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Chapter 106: Buy the Entire Fan Hua Town

Five days before the twins’ one-month ceremony, Wang Geng Fa, the Town Elder, came to their house to discuss about the banquet with Lin Si Yao. 

“The wife of the Hua House said that they also wanted to hold the three-day party for their one-month ceremony. And their set starting day is two days before your banquet. What…” What should he do! Wang Geng Fa wiped beads of sweat on his temples. It was winter, but in front of Lin Si Yao, his face was filled with sweat. 

“The Hua House? When I asked to borrow the ancestral hall, you didn’t mention this.” Lin Si Yao furrowed his brows. In this one-month ceremony, they wanted to hold two tables more than their new-house party. If they couldn’t borrow the ancestral hall, they wouldn’t be able to find another place to hold the ceremony in Fan Hua Town. 

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Hua House had given birth to a healthy boy two days before Shuilian’s labor. The mother of that family had bragged about the baby ever since. Thus, the entire Fan Hua Town knew that the Hua family now had a precious boy. Anyway, it was too much to have a three-day one-month celebration! Although the Huas were rich, they were famous misers. And now, they wanted to hold a big party? 

“I didn’t expect the Hua House to hold a three-day one-month celebration. Previously, their youngest son of the Lu House, from the city, had come to visit them. He brought a lot of gifts. They said that if they didn’t hold a big ceremony, the neighbors would disdain them.” Wang Geng Fa took a puff from his smoke pipe, stating the possible reason.  

 “The Lu House?” Lin Si Yao curved his lips in disdain. The Lu House had only a dumb daughter and no son. Perhaps they wanted to adopt a kid from their in-law’s family to inherit that enormous fortune. 

“Yeah, the richest Lu family. That family has so many properties and assets, but they don’t have an heir. The entire Fan Luo city is watching if Hua Kang going to adopt a kid. It seems he got his eyes on Hua An’s grandson.”  

“Then let us book the entire Wu Qin Restaurant, then there will be no more need to worry.” The Elder Wangye couple had heard everything as they returned back into the house after their short walk. Wangye Jing was a hot-tempered person, thus, he hurried to suggest it. 

“Yes, A Yao. It will be quite chilly that day. The ancestral hall will not block the cold wind if we arrange the party there. We should invite all the villagers to Wu Qin Restaurant for a good meal. This can be a good opportunity to thank them for all their aid.” Elder Wangfei smiled and nodded. It was rare that she didn’t object a rushed decision by Wangye Jing.

“Alright, then it is decided. I’ll go to Wu Qin Restaurant later. If they don’t have a big customer on the sixth day, we will ask to book their entire restaurant then.” Lin Si Yao nodded. Originally, he thought that the ancestral hall was near his house, thus, they didn’t need to use the horse carriage to travel. Moreover, ever since they had moved to Fan Hua Town, they all held their parties, big or small, in the ancestral hall. He didn’t want to go far. But now, the Hua House wanted to trouble them. Though he was not afraid, his mother-in-law was right. Although they could have nice weather on the sixth day of the twelfth lunar month, it was still winter. Shuilian and the twins had to show up. He didn’t want them to bear the cold wind. 

“But…” The Town Elder wanted to say that it would cost a lot if they wanted to book the entire Wu Qin Restaurant. If all the villagers came, they would need around twenty tables. However, as soon as he wanted to remind Lin Si Yao about that, he remembered the status of the two standing in front of him. They were the Wangye and Wangfei of Da Hui Empire! 

“Town Elder, it’s good that you’re here. We have something else we want to discuss with you.” Feng Cai Yun(Wangye Jing) nodded to Wang Geng Fa, signalling him not to leave. 

“Dis… Discuss?” The noble, elegant Wangfei said that she got something she wanted to discuss with him. Discuss with him! Wang Geng Fa was dizzy, he didn’t know what to say. He smiled perplexedly, following Wangye Jing and Wangfei Jing to the study room. 

Lin Si Yao immediately ordered Situ Yun, who had just managed to have a little free time to play with the twins, to go to Wu Qin Restaurant and book twenty tables. If it were possible, he should book the entire restaurant. 

Previously, they didn’t want to use money that much because they were afraid of rumors from the villagers in Fan Hua Town. He didn’t think it was a problem. After all, the money was not stolen or robbed from anyone. It was just that Shuilian didn’t want to show off because if the others find out, they might trouble her. 

It was different now. Shuilian is the Lady of Prince Jing’s mansion. She was the fourth Young Lady of Jing Wangfei/Princess Consort. And now, he could casually and freely use his money without worrying about someone talking behind their backs. 

“Senior Uncle, Da Bao said that he would come to join the one-month celebration.” Before Situ Yun left, he remembered the message Tian Da Bao had asked him to relay.

After they had finished the new houses, the quick tempered Tian Da Bao had suddenly expressed his interest in wood business. He cut down trees from unowned mountains and transported them to the big cities to sell. After several months, he gradually got the knack of the business and opened a timber shop in the neighboring city. 

Actually, besides doing wood trading, he was also the Guangci House’s secret ears and eyes. Of course, only Lin Si Yao, Si Chong, and Situ Yun knew this. In outsiders’ eyes, Tian Da Bao was just an independent fourteen-year-old who sold wood. Even his parents and sister didn’t know that the blood clot in his head was already dissolved. 

“Yes, I thought so.” Lin Si Yao walked to the East Wing’s bedroom, didn’t even turn his head around. 

 “Sigh, perhaps only the beautiful jiejie could peel off Uncle’s cold face.” Situ Yun laughed as he shook his head. 

His martial arts was better than Tian Da Bao’s. Thus, after Tian Da Bao recovered, his Uncle and Shifu had decided to let Da Bao replace his previous job. Whenever he was finished with Guangci House’s mission, he would stay at his Uncle’s house and protect Su Shuilian and the cute twins who had opposite tempers.

“Yun’er, what do you think about my current performance? Can I be said to be polite and kind?” After the Town Elder had left, Liang Xuan Jing(Jing Wangye) smiled, hugging Feng Cai Yun(Jing Wangfei), who had the well maintained, youthful appearance of a woman in the middle of her twenties even though she was thirty-three already. If she were to ever go on a stroll with En Xu(Shuilian), he was sure nobody would believe they were mother and daughter. They looked more like sisters. 

“It’s passing,” Feng Cai Yun nodded nonchalantly. At least, he didn’t roll his eyes or raise his nose and use his positioned to force the Town Elder. 

“So… Is there any reward?” Ling Xuan Jing led his wife to the bedroom in Bamboo Garden. Although it was only noon, he just couldn’t wait until night fell. 

“Put your dirty thoughts away. You’ve been less mean for your daughter and now you ask for a reward!” Feng Cai Yun didn’t mind him. This man got sperms in his brain! He only wanted to roll in bed with her all day long!

“Yun’er, we wasted more than ten years. How could you be so heartless, let me…” 

“Stop pretending! After sixteen years, you think you haven’t had enough concubines? Look at your brothers, except for the one in the palace I don’t want to mention, who has more concubines and chambermaids than you?” Feng Cai Yun glared at him before pushing the hand clutching on her body. 

“It was only to…”

“To provoke me? Liang Xuan Jing, what a good excuse!” Feng Cai Yun’s flame of anger rose in her heart when the man used the old trick to bargain. She couldn’t control her anger. She turned around and headed to Su Shuilian’s resting room in the East Wing. 

“Feng Cai Yun!” Liang Xuan Jing called out in a hurry. He knew he had treated her coldly for many years. He had many side-wives and daughters, deliberately trying to provoke her. He also wasn’t happy to see their daughter being kidnapped and almost killed. He had tried his best to investigate everywhere. He was hurt no less than her. 

And what about her? She always mocked him for having so many concubines and daughters. This time they came to visit their daughter, he had followed her idea to build a private mansion in this Fan Hua Town to make her life more comfortable whenever they visit… 

He was trying his best to fix his past mistakes. What more does she want? Did she want him to divorce his seven concubines and make all the daughters married and move out? Would she stop nagging when she’s the only woman in the whole Jing Mansion’s back courtyard? If that happened, how would he have any face to go out of the Jing Mansion?

“Moth… Mother, is there anything bothering you?” Su Shuilian watched as Feng Cai Yun silently enter her room and stare at Lin Long and Lin Xiao in a daze. After her lunch nap, Su Shuilian saw her mother sitting still. It reminded her of her mother in her previous life. Everytime her mother got into a fight with her father, she would also sit in a daze like this afterwards.

 “Xu’er… You… Did you just called me mother?” Feng Cai Yun awoken from her daze when she heard Su Shuilian call her tenderly. 

“Mother, I… I forgot… All things in the past. Would you… and father mind that?” She was never that they missed so. She was Su Shuilian from Suzhou of the Republic of China. However, she had thought about this for a month before coming to a conclusion. If they didn’t mind, she would accept these passionate and enthusiastic pair as parents. 

She would consider them her adoptive parents of this life. Although they were the biological parents of this body, this body didn’t belong to her, just her soul was hers.

“Of course, we won’t mind. To us, that past isn’t something favorable to remember. You suffered. If you don’t want to remember, you don’t need to. We will build good memories with you. You just… You just need to accept us. Really! En Xu, it’s been so many years, this mother of yours has always been regretful. If I hadn’t been unconscious after I gave birth to you, you wouldn’t have been…” Feng Cai Yun burst out, crying like an infant before she could tell her daughter all her regret and grievances for all those years. Her sudden outburst caused Su Shuilian to unable to react in time.

 “Ai, already a grandmother, how can you act in such a manner?” Liang Xuan Jing had followed Feng Cai Yun, but he didn’t dare to enter the room as he sat outside. When he heard her crying out loud, he hurried into the room, hugging her to comfort her. 

“You… You… Leave me alone!” Feng Cai Yun was hiccuping while sobbing but she didn’t forget to throw him a sidelong glare. However, in this moment, her small face was covered in tears. Her glare wasn’t the least powerful, Liang Xuan Jing actually took it as an opportunity to tease her. 

“Ok, I’ll leave you be. I’ll let you lose face and embarrass yourself in front of our daughter and son-in-law.”

Son-in-law? Feng Cai Yun blankly looked up and found Lin Si Yao hugging Su Shuilian in front of her. She did not notice when he came in. Although there was no expression on his face, she was sure that she saw a glint of laughter shine past his eyes. 

“Quick, get back to our room so I can wash my face!” Feng Cai Yun stomped her feet. She was so angry she kicked Liang Xuan Jing once and stormed out of the room. 

“Ha ha… It’s rare to see you embarrassed.” Liang Xuan Jing couldn’t help but laugh in front of Su Shuilian and her husband. Before he left, he said, “Daughter, I’ll talk with you about building the private mansion later!” Then, he left the room, chasing after his wife.  

“A private mansion?” Su Shuilian looked at Lin Si Yao. Weren’t they just going to buy a couple of acres of wasteland to build a home like their current residence? 

“He wants to buy the entire Fan Hua Town.” Lin Si Yao guided her to their bed. Seizing the chance when the twins were sleeping, he wanted to review the hot stimulation her soft and small hand had brought him…

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  1. Thank you so much for coming back and translating again. I will admit after you didn’t update for a few weeks, I tried reading those MTL chapters you mentioned and they were impossible to understan. No editting to make it legible whatsoever.

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    He really serves well as a contrast to Si Yao tbh. I don’t even know which father is worse though… I mean, as a father, the Wang is a doting parent to Enxu. But as a husband? At least the Su guy is an outright scum, the Wang seems like a slippery bastard. A bit strong-worded maybe, but nothing is worse than a pig teammate.

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