Assassin Farmer Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: New Woman

When she woke up again, the sky was bright… And the previous rising sun was also up in the sky. Outside, on the branches of the cherry tree, the birds chirped loudly, as if greeting the first  morning of this new house.

The man by her side seemed to have woken up early and gotten up, leaving the other half of the bed cold.

When Su Shuilian recalled the fire-hot scenes earlier with him, she quickly pulled the thin cotton blanket over her reddened face. Heavens! She… during the climax… actually fainted. A Yao… he wouldn’t think that she was useless right? But… then, in the depths of herself, she felt an unfamiliar yet comfortable feeling. A hot rolling wave churned in the depths of her lower abdomen. And with that, she, Su Shuilian fainted powerlessly into Lin Si Yao’s arms.

Oh… Su Shuilian hid deeper in her covers.

Only until the sounds of the wolf pups’ whimpering, did Su Shuilian remember that she had to get up to make breakfast.

Supporting her sore body up, Su Shuilian finally noticed that her originally pink outfit was changed into a clean, white robe. Her lower body seemed to have been cleansed as well, it felt clean and dry. If not for the obvious pain in that secret place and the strawberry pink marks on her two soft mounds, she would have thought that she had just woken up from an embarrassing spring dream.   

Su Shuilian reached out to grab the two piece orange dress and put it on neatly. She turned around, folded the blanket, and put it at the end of the bed. After that, she smoothed out the pillowcase and pillow towel; but where was the red-stained white handkerchief? Su Shuilian searched around, but when she realized that there was a high possibility that Lin Si Yao had it, her cheeks could not help but burn.

Sitting in front of the dresser table, she lightly patted her cheeks, trying to calm herself down. From today on, she was his wife… With this thought, the corners of Su Shuilian’s lips could not help but lightly lift up.

She did her hair into a Lingyun style that she had learned to do a few days ago from Aunt Lao and put on the white jade earrings that Lin Si Yao had exchanged for with his jasper thumb ring. Unlike her previous hairdo with her hair down, covering her ears, her current high hairstyle made her ears with the earrings softly glow.

She then got up and pulled on the lapel of her short, upper outer-garment, then pulled up the curtains and walked out of the house. When Xiao Xue saw this, she quickly came up to her and started to whine, “Woowoowoo,” and rolled on the floor. Su Shuilian found this comical and asked, “How come it’s just you, Xiao Xue? Where is A Yao and Xiao Chun?”

Xiao Xue whimpered a bit in response, seemingly aggrieved. Su Shuilian patted her head and said, “Ok, how about you accompany me to make food?”

When the wolf cub heard there was food, she quickly jumped ahead of Su Shuilian and headed toward the kitchen.

Su Shuilian laughed while shaking her head. These two wolf pups were really like humans. She did not know where A Yao took Xiao Chun. With this thought, Su Shuilian followed the wolf pup’s steps and also made her way to the kitchen.

Eh? A Yao made porridge? When Su Shuilian took the lid off of the large stove pot, she found a smaller pot full of steaming, white rice porridge. On the side, there were even freshly steamed mantou in the steamer.

This is? Su Shuilian blinked a few times; were these all made by A Yao? But she remembered he had said that he was not good at cooking… Or maybe… In the midst of her thoughts, Su Shuilian saw Xiao Xue spring out of the kitchen. From her excitement, she guessed Xiao Chun was back, then A Yao…

Su Shuilian also hurried out of the kitchen, and saw Lin Si Yao in a smoky-green robe holding a bunch of droopy-headed wild animals in his hands, leisurely following behind the high-spirited Xiao Chun and making their way into the red courtyard gates.

Lin Si Yao had just walked into the yard when he saw his beautiful wife shyly smiling at him. The corner of his lips lifted.

“A Yao…. You took Xiao Chun with you to hunt?” Nearing Lin Si Yao who had dropped the wild animals onto an open space in the courtyard, Su Shuilian had realised that the animals were still barely living hares and pheasants.

Lin Si Yao shook his head. Receiving a wash basin from her, he placed it on the brick ground and washed his hands as he smiled and explained: “I only took him to train. All of these…” pointing at the wild animals, “were all of his hard work.”

“Xiao Chun? …He must really want to eat meat.” Su Shuilian squatted down and patted the wolf pup’s head while Xiao Chun rubbed his head on her arm. Thinking back to the food in the kitchen, Su Shuilian looked down and shyly asked, “Did you… wake up really early? …Was breakfast also made by you?…”

After Lin Si Yao washed his face and wiped his hands, he pulled her up to by his side and whispered in her ears, “The dry food was brought by Aunt Lao. When she heard that you were asleep, she left. As for me… I didn’t continue to sleep after that…”

When Su Shuilian heard this, she flushed red from her face to her ears and neck. Her lowered head lowered even more. Only when she had felt the trembling of Lin Si Yao’s chest and heard a low chuckle did she look up with an aggrieved face. About to vent her anger, she stopped when she met up with his eyes full of tenderness.

“Shuilian…” Lin Si Yao called her name in a low voice, and stole a quick kiss from her lips. Only then did he let go of her, smiling, he said, “Let’s go, Aunt Lao will be here soon.”

Su Shuilian then remembered that she had yet to wash after waking up this morning. She glared at Lin Si Yao with both embarrassment and frustration, and in his funny action of rubbing his nose, she quickly ran back into the kitchen.

Sure enough, right after Su Shuilian had finished cleaning herself, Aunt Lao had made her way and knocked at the courtyard doors.

Su Shulian looked at Lin Si Yao suspiciously; people who practiced martial arts had really good hearing. Was he aware when Aunt Lao left her house?

Lin Si Yao poured her a bowl of porridge, and as it cooled in front of her, he gave her a freshly cooked spring roll for her to eat first. He found it funny looking at her expression. He did have good hearing, but he had only guessed this because Aunt Lao had told him she would come again after the morning meal.

The current Lin Si Yao did not live like his previous life, when he was always on guard. Especially after yesterday, he had started to live freely as a regular man in the town of Fan Hua. If not for the enthusiasm of the villagers and over drinking, he would not have used his inner force. Most of the time, he had forgotten his previous identity.

Of course, he had brought Xiao Chun out this early morning to train. He had decided to train the wolves; after all, if they were to lose their previous wolf-like nature, they would be no different from domestic dogs. How would they be able to protect their home? With that thought, he had decided that he would rotate everyday in bringing a wolf cub out to train.

As for the wild animals, indeed it was Xiao Chun who had hunted them. During that two-hour time, he had stood on a bamboo top and meditated. After he smoothly broke through his bottleneck of the ninth level, Fengyun Arts to Mid-peak, Lin Si Yao saw that it was getting late, so he called Xiao Chun and rushed back.

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    1. I absolutely love him as a fictional person. As a real person, I sincerely doubt that it’d work out for us. He likes the sweet, resourceful, slightly magical girl, and I like my space; neither of us would really get what we wanted out of that relationship, heh.

      But as people who live in a world I can visit and leave behind, I love them.

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