Assassin Farmer Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Bridal Chamber and Flickering Candles

“Uh, Dafu, do you think we drank too much? How come the moon looks so round?”

“Uhh…” Tian Dafu burped. When he heard Lao Youkun say that, he also looked up at the round, bright moon on the eastern horizon.

“Brother Kun, why are there three moons up there?” Tian Dafu boldly asked, staring blankly before scratching his scalp.

“Are you two finished yet? Huh? Who let you drink so much? Everyone else left a long time ago, yet you’re still here, loitering around!”

Aunt Lao and Aunt Tian, having stayed after the feast to tidy up, came out to see their husbands still squatting outside on the stone block under the big tree, looking at the moon.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? A Yao barely looked the slightest bit tipsy, but look at you two! Still insisting on continuing to drink, and in the end, it is you digging your own grave!” Seeing her husband stumbling around, Aunt Lao could not help but add a few more remarks. Because Aunt Tian was a few years younger than her, she could not say anything more, so she secretly snickered behind Tian Dafu instead.

“You women… burp… are just so boring… we men are just… drinking wine… burp… you nagging!” With a sudden burst of liquid courage, but also worried that his wife would become furious, Lao Youkun yelled with his neck stretched and tongue sticking out. Aunt Lao found this both frustrating and comical. It had been awhile since her husband had acted this haughty.

Su Shuilian wrung a warm towel and placed it on Lin Si Yao’s forehead, “Are you sure you are not uncomfortable?” Her heart pained for him as she watched him down cup after cup of several kilograms of burning liqueur.

“I’m fine.” Lin Si Yao shook his head. When he could no longer handle the alcohol, he used his inner force to eject the alcohol out of his body. But the villagers of Fan Hua Town could really drink… When their prepared sorghum wine ran out, they were willing to take out their own cultivated burning liquor meant for the cold winter to drink.

He smiled, as he looked at his little woman working hard for him. Taking advantage that she had yet to take back her hand from his forehead, Lin Si Yao grabbed and pulled her into his chest.

“Ah!” Su Shuilian, surprised by his sudden actions, grabbed onto his lapel. And with that, she loosened Lin Si Yao’s outer robe. Whether to let go or to hold onto it, Su Shuilian instantly reddened as she bit her lips, conflicted at what to do.

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao sighed, he lifted her chin toward his face.

Su Shuilian looked up with her reddened face, her arms rested on his broad chest.

“Don’t be afraid.” Lin Si Yao raised his hand to her burning cheeks. With it, he traced from her eyebrow to her nose, until his index finger reached her soft lips. Then, instead of his finger, Lin Si Yao used his hot lips as he gently sucked on hers.

“A Yao…” Su Shuilian helplessly called out his name, her trembling voice sounded almost as if she was choking.

“Shuilian.. Don’t be afraid… you are not allowed to be scared of me…” Lin Si Yao said as he gently kissed her willowed brows, her long butterfly lashes, her delicate nose, and back again at her tender red lips. He silently confessed his deep love for her. However, in the throbbing, there was a faint thread of uncertainty. Anyone could fear him, only Shuilian was not allowed to. So, in the midst of their breathing, again and again his murmured comforts resounded in her ears.

Su Shuilian naturally understood his intentions, but this man… They were already in this kind of situation, yet he still worried that she feared him because he was previously an assassin? If she truly had feared him, how could she have been willing to settle down with him in Fan Hua Town, and agree to marry him?

Su Shuilian’s body trembled in pain, prompting Lin Si Yao to lift her up. They looked at the Babu bed that was sprinkled with jujubes, peanuts, and other dried fruit. Su Shuilian shyly picked out the fruits and moved them to the bedside. She did the same for Lin Si Yao, causing him to chuckle.

Su Shuilian wasn’t given any time to ask him why he was laughing, as she saw Lin Si Yao taking off his robes and covering her body.

“Silly girl, I have no need to lie on the bed just yet.” Lin Si Yao said, poking at her nose as he laughed.

Su Shuilian was stunned, and could only say a single phrase: “A Yao, you look very lovely when you laugh.”

Lin Si Yao raised his brow. Lovely? Can a man’s appearance be described as that? But, since she said it, then it can. However, he soon stopped ignoring the woman under him as he leaned down to taste her sweet flavor.

She was finally his. Intertwined with her lips and tongue, Lin Si Yao let out a satisfied sigh.

From afar, the first sound of a rooster could be heard. This is the end of Yin time (3-5 am) right? Su Shuilian struggled to get up. She rubbed at her sore waist, as well as her swollen and painful lower body.

Enduring the soreness, Su Shuilian shyly crossed over Lin Si Yao. Using a small candle as a light source, she pulled out a wooden basin, and snuck into the dressing room to urinate. No longer feeling sleepy, Su Shuilian put on the outer robe that she had not known was hung, then quietly made her way to the window and opened up a corner of the window curtains. There was a bit of a white glow outside as the crescent moon hung on the south-west side of the sky. With the occasional crows of the rooster, it seems that dawn in Fan Hua Town was approaching.

She then turned around to look at the wax in the dragon and phoenix candle holders, and saw it was at its last cut. Her mouth curved as she walked to the rounded table, and with a wooden stick, she picked at the wick. Following the sound of crackling, the flicking fire grew bigger in size.

Su Shuilian zoned out looking at the new flame. Was she too a new woman now? It was a common ritual for the newly married wife to wake up early to prepare a meal for the in-laws, and heat up water for her husband to bathe in… So now she should go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, right? Su Shuilian turned red when she thought about heating up water for Lin Si Yao to clean his face and body with. Oh heavens! As she thought back to last night and the things that he did to her, Su Shuilian’s face burned so hot it almost blew out steam.

“What’s making you so lost in thought?” Lin Si Yao’s low, mellowed voice suddenly sounded by her ear. In an instant, the arms of the body behind her pulled her into a warm embrace.

“A Yao!” Su Shuilian, shocked because she hadn’t turned around, but when she realised it was him, she calmed down and allowed him to hug her.

“Why are you up so early? Aren’t you… tired from last night?” Lin Si Yao frowned unhappily as he brought her back to bed.

“I… Aren’t I supposed to… start making breakfast?” Su Shuilian shyly asked him.

Not to mention, she, originally the eldest legitimate daughter of the Su Household, had never done these chores. Even if she were to marry, with her background, as the wife of the young master, with the fate of a wealthy wife, she did not have to care to remember any of these. She, Su Shuilian, since birth, had been only taught one thing; two words: Su embroidery.

But now, this was different from the past. She was no longer of the Su House, and she was wed to A Yao; she was neither a rich lady nor a wealthy wife. There were only the two of them in this house. Since it is said that a man should stay far away from the kitchen, it should be her job to cook.

“… It’s still early.” Lin Si Yao hugged her as he went back into the bed, holding her in his embrace as he continued to sleep. Last night was the first time he had such a satisfying sleep, and he didn’t want to wake up just yet.

“But…” Seeing that Su Shuilian was no longer sleepy and wanted to say something, Lin Si Yao turned and place his body on her, and leaned down to kiss her. Since she didn’t want to sleep, let’s do something else. He also wanted to continue.

“Mm…. A Yao…” Su Shuilian finding it hard to breath from his kiss, managed to separate from his lips and took several deep breaths. Lin Si Yao’s hands had wandered around her sensitive body, causing her to moan out.

“Shuilian…” Every part of Lin Si Yao heated up. Looking at her delicately lying under him, at her light, frail moans, he did not just grow one size, it swelled.  

He had never thought that he would marry and have kids like a normal man, nor did he ever imagine that the woman he was to grow old with would be so feminine and delicate. He was originally destined to die alone as a death bringer. Perhaps, he had to thank the incompetent Feng Qingya who had ordered the assassins to chase after him. Thanks to him, he was able to find such a lovable, blooming treasure that was currently under him.

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