Assassin Farmer Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Boundless Spring 

“You’re in good mood, hm?” It was early winter morning, Lin Si Yao hugged Su Shuilian’s soft and fragrant body as they laid in their warm bed. After several busy days, today was a rare occasion when they both did not need to do anything. 

It had been a while since he had last shaved. Lin Si Yao rubbed Su Shuilian’s white, smooth cheek with his stubbled chin. These days, he was so busy that his feet barely touched the ground. Only during late in the evening does he return to their house. Peacefully sleeping while hugging Shuilian. 

“Mhm, Xi Cui is now pregnant and Tian Niu is also about to get married.” But the most important news was that Long Xi Yue was like her: they were both souls from another world.
The past few days, whenever they had free time, they would sit and talk about the memories of their previous lives. They exchanged stories about years during their childhood, their adolescence, and other events before they came to this world. 

Su Shuilian gently placed her palm on his warm chest, as if trying to transfer her joy. 

“Oh yes, you been quite preoccupied these days. Is it the matter about the fields discussed with the Town Elder about?” Su Shuilian recalled Liang-momo’s report. After the Elder Wangye and Wanfei confirmed that Su Shuilian and her husband wouldn’t leave Fan Hua Town, they decided to purchase the neighboring land here. They wanted to build a separate courtyard so it would be more convenient when they want to visit their grandchildren and daughter. 

“No, we’re working on the Winter Festival. Aunt Lao the tributes/offerings during this festival can not be shorted because it is our first year with children. Moreover, it’ll be our twin’s one-month ceremony in half a month. We have to prepare a one-month ceremony banquet for them. Not only that, it will soon be New Years; we have a lot of extra guests this year. Si Tuo had sent a letter. He said that they would return soon…” Lin Si Yao explained to his wife the reasons why he was unable to spend time with her these past few days. However before he could finish his explanations, he heard a “pfft” sound. 

Su Shuilian could not help but laugh. It was a very odd sight. The man in front of her looked as cold and aloof as an icy mountain, but the words that came out of his mouth were the trivial matters, chores of the ordinary people. 

“What?” Lin Si Yao arched his brows, embracing the woman as if he wanted to punish her for not concentrating. 

He was in the middle of informing her about domestic matters, how dare she interrupt and even laugh? Unforgivable! 

He turned around, placing her underneath him. Although the doctor said that they shouldn’t do any ‘extreme exercises’ until a month later, he could still give her some light punishment. 

“Ah… A Yao…” Instantly, Su Shuilian turned soft under his strict and strong punishment. He was bullying her soft, red lips until she had was breathless. Slowly, he loosened his hug. 

“The next time you laugh again, I’ll be sure to ‘punish’ you harder.” His breath was hot in her ear. After he finished stressing his words, Lin Si Yao raised his head to admire her shy face bloomed red. This little woman was now a mother of two, but still got shy easily. 

“Mk, it’s time to get up. The babies need to be fed.” Su Shuilian pushed him several times. However, her gentle pushes not only did not move him, but it provoked Lin Si Yao to make a second ‘attack’.

“You shouldn’t breastfeed them anymore.” Lin Si Yao said in a husky voice as he gently stroked her swelling **, which were full of milk after one night of accumulation. Then, he lowered his head, gently nibbling her. She was his. He was jealous even though it was his kids who claimed her soft **. 

“A Yao… don’t…” Su Shuilian could not resist his bold teasing. 

Although they had done much more intimate things, it was early in the morning. The sunlight at the dawn of a winter day shone through the thin, purple, flowered curtain, illuminating the room. The twins in the cradle would awake soon. They needed to be changed and fed. Moreover, Chun Lan and Bai He were sure outside, waiting for their call. 

“Don’t move!” Lin Si Yao laid on her, grabbing her hands which were shoving him away. He tried to press the flame of lust at his lower abdomen. The punishment that he gave her was more of a punishment for him. He wanted it but he wasn’t allowed…

“A Yao… you, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Both of his eyes were closed tight as he forced a painful sigh. Flustered, Su Shuilian hugged Lin Si Yao to support him. His hot temperature frightened her even more, “A Yao… Do you have a fever?” 

“No!” He gritted his teeth, “Woman, don’t move so carelessly.” His voice turned hoarse. He held both her hands, signaling her not to provoke his weak will. His desire had already risen up, he couldn’t endure her tender caresses. 

 “A Yao…” Su Shuilian wanted to ask further, but she was startled when a hot, rigid feeling touched her lower abdomen. She was instantly enlightened. Why couldn’t she move carelessly? Because as soon as she moved, that thing will become hotter and harder. 

“A Yao, I… How can I help you?” She gently moved her body. It has been several months, hasn’t it? Since she was six-month pregnant, A Yao did not do anything to her. So it should be more than 2 months now.

When she was pregnant, he had worried about the kids in her belly. And now, he was afraid that he could hurt her body, which hadn’t recovered fully. 

“You…” Lin Si Yao was in shock as he stared at his delicate and shy wife. Did she know what kind of ‘help’ a man would need in such a given circumstance? 

“I… I don’t know how. But… can’t you teach me? I… don’t want you to endure and suffer.” Su Shuilian suppressed her inner embarrassment and the rising heat on her face. She gathered up her courage before looking up at Lin Si Yao, into his puzzled, but bright, shining eyes. 

The more he stared at her, the more embarrassed she became. Just when she was about to retract her offer, Lin Si Yao stretched his arms and held her face. “A wife’s request, how could a husband deny?” His low-pitched voice had a gleam of laughter. 

Lin Si Yao leaned against the headboard and picked Su Shuilian up. He then gently placed her on his legs. Half of her soft body leaned against his. Then, he guided her small hand, helping her hold his big, hard **. “(Do) like this…” He instructed her how to release his fire with her hands. 

 “Okay…” She followed his movements, gently holding that slippery, rigid thing. When she thought she had heard a short groan, Su Shuilian lifted her head, confused. But she did not want to look into his bottomless eyes. Except for the usual cold and calm, there was also a blazing fire that she could not bear. It was a burning flame that was ignited by her actions.

This thought helped Su Shuilian clear her shyness. She became braver. Following what he had just taught her, she helped him resolve his desire. 

He was her husband. When his desire came and she didn’t help him, would he be forced to find another woman? No, she would never allow it! She would never give him a chance to be in contact with the tenderness of another woman. Never!

“Mnh…” That was a definite sound this time. Did this mean that he was satisfied with her actions?

Lin Si Yao didn’t blink as he continuously watched his wife, who had suddenly become more bold. Sweat beaded his forehead as his lower abdomen felt a stronger stimulation. His body ached for her. In his mind, he imagined his member thrusting hard into her body. 

Looking at her joyful smile, he could not help but let out another groan. 

“Umh….” He grabbed her small hand. Together, they stroked his hardness faster and faster. His other hand caressed her soft tenderness. 

“Ah… A Yao…” Receiving the stimulation all of a sudden, she had almost collapsed in his chest. The small hand grabbing his rigid ** squeezed. This attack put him on his edge. In just a glimpse of time, his desire that was accumulated for several months was released. The thick milky fluid shot sticking on her hand, body, and even on her face…

“A… A Yao…” Su Shuilian was bewildered, stiffly sitting on his legs. She watched his member slowly fell down, lying between his legs after it had shot all the fluid on her. This was a foreign scene to her, and left her in a daze. 

“Is it ugly?” Lin Si Yao laughed when he saw her bewildered face. He picked the towel on their bed stand and helped her clean the fluid off her hands, body, and face. After that, he gently pulled her into his embrace. 

“No… Not that…I … I didn’t know it would be like that…” She quietly mumbled. Her small face buried in his chest. She didn’t know how to face him. Recalling her daring actions, her voice became more quiet and her face was buried deeper.

“Haha… You were the one who said you wanted to help me…” He enjoyed her aromatic, soft body against his. “Or, is it, you regret it, don’t you?” He asked faintly. If Su Shuilian lifted her head, she would have caught the smile in his eyes. 

However, because she was busy reprimanding herself for her actions, Su Shuilian only heard the indifference in his voice. 

“No, I don’t…” She hurried to deny. “I just feel myself too dissolute. ..Oh!…” As soon as she said that, she became even more embarrassed. Su Shuilian covered her face and refused to look up at him. 

“But I like it a lot…” The corners of his mouth rose. He tenderly kissed her forehead. “I hope you can act without restraint when you are with me.” 

“But… but don’t you think I… was too impudent?” Su Shuilian asked in a low voice. Since she was still a little girl, she was taught proper etiquette that matched her noble status of a young lady. And before she was taught a couple’s private life by her mother, she had already crossed world, married, and even bared children. Thus, she had never learned bedroom manners. 

“As long as you do it for me, I will always be happy…” Lin Si Yao said as he nibbled her earlobe.

“You won’t deem me as too presumptuous?” She blushed, trying to get his confirmation. 

“Mhm, let me just say, your passion and enthusiasm brought a lot of joy to me today. Shuilian, there aren’t many things to mind between a husband and wife. Just as long as you listen to your heart…” 

Just listen to your heart? He said she should just listen to her heart, was it? Then, when she wanted to kiss him, she could hug and kiss him? If she wanted to laze in bed and not get up so early in the morning, would he also allow it? 

“What? You don’t agree?” When he saw her frowning silently, Lin Si Yao had thought that she did not believe his words.  

Hey! Woman, don’t ask for a mile when I give you an inch*! To relieve her shyness after she had helped him realise, he had used up all the words he could use in his head to comfort her.  Trying hard to hide the blush on his own face as he continued to comfort her, yet she has the nerve to have such an expression!  

(*得寸进尺: not satisfied with small gains, give him an inch, and he’ll want a mile)

“No, no! I was just thinking about what you said. So in other words, I can do anything I want to do?” After a while, Su Shuilian opened her mouth to speak.

“Eh, yes…” He didn’t really get her meaning. However, as long as she didn’t doubt him, he had no objection. 

“Then, A Yao, can you not get up before I wake up?” She shyly asked him what she had always kept in her heart. She didn’t want to wake up and not see him by her side. 

“Yes ma’am!” He smiled, looking straight into her bright eyes. Slowly, he nodded. He stooped to suck her succulent, red lips. His ** stood up once again. 

“Wahhh…” However, the sudden cry of their infant child stopped them from continuing their intimate act. The couple exchanged smiles. Lin Long woke up and a new day had lifted the warm curtains…

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