Assassin Farmer Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Let’s Live Together

“Wah! They’re throwing the flowers, they’re throwing the flowers!” In an instant, the crowd was astir.

Su Shuilian couldn’t hold in her curiosity. She halted her steps and turned around. Indeed, the fairy closest to her was holding a bouquet of flowers while shyly looking in her direction.

Eh? Su Shuilian looked left and right in confusion, wondering just who it was that would be so lucky to actually catch the eye of this fairy. She pursed her lips ever-so-slightly upwards and excitedly waited for the fairy to throw her flower bouquet.

Unexpectedly, Lin Si Yao hugged her waist from behind. With a wave of his hand, the people in front of them immediately made a gap of space. Holding Su Shuilian, with a few leaps they were soon out of the crowd.

“Yaa!” Su Shuilian subconsciously wrapped both her hands around his waist. She tilted her head up to look at him in confusion. Just as she was about to open her mouth to question him, an urgent voice called out from behind her: “Gongzi! Gongzi!” Su Shuilian turned back to look, only to see that voice belonged to the fairy that was holding the bouquet. Ah! It suddenly dawned on her that the one that the fairy liked was the man right beside her!

Su Shuilian secretly swept her eyes over Lin Si Yao who had suddenly became extremely frosty. What a oddie. She took the courage to come to confess, yet he actually flew the other way… To have decided so quickly to flee, his pores exuded a crushing aura that repelled every living being as if they were invading his personal space.

When Lin Si Yao finally put her down, it was in Leisure (Quing Xian) Square, a good few streets away from the fairy. It was quiet, to the point that even the sounds of the gongs and drums couldn’t be heard.

“Where is this?” asked Su Shuilian in confusion, as she looked at the variety of street stalls around her.

“The Square,” Lin Si Yao simply replied.

“What for?” Su Shuilian was very much accustomed to his extreme brevity. She didn’t mind it as she continued to ask him.

Lin Si Yao didn’t answer, but rather pulled her towards a not so crowded stall. He picked out several novel and chic jade hairpins, earrings, decorative straps, and bracelets and shoved them into Su Shuilian’s hands. He then took out a jade ring and threw it to the sleeping store owner.

“Are these for me?” Su Shuilian asked while smiling as she held the accessories.

Lin Si Yao avoided her gaze full of smiles as an almost indiscernible blush began to creep up his face.

“Actually, I have my own accessories. You don’t have to take your own jade ring to barter for these.” Su Shuilian quietly explained. It was just that the ones that she had were too eye-catching, so she didn’t really want to wear it.

Lin Si Yao did not reply. Instead, he turned around and said, “We’re going back,” as he led the way back to their inn.

Su Shuilian could only powerlessly purse her lips. What was he trying to say? Didn’t he know that jewelry and accessories couldn’t be gifted or given so simply? Especially to an unmarried maiden like her. Stamping her feet, she caught up to his pace. The two of them, one in the front, and one behind, walked down this gradually emptying street in the moonlit night.

Only when they got to the door of the inn did Su Shuilian suddenly think of her two mischievous wolves. “Oh no, I’ve lost Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue!” She hurriedly turned back with the clear intent of looking for them.

“They’re already back.” Lin Si Yao pulled on her forearm and pointed behind her. Su Shuilian turned back to look. Indeed, at a corner of the doorframe the two wolves had long since huddled together and fallen asleep.

The next morning, Su Shuilian was awakened by a soft and warm feeling by her side. Opening her eyes, she discovered the two wolf cubs were lying next to her, one on each side, wide-eyed as they looked at her.

“Xiao Chun, Xiao Xue…” Su Shuilian smiled and said as she gently stroked their soft fur.

“Oh yeah, you were not allowed to enter the rooms of the inn… So how were you able to come in?” Realising this, Su Shuilian opened her mouth to question. As if the two wolves seemed to understand her question, they gently tugged on her clothing and brought her to the large window in her room.

“You jumped in from here?” Su Shuilian wrinkled her brows as she pointed at the window. As she asked, Su Shuilian stuck her head out the window to look. There were no large trees or rocks for them to climb/step on. Did they directly jump from the ground?

Thinking of this almost unrealistic reality, Su Shuilian let out a sigh. If these wolves really do grow up as big and strong as their parents, it will definitely be hard to hide them from the surrounding eyes. If others were to find out that they were not dogs but wild wolves, the outcome would certainly be unimaginable. And in such a populated city, they will have a tough time containing this.

In the lobby of the inn, the two enjoyed a simple but nutritious breakfast: scallions in millet gruel. Afterwards, Su Shuilian, Lin Si Yao, and the two wolves took a leisure stroll in the streets of the city. Gradually, the two people and two wolves once again came to the lake.

Looking at the tranquil green lake, the inner thoughts of Su Shuilian’s once again emerged from her heart. However… She glaced at the handsome man beside him and wondered if he would agree to it…

“Do…Do you have any plans for the future?” Su Shuilian looked at him, trying to decipher his expression. Unfortunately, his face remained expressionless and cold.

Lin Si Yao paused; he lowered his lids as he lightly replied “No.”

Su Shuilian was hesitant as she lightly bit her lips. She turned her head to look at the lake because she did not know how to begin. Even though his answer gave her a little bit of hope, but will he really agree to her request?

“What is it?” Seeing her hesitation, Lin Si Yao gently took her to the stone bench to sit. He then swept a glance at the two wolf cubs who obediently sat beside them, one on the right, the other on the left, as if guarding the two.

After Su Shuilian thought of the appropriate words to say, she looked at Lin Si Yao with a serious expression. Carefully, she said, “The words that I am about to say next may shock you. However, I have thought about this for a while now… Are you willing to listen?”

Lin Si Yao raised his brow. He had never seen her this serious before. From their first meeting to just now, she had always had a gentle expression… It was the first for him to see her so determined.

What was it that was so hard for her to speak of? Did she want to go her separate ways? Lin Si Yao bitterly smiled on the inside. Of course, why would any noble lady want to stay with a person like him?

“We… I mean as the two of us, would it be ok with you if we were to live together?” Su Shuilian quickly said. As if she had exhausted her courage, Su Shuilian then looked down at her embroidered shoes, no longer willing to look up at the man beside her.

Lin Si Yao blanked out. He found it hard to believe… Did she really mean what she just said?! She was willing to live with him? Was that what she meant?

Lin Si Yao’s eyes flashed with a hard to catch smile as he looked at the embarrassed girl beside him. It must have been difficult for her, for such a beautiful maiden to say such shocking words.

“Ok,” Lin Si Yao succinctly replied. If one were to listen carefully, they would notice the happiness in his voice.

“… …” When Su Shuilian heard his answer, she raised her head in surprise. “You… you’re ok with this?” red-faced, she asked to confirm.

Lin Si Yao nodded. The cold air around him was lifted and his face even had a slight smile.

“You’re not going to ask why?” Now that he had agreed to her proposal, Su Shuilian was relieved and her tone of voice became light again.

“There’s no need.” Lin Si Yao shook his head. It was enough to be able to be with her. As for her reasons, he did not care.

Su Shuilian lightly smiled as she said “Thank you.” For just her to live alone in this world would be very difficult. Not to mention buying a house, to be able to purchase a field would require a man to negotiate. Moreover for a single woman to live alone in a house for a long time would be too eye-catching.

Su Shuilian knew that the ancient people have a saying of “a widow at the door is picked at most” (寡妇门前是非多). What’s more, she is an unwed maiden. Even if she had the two wolves to protect her, it was not enough. Moreover, once Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue grow bigger, they will be found out by the people of the city. And if the city were to want to expel them, it will put even more pressure on her. So if Lin Si Yao no other plans, living with him would be the best option, no?

“This is all of our provisions. Do you know if this is enough to buy us a house?” Su Shuilian poured out the silvers in her bag as she asked Lin Si Yao.

Lin Si Yao swept her a glance, and let out a helpless sigh. How could she be so trusting? Before it was the ‘Heart of Jade Fairy Essence,’ now she is defenselessly showing him all of her assets. If it was another person, her money would have been quickly stolen and she would be helpless about it.

However… The corners of Lin Si Yao’s lips rose; she said, “we”, “us”, and “our house”. She had already regarded him as part of the family. This was enough for him. As to her safety, he will take care of it.

“I’ll go inquire about it.” After helping Su Shuilian put back her silver, Li Si Yao got up and walked to the door.

“Are you not going to bring silver?” Su Shuilian asked. Even if he was only out to gather information, it may also require the use of money.

“No need.” Pausing his steps, Lin Si Yao replied before he quickly added another line: “Do not always easily take out your money.”

“Isn’t it for you to see! I just wanted to know if it was enough to buy a house…” Looking down, Su Shuilian pouted as she muttered quietly.

Lin Si Yao naturally did not miss her low complaint. His eyes passed a hard to detect happiness. Then, using his qinggong, he quickly left the inn. As he walked through the streets, Lin Si Yao searched and memoized any posts about “houses for sale.”

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