Assassin Farmer Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Too Impulsive

“You… You two want to buy a house? Then, does this mean what I think it means?” Asked the farmer’s wife as she patted her forehead. When she had first seen this angelic girl, she had been determined to marry her to her son and did not think straight. Ai, such a shame!

“….” Su Shuilian looked at the woman and asked herself: what did she mean by “what I think it means”? Had she said something wrong?

“Uh, with your hairstyle, I thought that you were unwed. But now that you’ve said that you want to live here with this gongzi, does that mean you two plan to get married here, in this town?”

“That uh…. I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.” Su Shuilian lowered her head and her shoulders slumped as she apologized in a low voice.

Today, in the quiet Lao Family’s yard, there was only Lin Si Yao and her.

Because it was not yet afternoon, the farmer, Lao Youkun, had taken the opportunity to go and till his farmland. His wife had left to inquire about the Hua House at the most western side of Fan Hua Town.

When Su Shuilian had been abruptly faced with the wife’s questions on them “marrying”, somehow, without a second thought, she had nodded in confirmation.

After that, the old couple had no longer chattered on about any kind of matchmaking. However, Su Shuilian kept sneaking glances at Lin Si Yao, trying to read his expressionless face. It was difficult to tell whether or not he was angry.

In actuality, Lin Si Yao was not mad. On the contrary, his heart was currently bursting with happiness.

Yes, he was celebrating within his heart. When he had witnessed her blushing so fiercely but still able to so seriously tell the farmer’s wife, “Yes, we are here to wed,” his heart had suddenly surged in satisfaction unlike anything he had ever experienced before. But now, not long after that, she was actually apologizing to him.

Apologizing eh? Lin Si Yao lowered his eyes as his hands gripped the teacup harder. This made it difficult for Su Shuilian to tell what he was feeling at the moment.

Su Shuilian furrowed her brows and silently reprimanded herself. Even if Aunty were to continue to nag her about the marriage, even if the villagers were to look down on them for living as a single man and single woman under one roof, it was still not alright to carelessly say such things out loud without first asking Lin Si Yao for his opinion. To have blurted out that the two of them had promised to marry… That was too impulsive, too thoughtless, ah!

Lin Si Yao sighed. He looked at the self-blaming Su Shuilian locked in introspection and said, “I do not blame you.” I am actually really happy. But he held back that last sentence, burying it deep within his heart.

“Really?” When she heard his words, Su Shuilian was pleasantly surprised. She looked up at him, her eyes red from her previous turbulent mood.  

At the sight of her, his heart twinged in pain. Lin Si Yao nodded almost involuntarily, before replying while somehow managing to keep his cold tone. “What you did was correct.”

After all, she was a woman with a maiden hairstyle living with a man, both of a marriageable age. One man and one woman living under a single roof. If they were to claim that they were not in a relationship, no one would believe them. People would gossip incessantly, making it difficult for them to live a simple life. It was better to just go along with the natural assumption and claim to be engaged. This way, they would be able to avoid the sharp, gossiping tongues of others. From this standpoint, Su Shulian had handled this situation well.

After thinking it through, a slight smile was barely discernable in Lin Si Yao’s eyes as he placidly sipped his tea.

Because Lin Si Yao had absolved her of blame, her mood had improved significantly. She was finally able to stop with the self-recriminations. Following his lead, she contentedly sampled this unique wild berry tea as she began to look around the house of the Lao family.

The Lao Family of Fan Hua Town was considered to be quite wealthy.

In addition to an unusually well-furnished yard, the family of five owned a total of three acres of land. The eldest son of the house turned twenty-eight this year and he owned a blacksmith shop located in the western side of the village. He had several contacts with the nearby towns and villages and had married the daughter of the Fang House of Qing Tian Town five years ago. However, they had yet to be blessed with a child.

Although the elders of the Lao House did not say anything to the wife’s face, in private they constantly pushed him to divorce her and marry another wife. This was especially true for the madam of the Lao House. However, the man not only had thick skin, but also just really liked his wife, so he did not comply. When the wife had discovered this, she had gotten so angry that she had moved out of the Lao House and settled in the blacksmith shop. The eldest son had actually followed and moved with her, no longer living in the Lao House.

Because of this, the two family elders had were infuriated that they did not leave the house for several days. And when they had finally made up their mind to go out, the elder of the Fang House had arrived with two burly men wishing to “discuss” the recent events. In the end, the two elders of the Lao House had been the first to lower their heads. After all, their ‘face’ was not worth any money, their lives were much more important.

After this incident, trying to her second son to one of the girls in Fan Hua Town, or any of the other towns nearby was no longer an option to the madam of the Lao House. The second son had turned eighteen this year and was of age but still had yet to accept any of the marriage prospects. It was because he too had been frightened by what had happened with the Fang House and his heart was wary.

So when she first saw the gentle Su Shuilian, the madam’s eyes brightened. From her looks and dress, she knew immediately that this girl was not a local. Moreover, she looked pleasing to the eye and judging by the hips she should be able to mother a child. Because of this, Madam Lao’s mind was filled with Su Shuilian only, which led to a big misunderstanding.


Even after making her way back from the Hua House, the Madam was still regretful.

She had originally thought that she had finally found the perfect wife for her son, but she didn’t expect that the flower already had an owner.

Her thoughts drifted to the at the girl’s side. Although he looked handsome, he didn’t seem to be the type used to labor such as farming. Ai, to want to settle in this kind of village with a man who did not know how to work the land… The pressure was not small ah. The girl looked to be quick witted and clever too, how could she have made such a silly mistake? Good looks does not bring a full stomach ah. Our poor second son… To have such a beautiful swan escape. It looked like they would have to visit that Yang matchmaker to find someone. They couldn’t let the matter drag out till he really becomes twenty. If he were yet to find a wife by that time, it would only cause their family to lose ‘face’.

With those thoughts, Madam Lao entered her house.

“Miss! Gongzi! You must have waited long!” Madam Lao quickly trotted into the room and smiled at Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao as she continued, “There’s news!”

Without a moment of pause, Su Shuilian helped her to a cup of warm tea as she said, “No hurry, Aunty, please drink some tea to moisten your throat. Regain your breath before you talk.”

Aftering drinking the whole cup Madam Lao did feel somewhat refreshed. She sat next to Su Shuilian as she carefully recalled the situation of the Hua House.

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