Assassin Farmer Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Hua House No Longer for Sale

After entering Fan Hua Town, a strange phenomenon could be seen. Many of the villagers were heading to the east side of the town while muttering repeatedly, “There’s a show! There’s a show to watch!”

Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao exchanged questioning looks, puzzled as to what was going on. As they were about to ask someone, a cry was heard, “Aiya, girl! Girl, you came just in time!”

“Aunt Lao! Did something happen?” Su Shuilian could not help but ask as she looked at Madam Lao who was panting heavily.

“Aiya, bad news,” Madam Lao said as she patted her chest. When she finally caught her breath, she pulled Su Shuilian towards the east as she continued, “Let’s talk as we walk. This thing ah, it’s also related to you.”

As she listened to Madam Lao talk, Su Shuilian realized that this furor concerned her. Su Shuilian shook her head and sighed. However, the warmth of Lin Si Yao’s hand on the back of her hand brought her mind back to a tranquil state.

Originally, when Su Shuilian and Liu-shi had signed the contract and exchanged the payment of forty-two silver, the Hua Family was supposed to go to the city to inform the eldest son of the sale. However, once they had arrived, they soon found out that the residence that they had wanted to purchase for fifty-six taels had already been sold to another person.

So now, the Hua House was in an uproar. With the contract signed, payment received, and everything set to move out today. However, now they had no house to move into. After looking around the city, they realized that the cheapest house for sale was priced at seventy-five taels and this house did not include any furniture.

Madam Hua was put in an awkward position because of this situation. The eldest daughter-in-law was scolded endlessly, leaving her nothing to say other than to protest, “We won’t be able to live unless we do not sell the house!”

Hearing that their lives were at stake, the town elder, Wang Gengfa, was asked by the Madam of Tian House whom had lived closest to the Hua Household to preside over this debacle. Soon after, all of the villagers had caught wind of this news and quickly ran over to watch the commotion.

“Ai, don’t worry, miss. Even if the Hua House were to regret, the town elder will pass judgment. To only do things that benefit them, but when they find out that there are no longer gains, do they think that they can go back just like that? Hmph, it won’t be that easy. And no matter how they react, we will give justice to you.” While criticizing the Hua House’s irresponsible intentions, Madam Lao also took the opportunity to reassure Su Shuilian.

Su Shuilian let out another sigh. If the Hua House wanted to renege on their agreement, she would not make it difficult for them. After all, it was originally their house. To push them out would be robbery. It seemed that they would have to renew their search for another house now.

“Don’t worry. At worst, we would just need to stay at an inn for a few more days.” Seeing her depressed state, Lin Si Yao comforted her gently as he started to think about just living in the city.

As for the money, while accompanying Su Shuilian around the city, he had noticed a wanted poster with a reward. The task was to capture a few measly thieves.

As one of the top assassins of Feng Yao Court, to catch these criminals in broad daylight… And with the ensuing reputation, if Feng Yao Court were to be able to track him down, he was afraid that they would hurt this little woman beside him.

Su Shuilian looked up at Lin Si Yao’s frowning face that was full of worry. How sweet, he was worried about her. Despite his frosty demeanor, she could clearly see the worry in his eyes.

“I’m okay now. Even if Aunt Hua decides not to sell, we won’t be losing anything.” Su Shuilian smiled as she comforted him, reversing their roles.

Aunt Lao who was on her other side secretly praised her. Nobles ladies are generous ah. If it were her eldest daughter-in-law, she would have long caused an uproar. Even if the house were not sold, the Hua House would at least have to pay a fee for wasting their time. Ai, watching them walk every day from the city to this town, even having their dogs help them carry house related luggage – that all cost money ah. Thinking of this, Madam Lao turned around to take a closer look at the luggage on the dogs. She wasn’t sure if they were carrying gifts for her, but then again, with the contract canceled, she doubted that she would receive anything.

“They came, they came. It’s them, right?”

“It must be them. They look quite polite, so they wouldn’t possibly continue to push through with the contract, right?”

“It’s hard to say. The gentler they look, the harder they are to deal with.”

“I don’t think they look like unreasonable people. I mean, just look at how beautiful that girl is. Too bad the flower already has an owner. Otherwise, I would invite her to our house to become our son’s wife, hehe.”

“You dare want that beauty? Compared to your son Daniu, the man behind that girl is much more handsome. As for Daniu, I think he’s only fated to marry that ol’ Wen House’s Chunbo.”

“You… what is your filthy monkey-of-a-mouth saying ah! Pei!”

As Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao entered the Hua house, there was a flurry of whispering.

Just as Madam Lao entered the yard, she was pulled aside by several familiar gossiping women.

“Wa! How about I just kill myself ah! Don’t you know that I just did it for the future of our family? How was I supposed to know that they would go back on their words? I only just found out yesterday when I went to settle with the house! I was doing this for the own good of our family, yet you are so cold-hearted, even dare to hit me!? Woowoo…”

When Su Shuilian heard the conversation from outside the door, she rethought her decision to enter the Hua house. From what she had just overheard, they still seemed to be talking about private matters and stepping into such an…intense conversation would be rude.

“Ah! Miss Su, you’re here! Come in!” Just as she had decided to wait until the situation had calmed down before entering, the door was opened by Hua House’s eldest daughter-in-law, Fang-shi*. However, her demeanor was significantly different from her emotional outburst just a few seconds ago.

(XX-shi; XX-氏 – XX refers to maiden name)

Without any additional words, Fang-shi pulled Su Shuilian into the house. Looking at her rough actions, Lin Si Yao frowned. He looked at Su Shuilian’s wrist and sure enough, it had turned red from that boorish peasant woman’s actions. He shot a cold glare at Fang-shi before he walked toward Su Shuilian, enclosing her in a protective embrace, preventing anyone else from pulling her again.

“You must be Miss Su, who had signed the contract with the Hua House right? I am the village head, and you can call me Uncle Wang” a certain elderly man said. He was dressed more formally compared to the other villagers and was holding a long (smoking) pipe. He asked with a clear understanding when he saw Su Shuilian being dragged in by the Hua House’s eldest daughter-in-law.

“Nn, Uncle Wang.” Su Shuilian respectfully greeted the village elder with a nod of her head.

“Girl, do you intend to live in Fan Hua Town?” The village elder took a deep breath of smoke before looking up at Su Shuilian.

Su Shuilian nodded.

Honestly, she could settle in another town. However, she was unfamiliar with the area, and as for Lin Si Yao, she knew without even asking. Him, who was being chased down by that group, how could he have the time to explore this area? Since any place would do, why not just stay here? After all, this was the first town that she had visited after making it out of the forest.

“Ai!” Seeing this, the village elder shook his head as he pulled out a chair on the side and sat down. It was unclear what he was thinking as he glanced at Hua An. Fang-shi instantly reacted by crying loudly once again, leaving Su Shuilian without a single word to say.

“That, uh… big sis, I have already heard from Aunt Lao. If you no longer want to sell your house, that is no problem. I’ll give you back the signed contracts, ok?” So please stop crying, it’s hard to take (painful to the ears).

Taking the bag from Lin Si Yao’s hands, Su Shuilian took out the papers, ready to exchange back the contracts for the silvers.

Realizing that Su Shuilian had so easily agreed, Hua House’s eldest daughter-in-law was stunned, and no longer tried to maintain her aggrieved expression. The village elder and Hua An were also surprised by her reaction. They looked at each other and thought “That’s it”? All of their hard-thought countermeasures had yet to be put to use.


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