the East to talk to the married women who were sewing, chatting, or sunbathing there. 

Not to mention, as residents from the imperial city, the Elder Wangye and Elder Wangfei also had great interpersonal skills. It hadn’t even been six days, but they had already gotten to know most of the older population in Fan Hua Town.

No matter whether they were young or old, Fan Hua Town’s citizens only knew the two were the famous Elder Wangye and Elder Wangfei of Prince Jing’s mansion that had come to see their daughter. Although they were a little afraid at first, after talking to them, the villagers’ reluctance subsided. Gradually, the entire town began to treat them as normal parents. 

Su Shuilian laughed when Liang-momo reported this to her.


Fortunately, the Elder Wangye and Elder Wangfei had brought only two maids and two bodyguards. Otherwise, there would really be no room for them to stay. 

When Elder Wangye and Elder Wangfei arrived, Xiao Heng and his guards had proactively moved out of the Bamboo Garden, so the couple could stay there, and moved in with the other servants. Thus, when Su Shuilian fell into a deep sleep after giving birth to the twins, Wangye Jing and his wife were invited to stay in Bamboo Garden. As their beloved grandson and granddaughter couldn’t go out yet, they had to stay in the East Wing. 

When Su Shuilian woke up after her long slumber, Lin Si Yao carried her to the East Wing’s room to stay with the kids. Since it was their bedroom, it was conveniently equipped with even a bathroom. And, although it was soon to be winter, the room in the East Wing had direct sunlight. In the afternoon, even when lying on the bed, one could comfortably bathe in the warm sunlight.

Thus, Su Shuilian stayed with her precious cuties in East Wing’s bedroom to convalesce for a month*.

(TLN: to convalesce for a month following childbirth, following a special diet, and observing various taboos to protect the body from exposure to the “wind”. A traditional one-month confinement period)

The West Wing’s bedroom that was once the delivery room was not renovated back as a bedroom for the twins. The twins would move in with two wet-nurses after their one-month ceremony. Although they were Lin Sin Yao’s daughter and son, he wouldn’t allow them to occupy all of Su Shuilian’s time and attention. Hmph, no matter how much the kids were loved, they shouldn’t seize his wife. 

“Chun Lan, after you change their diapers, bring Long’er to me!” As Su Shuilian felt her milk accumulating, she got up and called Chun Lan, who was changing her daughter’s diaper. She wanted to breast-feed both of her babies. However, her milk came later and it wasn’t enough to feed both the twins. So, they still needed the two wet-nurses. Fortunately, Liang-momo had contracted them for one year. After one year, Xiao’er and Long’er should be weaned off milk and start to eat solid foods. 

Chun Lan held Lin Long, who had stopped crying after getting her diaper changed. Su Shuilian sat up, leaning against the headboard. She held the baby in one hand to breastfeed her while her other hand caressing the little face that already had a gleam of stubbornness. 

Genetics was really amazing. Lin Long’s appearance took after her, while Lin Xiao resembled A Yao. However, their temperaments were complete opposites. Lin Xiao was quiet, and he didn’t like to make noise. If his diaper was wet, he would only slightly call out. Lin Long was totally different. As long as she didn’t feel comfortable, she would cry and scream until she was cleaned. 

Su Shuilian smiled at her little girl drinking her milk. When Lin Xiao was hungry, he would cause people’s heartache. And when Lin Long was hungry, other than heartache, everyone’s eardrums would also be pierced through. 

Thus, when it was time to feed them, Su Shuilian would give milk to Lin Long first. Lin Xiao was the big brother after all! 

Moreover, he was a quiet and well behaved big brother. 

Lin Xiao and Lin Long were the names bestowed by Wangye Jing, requested by A Yao. Although it seemed like this was to show respect to his in-laws, Su Shuilian knew that he was too busy and lazy to think of names as he was also taking care of her and preparing for Lunar New Year’s celebration. 

The boy lacked water in his Five Elements. Thus, his name was Xiao (霄) – Sky, Lin Xiao. With this, he would be an ambitious man, gazing upon the sky. And, according to Wangye Jing, the girl will grow up to be well behaved and sensible. With a clever heart (líng lóng tī tòu). Thus, she was named Lin Long. 

But life is unpredictable, names are easily made, but temperament is hard to control. The coveted dragon and phoenix twins, how they fair in the future, will be mentioned later. 


“How do you feel today?” 

Today, Su Shuilian got up, walked several steps around, and played with her daughter for a while. After the twins fell asleep in their cradles, she went back to her bed to rest. 

Long Xi Yue visited her every day. Today wasn’t an exception. She followed in with Bai He, who had brought some tea. Long Xi Yue smiled and greeted Su Shuilian. 

“I’m much better. I do feel more comfortable after walking around everything.” Su Shuilian smiled as she replied. Chun Lan helped her sit up. Su Shuilian stretched her arm out so Long Xi Yue could check her pulse. 

Su Shuilian felt grateful to Long Xi Yue not only because she had been there to help her during her labor, but also because Long Xi Yue personally cooked her medicinal food every day. Three days after her labor, Long Xi Yue asked her to walk several steps around the room daily, this was to help her discharge excess blood and other dirty fluids in her body. Even when Ouyang Xun was called back to the imperial palace, Long Xi Yue refused to go with him. She stated that she would only leave after a toast during the twins’ one-month ceremony.

Ouyang Xun couldn’t persuade her otherwise, so he took his young medicinal assistant and left first.  

He was conferred an imperial doctor by the emperor, but his apprentice, Long Xi Yue, wasn’t. Thus, she had her right to decide everything she wanted to do. As for why Long Xi Yue followed him to the imperial palace to assist the king’s concubines in their labor, it was because she had nowhere else to go. 

Because it was rare that Long Xi Yue would actively request for anything, Ouyang Xun chose not to interfere with her wishes. Moreover, this apprentice of his was going to be eighteen next year. It was time for her to start looking for a suitable man. 

Though, it seems Long Xi Yue didn’t mind this matter at all. 

“Yes, your pulse shows nothing out of the usual. Remember to walk more and eat simple but nutritious food and you will recover soon. Your health is much better than what I had imagined.” After checking Su Shuilian’s pulse, Long Xi Yue helped her lie down. She had never approved that sort of sitting and leaning on the headboard. Keeping that posture for a long time would be detrimental to the spine. 

“I heard that you’ve lost your memory?” Long Xi Yue sat on the edge of the bed before she started to chat with Su Shuilian. 

 “… mhm…” Su Shuilian nodded reluctantly. Worries churned in her heart. Did Long Xi Yue find anything abnormal in her? But even her biological parents didn’t discover anything. How could Long Xi Yue suspect her? 

“How did it happen? Don’t be nervous. I am just casually asking. You know, as a doctor, rare illnesses fascinate me.” Long Xi Yue smiled and comforted the flustered Su Shuilian. Although she said that, she had different thoughts. Was it as she suspected? Using amnesia as an excuse… when in fact, like her, she had transmigrated from another world?

The reason as to why Long Xi Yue had suspected this was because she saw something that shouldn’t have belonged to this world: The embroidery piece called <Along the River during the Qingming Festival>. As soon as she saw the picture, joy rose within her. She had never thought she would meet another person who shared a similar fate as her. 

Yes, Long Xi Yue, was another transmigrator. In the twenty-first century where she had lived, she was a doctor in Renhe Hospital, one of the best obstetric hospitals in the nation. However, as soon as she had been made the head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, she was killed in a serious car accident. When she woke up, she had become a nine-year-old orphan of the Long family. 

Ouyang Chun, a good friend of the Long’s, had adopted her. However, on the way to the imperial city, nine-year-old Long Xi Yue couldn’t endure the rough journey and caught a cold. After several days unconscious, when she woke up, the soul of the thirty-one-year-old Long Xi Yue from the modern world had entered her body.  

Face reality and move forward optimistically was the motto that Long Xi Yue had formed since she was a little kid. Thus, she had focused on learning the medical knowledge Ouyang Xun had imparted to her for almost nine years in this world. She had made the goal of integrating modern treatment techniques to what is currently used in Da Hui Empire. 

It was the first time she saw the dragon and phoenix twins in this ancient world. As she had followed Ouyang Xun for almost nine years in the imperial palace and assisted so many cases, she had never seen twins before. Perhaps, twins were rare in Da Hui Empire. She had read records of the nation’s birth history, but she didn’t find anything about twins, let alone the dragon and phoenix twins. The outlier was the Liang family in Prince Jing’s mansion. Twins were a common occurrence every other generation, be it identical or fraternal twins. Though this was the first time a pair of dragon and phoenix twins appeared. 

Seeing that Long Xi Yue was really curious, Su Shuilian pondered for a while before informing her of what occurred. Of course, she concealed the fact that her soul had taken over the body after she had fainted. 

“I… I don’t remember clearly what happened before that…” Su Shuilian added at the end. She was afraid that Long Xi Yue would ask further. She didn’t know how to deal with her then. One lie would need countless more lies to cover it. She had never done that before but she may be forced to do so now.

Long Xi Yue nodded as she listened. She strongly believed that the woman lying in front of her had also come from another world. Just like her. If she truly had amnesia, how was she able to embroider such exquisite works? However, with Su Shuilian’s graceful and elegant actions, Long Xi Yue wasn’t one hundred percent sure this woman had come from the twenty-first century like her.  

“When I was nine, I had also lost my memory. After I woke up, I forgot everything. It seems my life has been divided into two different parts.” Long Xi Yue gazed up at the vase of blooming Dragon Claw Chrysanthemums and said faintly. 

Su Shuilian covered her mouth when she heard that. What did Long Xi Yue mean? Could she…

Long Xi Yue cleared her mind of the winding thoughts. She turned around, gazing at Su Shuilian, smiling with a complex look in her eyes. She asked a question that had made Su Shuilian almost fall off her bed. “The <Along the River during Qingming Festival> embroidery reminded me of my previous life I’ve seen in my dreams.” 

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