Assassin Farmer Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: I Know You Are An Assassin

“So, the houses in this city would not be an option, right?” Su Shuilian frowned when she heard Lin Si Yao’s brief report. It was hard to believe that she could not afford a house here.

Although this city was in a remote area, from Lin Si Yao’s words, Fan Luo City was connected to the lands of Da Hui country’s two major western fortresses. As the merchants headed back and forth between east and west, the city naturally became more prosperous day by day. Moreover, with the increased population of people who settled here, it consequently elevated the estate prices of Fan Luo City.

“I remember that on the way here, we passed by a small village, no?” Su Shuilian recalled seeing the village when she was on the carriage. Although it was near dusk and it was hard to see clearly, there was definitely one.

Living in this populated city has its conveniences, but even if she managed to purchase a house, without a proper job, it will be difficult to maintain a life here. Su Shuilian could not guarantee that her embroidery could pay for all the expenses here. And as for Lin Si Yao, she still remembered the words of the black clothed man; he was an assassin. She will not rely on the money earned from the deaths of others. It was better just to purchase a piece of farmland and house near the smaller villages. This way, even without another form of income, they would not starve in the winter. Not to mention, raising two wolves in the small villages would not attract as much attention.

With this thought, Su Shulian was even more convinced to settle at a small village near Fan Luo City.

Lin Si Yao replied with a nod, “Fan Hua Village, it’s ten roads away.”

“Ten?” Not mentioning her physical stamina, just walking there would take more than half a day.

“I will take you.” Lin Si Yao added as if he seemingly read Su Shuilian’s distraught expression.

This rendered Su Shuilian speechless; unsure whether to laugh or cry. She wasn’t crippled, yet she still needed him to carry her around?

Early dawn the next day, Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao came downstairs to the lobby of the inn. They asked to have several meat buns and provisions of similar sorts to take away so that they could eat it on their way to Fan Hua Town. Since it was decided that they were to buy a house there, it’s best to go early to see if the house for sale there was suitable for them.

The two wolves followed in a single file line and obediently carried the remaining fruits in a basket and tiger fur.

Speaking of the basket of wild fruits, the boy who was in charge of feeding the wolves had wanted some, but was scared to take it in front of the watching eyes of the wolves. He had wanted to talk to them to maybe get two for himself as finding such wild fruits were rare. Fan Luo City was far from the mountains, and almost no such fruits could be found nearby. Therefore, seeing such rare, fresh fruits, this boy of sixteen couldn’t help but long for some.

Su Shuilian wordlessly gave him half the fruits in the basket. She had the boy give a portion of those fruits to the maid who had helped with her hair everyday.

The boy was dazed by the graceful demeanor of Su Shuilian as she walked away. In this day and age, there were many beautiful women, but rare for one to be so courteous. In Fan Luo City, every noble young lady always displayed an arrogant front. If he were to marry a girl like her, then his mother would be in so much joy.

However, the boy’s mind took a turn as he thought of the frost-like man who was always by that girl’s side. He could not help but shiver. Tsk tsk, really, it’s like a fresh flower planted in…uh… Dragon’s feces. That man was much more handsome and taller than himself, but so what? One can just tell from her feixiang hairstyle that he still hasn’t wooed her over yet. Smiling, the boy turned and went back into the inn to enjoy his fruits.

Su Shuilian once again was able to witness Lin Si Yao’s beautiful qinggong footwork. She could not help but envy him and wondered if she could learn to do the same. She wanted to be able to jump as high as him with just a tap of his toes and to move several meters away in a blink of an eye. Being able to use anything as leverage, no matter a branch or a leaf …

But then again, this was only wishful thinking. It’s said that to become skilled in qinggong or martial arts, one must start learning as a young child. Once a person reaches a certain age, their bone and muscle structure will have already set and it will be impossible to learn then. Well, when she gives birth to a baby, she’ll raise him up to a strong fighter.

Ya! What are you thinking! Holding her hot cheeks, Su Shuilian shook her head hard. She quickly pushed down her inexplicable thoughts; she’s becoming crazy ah!

Lin Si Yao sweeped her a curious glance. In his heart, he knew she had gone into another daydream.

Lin Si Yao, who was carrying Su Shuilian, made it to the entrance of Fan Hua Town during early morning. He gently placed her down on the rocks next to a century old peach tree. Not too long after, the wolves had also caught up, breathing heavily.

Lin Si Yao lifted his brow; their speed had greatly increased. In the future it would not be a bad idea to used have them do things such as guarding the house.

Although the wolves had felt a cold chill on their backs, they did not know what Lin Si Yao had in mind for them. They spontaneously ran to Su Shuilian with their tails wagging as they begged her for food.  

“Here.” After giving a meat bun to Lin Si Yao, Su Shuilian took a small bite of another herself.

After taking the last small bite of her bun, Su Shuilian took a look at Lin Si Yao whose back was facing her as he stared far off in the direction of Fan Hua Village. She didn’t know what he was contemplating about.

“Are you familiar with this area?” Su Shuilian gently got up and came next to him. She took a deep breath, the early morning dew along with the smell of rice paddies really lifted her spirits.

After hearing her, Lin Si Yao’s body twitched. His heart was bitter. Just ten years ago, he was a nobody on the streets. Eight years after, he became the number one assassin in Feng Yao Court. In those following years, he had lost count of the amount of people he had killed. Not to mention complex and populated sites such as Fan Lou City, from sparsely populated deserts to the difficult to survive terrains, all of these were places he had gone to.

“If you don’t want to answer it, then don’t. I was just asking la, there’s no other meaning to it.” It’s not as if Su Shuilian didn’t notice the expression on Lin Si Yao’s face. Recalling his past identity, she knew he was sure to have some topics difficult to talk about, so she immediately withdrew her question with a smile on her face.

Of course, Lin Si Yao heard the sincerity in her words. He turned around and looked at her bright and clean eyes. He thought for a bit before he opened his mouth, “Do you know what I previously was?”

Su Shuilian was dazed for a moment before she nodded her head. Although she did not get where he was going at, but she was sure of what she heard back then.

This time, it was Lin Si Yao’s turn to blank out. He had always thought that she was unaware of his former identity; after all, many people were fearful of people like him. However, she nodded. What does that mean? That she accepted him, a bringer of death with blood-stained hands?

“Aren’t you afraid?” Lin Si Yao finally asked the question that had long been in his heart. He looked at her face and expected her frightened expression.

Su Shuilian was stunned; afraid? Oh yes, to kill without any trace of emotion and in a blink of an eye, too; killers are suppose to be ruthless. However, she glanced at the expressionlessly cold man in front of her. Although she could not read him, but by the clenching of his fists, she knew he was feeling uneasy right now. Of course, no matter what he was before, at least during the time she had spent with him she had never felt any fear or anxiety. On the contrary, she felt at peace with him. Therefore, she had subconsciously forgotten his previous identity.  

Su Shuilian shook her head and said, “You never had the intention to hurt me.”

Saying this, she looked up at Lin Si Yao with her sparkling black, pearl-like eyes. Taking that into account while collecting her courage, Su Shuilian said, “Uh, that… Lin Si Yao, when we live together in Fan Hua Town… Promise you won’t do what you did before.”  She did not want the villagers to look at him in fear, she wanted him to live, from now on, as a ordinary and happy citizen.  

“Ok,” Lin Si Yao nodded his head unhesitantly. He had no plans to return to Feng Yao Court. He was also tired of the days where he had to run around with a knife in his mouth. If she were willing, he hoped to live with her for the rest of his life. To stay by her side in this quiet and peaceful village… but could it only be wistful thinking?

“Then let’s go.” Su Shuilian pulled his sleeves and pointed toward the magnificent sunrise to the east, “I believe the villagers have woken up as well. Let’s wish us luck.”

“Mn.” Lin Si Yao followed by her side as they headed toward the center of the city. The two wolves had played enough and followed them by their sides as they inspected the village that their owner may possibly settle in.


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  1. I’m happy it’s finally clear to both of them. She knows, and he agrees not to kill anymore. Still, I would’ve liked a bit more explanation about how her thoughts changed from weariness to not minding his past.

    This chapter was great <3

    1. she looked up at Lin Si Yao with her sparkling, black pearl-like eyes. Taking that into account while collecting her courage, Su Shuilian said, “Uh, that… Lin Si Yao, when we live together in Fan Hua Village… Promise you won’t do what you did before.”

      She took into account her sparkling, black pearl-like eyes. In other words, she can base her sense of security on her moe-power. She already tamed a pair of wolves.

  2. ”a fresh flower planted in…uh… Dragon’s feces.” XD I choked at thıs part lol that boy was funny
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