Assassin Farmer Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Elder Brother Has Arrived 

After making a plan to buy Fan Hua Town, build the private mansion,and improve the public constructions in the town, the first snow of the (winter) season gently arrived. 

Jing Wangfei stayed all day long in the East wing’s bedroom, where the brazier never extinguished, to be with her daughter and play with the two grandchildren. She felt really comfortable and content. 

Jing Wangye pulled Lin Si Yao to the study room when he had free time to play chess to build up the relationship between a father-in-law and his son-in-law. 

According to Feng Cai Yun, if he wanted to grow closer to his daughter, he had to break the icy mountain, which was his son-in-law. 

Although Liang Xuan Jing outwardly snorted at Feng Cai Yun’s suggestion, he was discreetly carrying out her suggestions. 

But no! One day before the one-month ceremony, when Liang En Zai took sixteen four-horse carriages and eight big bodyguards and servants, humbly arriving to Fan Hua Town, Liang Xuan Jing had already lost thirty-six matches to Lin Si Yao. 

“Worthy son-in-law…” Liang Xuan Jing wanted to say something but did not. He awkwardly patted Lin Si Yao’s shoulder, sighing inside. This son-in-law really lacks common sense

He was his father-in-law, which was like Mount Tai, but when they played chess that man didn’t give him mercy. He captured and checked at every opportunity! If this Wangye of Prince Jing’s mansion hadn’t seized the chance when the other was drinking tea to do some little tricks, he would have had even worse results.  

“Guidance from father-in-law?” Lin Si Yao asked respectfully. He looked serious and cold as if he was facing the master he must dedicate his life to and not his father-in-law. 

Guidance? How could he teach him? Should he tell his cold-faced son-in-law to learn how to earn his favor and yield for him? 

No, though Liang Xuan Jing was notorious for his bad mood, he had a pure heart. He and Feng Cai Yun had seen clearly how well their son-in-law treated their daughter. He didn’t need to earn his favor just to show off. 

However, although it should be like that, he shouldn’t have beat him so miserably. In three consecutive days, they had played thirty-six matches in total. He lost all of them. 

“Elder Master, Guye, young master has arrived. He’s in the yard.” The cheery voice of the servant, Liang Quan, arose from outside the room. 

“Ahahaha! En Zai’s arrived? Come, come, come my son-in-law, let us go meet your brother-in-law. Forget about this match, okay?” Liang Xuan Jing jumped off his big armchair, moving as fast and agile as a young man as soon as he heard the servant report. 

Pulling Lin Si Yao with him, they made their way out of the study room and into the front yard. On his way, he knocked his foot at Liang Quan, who was watching outside the room, “Quick, clean the study room. Don’t be lazy!” 

In other words, ‘clean the chess table before Liang En Zai sees and laughs.’ 

“Understood, Elder Master!” Liang Quan replied resolutely. Before Liang Xuan Jing raised his foot again, he had already rushed into the study room. 

That brat! Liang Xuan Jing indignantly cursed inwardly. However, he wanted to show that he was generous and open minded to his son-in-law. Thus, he restrained the curse he was about to spit out. 

Lin Si Yao recovered his gaze from the amusing scene from his peripherals. Allowing Liang Xuan Jing to walk ahead, he followed him to the front house.  

His father-in-law was easy to read, very quick tempered but still so interesting. That is the reason he allowed him to drag him to playing chess, allowed him to cheat, and even allowed him to grab him…

It was the first time he felt such a warm and comfortable feeling, it was different from the intimate warmth between a couple… Is this the warmth of a family member? 

“My good son-in-law? Don’t bother staring at that flower, it’s not as good looking as your brother-in-law.” Liang Xuan Jing called loudly when he saw Lin Si Yao spacing out, which was rare for him. 

Flowers? Lin Si Yao got himself together and discovered he was in front of a branch of blooming yellow apricot blossoms. 

But, ‘they aren’t as good looking as his brother-in-law’? Why did he say so? 

“Ol’ Father, you’ve teased your son again,” The voice was clear and cool like a running stream. 

Lin Si Yao turned around. 

Indeed… Good-looking. For the first time, he agreed with his father-in-law’s point of view. 

Because, except for that word, his limited vocabulary couldn’t find anything except for “good-looking” to describe the man in front of him. 

His face like peach blossoms, and his eyes were bright stars. Every movement of his was clear and graceful. That extremely good-looking man was the current Wangye of Prince Jing’s mansion. Rumor had it that he isn’t any less merciless than the former Wangye. 

It’s true, a book should never be judged by it’s cover. 

Lin Si Yao’s usually cold eyes shone with a gleam of rare interest. 

“You must be my sister’s husband.” The corners of Liang En Zai’s mouth curled into a smile. 

“If I’m not wrong, I met you several years ago.” While Liang En Zai slowly walked to Lin Si Yao, he quietly muttered a sentence that made the other’s body stiffen. Now that they are face to face and yet hasn’t addressed him as elder brother*. Should be beaten. 

(兄长 big brother / elder brother – term of respect for a man of about the same age)

“Perhaps,” Liang En Zai nodded, “being a farmer is better. It’s safe and stable.” 

“Yes,” Lin Si Yao replied in a low voice.  

“Hey, hey, hey, you two, are you trying to look mysterious? En Zai, you fool, what are you showing off for? He’s your brother-in-law, not any stranger. Anyway, son-in-law, forgive En Zai. He’s still young. He doesn’t know much, but still speaks in riddles. You don’t need to call him big brother, just call his name directly.” Liang Xuan Jing walked behind the two. He had listened to their conversation and got nothing from it. Thus, he kicked Liang En Zai, rebuking him in a loud voice. 

“Dad, no matter what, I had run days and nights to get here. Can’t you just give me face?” Liang En Zai begrudgingly looked at Liang Xuan Jing who had just ambushed him from behind. Without his mask, he was just a young, handsome, seventeen-year-old man. 

“Why don’t you hurry and get back to your room to rest? What are you following A Yao for?” Liang Xuan Jing scolded, pretending to be angry. 

 “I want to see my younger sister Or can I not? And, I didn’t expect that you have taken dàniáng* and left the house without any notice. All the yiniangs* in the mansion have been wreaking havoc, you know.” Liang En Zai pretended to be aggrieved as he spoke. 

(大娘/dà niáng – aunt) 

(yiniangs – concubines)

He had cleaned up the mess for his father. While speaking, he didn’t forget to use his charming, peach blossom eyes to stare pitifully at the irresponsible Elder Wangye in front of him. He had mastered this trick since he was a young child.

“What he said is right! En Zai, come here. Don’t mind the man who had created a mess but clueless on how to resolve it!” Feng Cai Yun walked out of the East wing’s bedroom when she heard all the ruckus outside. She stood by the door of the main hall as she listened to the father and son quarrelling even though they clearly missed each other. She waved at Liang En Zai and not forgetting to include Lin Si Yao as she added gently, “A Yao, you come here, too.” 

Leaving behind Liang Xuan Jing, enraged, stomping the ground. Rebellious! He was clearly the head of this house, yet they were joined hands to bully him! Alright, he must find his daughter to ask for justice. Wuwuwu, his daughter would never go against him. 

Having a daughter was much better! What was it good for having a son! Ah, that brat Liang En Zai wasn’t his actual son. It’s all his big brother’s fault, how could he have such a to an enchanting looking son with a heart of devil! 

“Xu’er, you look well.” Liang En Zai walked into the East wing’s bedroom. Smiling as he carefully gazed at his younger sister, who looked very much like dàniáng. Ignoring Lin Si Yao’s deadly glare, he raised his hand to rub Su Shuilian’s head. 

“Big brother…” Su Shuilian called out in a low tone. Sigh, it was a little difficult for her to call a seventeen-year-old young man her big brother. However, Liang En Zai seemed close to her. They seemed close as he just smiled, ruffled, and messed up her updo. 

“Dad sent me a letter, saying that these children are named Lin Xiao and Lin Long?” He was eighty percent sure his father had named the kids. He had even bragged about his talent in literacy in the letter. Liang En Zai walked towards the small bed, stooping his head to see the dragon and phoenix twins fast asleep. Laughing, he gently squeezed their chubby cheeks. So the infants’ skin was this tender… 

“Yes,” Su Shuilian obediently nodded. She sat at the edge of the bed as A Yao gently combed her hair. 

Of course, Liang En Zai caught the scene. He smiled inwardly. This brother-in-law was so narrow-minded. He was jealous at the big brother rubbing his younger sister’s head. To immediately untied her bun and combed her hair, wasn’t he afraid that the other might feel insulted? 

However, whether he was insulted, happy or what, it didn’t seem to matter. Because, the other, Lin Si Yao, was showing his unhappy face. Tch tch, what a stingy man. But why didn’t he bat an eye when he squeezed the babies’ cheeks? Haha…

“I heard from dad that you don’t want to return to imperial city? You’ve decided to stay here? You won’t feel aggrieved, will you?” Staying quiet for a short moment, Liang En Zai opened his mouth and broke the silence in the room. 

“No, I enjoy life here.” Su Shuilian shook her head. It was unclear how many times she answered the same question. First, it was Feng Cai Yun, then it was Liang Xuan Jing, and now, Liang En Zai. She sighed inwardly. So, this quiet place, with verdant hills and limpid water, wasn’t worth staying and beholding? 

“It’s good that you like it. After the New Year, we will renovate it so people can live here.” Liang En Xu’s words made Su Shuilian not know whether she should cry or smile. Why did he say that people could only live here after renovating? Did he mean the place she was living wasn’t suitable for humans? 

“Ahem… Big brother didn’t mean that,” Liang En Zai recognized the awkward meaning in his words. He faked a cough to apologize. 

“Big brother, actually you guys don’t need to waste money to renovate this place. A Yao and I are fine living like this. If mother and father wanted to stay here for a while, we can buy some acres of land to build a house. There is no need to buy the entire Fan Hua Town.” She had wanted to say this sooner. However, as soon as Ling Xuan Jing heard her objection, he pretended to be so upset, looking at her as if she didn’t welcome them to come and stay in this town. And, every time, Feng Cai Yun would use the excuse of “just make your father happy” to deal with her. 

“Xu’er, you don’t want me to stay here?” Liang En Zai faked a hurt expression as he looked at her. 

Truly peas of the same pod, Su Shuilian sighed inwardly. 

“Brother… I didn’t mean that.” 

“Either way purchasing the entire Fan Hua Town or buying some wasteland to build a house aren’t much different. It doesn’t cost any more than a few silver.” Liang En Zai waved his hand, telling her not to mind it. It was just some small change, no need to bat an eye at it. 

No need to mention the enormous, big wealth of Prince Jing’s mansion, he still had another income that belonged to himself. Of course, no one in Prince Jing’s mansion knew about his source, and he didn’t bother to tell anyone. 

Su Shuilian reluctantly exchanging looks with Lin Si Yao. Sigh, it seemed that the decision to renovate Fan Hua Town was set. How long would this reconstruction take? 

Since she had moved to Fan Hua Town, they’ve been building new houses left and right… 


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