Assassin Farmer Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Village Elder has a House for Sale

“Ai, Miss Su! I’m really embarrassed ah! To have you come back and forth for nothing, blame me for not being quick-witted! Well, my mother-in-law’s body isn’t so good, so I can’t accompany you out okay? You two stay safe!” Fang-shi smiled sweetly as she walked Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao out of her yard before turning around to see some idly gossiping madams who still had yet to leave. Putting her hands on her hips, Fang-shi raised her voice, “Each one of you are here to just watch the fun? Shoo! Shoo! Annoying to death ah!”

“Tsk, I say ah, the members of Hua House really have no conscience to not even have them stay for lunch. If I didn’t know you, I would have thought that your head was as high as the sun (very arrogant)!” One of the more straightforward women stepped forward after seeing how stingy the Hua House was. Even though they had gone back on their word and breached the contract, they still chased the couple out in broad daylight without a sense of guilt.

“Ya, Tian sis*, if you feel bad, why don’t you invite them to your house for lunch!? My house needs to maintain six people!” When Hua House’s eldest daughter-in-law heard her complain about being stingy, her heart was set ablaze. Since last night, she had been yelled at and lectured by every small and large member of the family. When she finally resolved the problem, she then gets ridiculed by members of the other Houses around her. This, she was unable to tolerate it.

(嫂 (sao) – respectful appellation for a married woman)

“Tsk tsk, Tian sis, like I said, talking to her would only bring frustration. Leave it, let’s not lower ourselves to her level. To be able to go back on the contract and still be able to chase the people away, we can not afford to offend these kinds of people.” Just when the eldest daughter-in-law of Tian House was about to explode in anger, she was held back. Seeing that Fang-shi’s face change rapidly from red to white then red again from the ridicule of Shui House’s eldest daughter-in-law, Tian House’s poniang* no longer continued to bicker. She took a good amount of time to straighten her dress. She raised her chin and ‘humphed’ at Fang-shi before leaving the Hua House’s yard with Shui House’s poniang*. They smiled in response to the sound of things thrown to the ground and the curses spat out from Fang-shi’s clenched teeth. It seems Hua House will have more infighting.

(poniang is the chinese term for a married woman.)

When Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao exited the Hua House, they followed the path of the village road to the entrance of Fan Hua Town.

In fact, a house in Fan Hua Town was a very good choice; it had a great view. The town itself was very orderly with clean and refreshing air. It was too bad that, according to Madam Lao, there were no more houses for sale in this town.

Su Shuilian let out a sigh. She looked at Lin Si Yao who had followed closely beside her before turning her head and looking back at Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue carrying the luggage on their backs. She smiled shallowly and said, “It seems that we have prepared a bit too early. To have worked Xiao Chun and Xiao Xue like this…”

As if they understood her words, the two wolves walked closer to Su Shuilian, circling her twice, as if saying, “Yeah yeah! We worked really hard ah! Owner, be understanding and give us some meat soup to eat! Woowoowoo….”

“Girl!” Someone called her from behind. Su Shuilian looked back to see the village elder, Wang Gengfa. He had chased after them and looked somewhat out of breath.

“Uncle Wang?” Su Shuilian looked at him in confusion.

“Su girl, Uncle Wang can tell that you have good intentions. After thinking a bit, I realised that there is actually one more house for sale in this town. Do you want to go and check it out?” After catching his breath, Wang Gengfa took another puff from his pipe as he waited for Su Shuilian’s reply.

“Huh?” Su Shuilian was surprised, “Is that really true? But Aunt Lao said that there was no more…”

“Ai, that house, Madam Lao does not know that house is for sale. If you are interested, I’ll take you there now.” Wang Gengfa tapped on his smoking pipe before looking up at Su Shuilian.

Su Shuilian glanced at Lin Si Yao. “A Yao?”

“Let’s go take a look.” Lin Si Yao smiled and nodded as he helped tuck a stray hair behind Su Shuilian’s ear.

Su Shuilian turned red to the ears. She quickly averted her eyes, turned her head to Wang Gengfa and said, “Uncle Wang, then we’ll be troubling you!”

“No, no trouble at all. Since it’s a long way there, how about lunch at my house. It’s on the way.” Wang Gengfa suggested, taking the pipe from his mouth as he led the way.

“No, we do not dare.” Su Shuilian shyly smiled as she attempted to decline his kind gesture.

“Girl, since you have come to Fan Hua Town, then you are one of our people. Hua House’s petty actions, really ah, even I find disagreeable. Come, since they did not offer you lunch, I will.” With the pipe in one hand, Wang Gengfa put both hands behind his back. He led the way while talking to Su Shuilian.

Su Shuilian smiled, not saying anything. From her previous upbringing, she was not used to following people (with their backs faced to her).

“You are not bad, girl! Really good.” Appreciating Su Shuilian had no problem keeping up with him, Wang Genfa gave her a thumbs up in praise.

“Uncle Wang, this house, which family does it belong to?” Su Shuilian was curious. Why did the village elder tell them about the house, and why was he so kind to even invite them to lunch?

“Hehe….” Wang Gengfa scratched his head in embarrassment, before he continued, “Actually this house was given to me by my father. Originally, I had no intention of selling it, but ai, my son is in need of money for his marriage. Since you are in need of a house, I thought that I might as well sell it to you. It’s killing two birds with one stone.” Wang Gengfa laughed when he finished his planned response. From his extensive experience of being a village head, he was sure that Su Shuilian was the hardworking type. She would definitely make the house better.

Wang Gengfa had been thirty when his wife finally gave him a son. Because of this, he had spoiled him and allowed him to do whatever he pleased. When his son fancied a girl from Qian Tian Town, they went to Yang matchmakers only to find out that the other side wanted twelve silvers in dowry. The marriage preparation would cost a lot as well, and they had only saved eight taels. The family had been anxious before they met Su Shuilian and Lin Si Yao. Seeing that the two wanted to buy a house, Wang Gengfa was ecstatic.

Su Shuilian was relieved when she heard this. She smiled and nodded, “Then, thank you Uncle Wang.”

“Ai this is great. Thanks to you, I finally got enough money to allow my son to marry! Let’s go! Let’s go eat some lunch before taking a look at the house. You’re not losing anything this way!” Thinking of this, Wang Gengfa was even more enthusiastic as he pulled Su Shuilian toward his house.

Seeing this, Su Shuilian did not reject anymore as she pulled on the hem of Lin Si Yao’s clothing. With the two wolves behind them, they followed Wang Gengfa to the south of Fan Hua Town where his house was located.


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